Heavy Handfulls #2


Heavy Handfuls #2



97 Mins.

Elegant Angel

DIRECTOR: William H.

THEMES: Big Tits




STARS: Taylor Hill, Amee Donavan, Melanie Jagger, Loni, Misty Mendez


For a long time, William H. was the man behind the very odd Elegant Angel DVD extras. Now he’s out in the open, directing movies for ElAngel and hanging out with their other rising star director, Mason. For this movie, William H. is climbing some pretty large mammary mountains. Will he be up to the task or will the sheer tonnage of raw tit flesh be too much for him to bear? Why the hell am I talking like shooting a big boob movie is some life or death extreme sport? Anyway, William H. is directing the big tits and the women they are attached to, so they can’t really hurt him. I just hope he got some stout male talent to tackle these monster mams.

Misty is the first jug queen to hit the screen. She is in shorts and a tank top as she washes her car. That gives us a few minutes to watch her shake and tease before the sex begins. I like big tits, but I’m not a boob-fetish guy at all. Still, I think some more tit play on the glass or the car or in the wet t-shirt would have been nice. Misty opens the car door and starts sucking on Joel Lawrence’s big prick. He takes her outside the car where she has more room to bob her head and shake her tits. After he tit fucks her for a few seconds, Joel bends Misty over the car and fucks her deep. She is a very vocal fuck and loves his long strokes. Moving to the ground, he fucks her in doggy, slapping her big ass and pulling her hair. There are some good swaying tit shots, but most of the attention is on the very hot fucking. He finally rolls her over and shoots into her mouth.

Jay Ashley is playing volleyball with Loni. She looks great in her bikini, but can’t play for shit. Jay takes advantage, making her strip down as she keeps losing points. When she has no clothes left, he meets her at the net for a nasty blowjob. Loni drools all over the place and lets Jay fuck her pretty face. They get pretty nasty with Jay slapping her face, power fucking her tits and then bending over to get his ass licked. They use a table to get her head hanging over the edge for some more hard face fucking. I like Loni’s energy and that continues as she gets fucked. When she rides his dick, bouncing her big tits and slamming down, we get a real treat and see why Loni is becoming quite popular. She goes back in for some deep throat she rides facing the camera. After Jay shoots a big load into her mouth, Loni demands more fucking and then nearly goes crazy when she cum. This chick is hot and every time I see her, she gets hotter.

Taylor Hill if a heavy hootered brunette who gets wheeled into a garage and abused right away. Her scene begins with a lot of tit fucking and quite a bit of dirty talk from the sharp nosed slut. She gets bent over and fucked so her tits can shake under her body with each stroke. Taylor is very soft around the middle and uses her clothes to cover her belly. Her energy is really good and if you like vocal chicks, you’re going to like the way she verbalizes her lust. After a long doggy, he shoots all over her face. If you aren’t really big into tits, then this scene has the least to offer so far.

Amee Donovan is a doe eyed little boob queen who is covered in chocolate and licking it from her nipples when her scene begins. Kyle Stone comes in and helps clean her off with his tongue. He bends her over the counter and licks her pussy as well, finding that as sweet as the chocolate. When she gets down under his cock and plays with it, there is a very cute quality in Amee that comes across. Her blowjob isn’t great, but she plays around and is sexy as hell anyway. They move to the floor so she can face the camera and bounce those big tits of hers. Kyle washes her off in the sink and then bends her over for some very hot fucking. Her body looks good in this position and when they go down further for some doggy, we get really nice shots of her hot little pussy. They do some tit fucking and it looks like he might pop, but Kyle has more in mind. He fucks her hard in mish and then ends the scene with a very long vag piledriver before finally shooting into her mouth. As much as I loved Loni’s scene, this one has taken the lead for best so far.

Melanie Jagger is a very pretty girl who starts her scene off in a nice bubble bath. Oh my, are we going to get all pretty and gentle as the movie winds down? She gets a call from her man who is sending his two associates over to take her out on the town. When Gina Greco and Kyle Stone show up, Melanie turns into a raving bitch. The guys can’t take it any more and put her on her knees where she belongs. She gets used to sucking cock pretty quickly so they bend her over to let Kyle fuck her pussy. Melanie rides dick pretty well, shaking her tits and bouncing her belly. Gino keeps up the talk throughout the scene which gets a little old, but watching Mel get slam fucked from behind is worth sitting through. When they start fucking her ass, Melanie shows some very good anal skills, slamming her butt down on Gino as hard as she can. They really abuse her ass and she stays with them stroke for stroke. Both guys take several turns in her butt and Melanie is talking almost as much as Gino by the end. They both shoot into her mouth at the end. This scene is one of the best anal three ways I have seen in quite some time.

This is a big tit movie that doesn’t really have a lot of tit shots. I suppose that makes it more for a mainstream audience than a boob crowd. Four of the five girls are pretty damn hot. Loni fucks like crazy as always and steals the show. Misty does a really good scene as well although they missed a big opportunity for some boob fetish footage. Melanie Jagger gives us some rough sex at the end, taking everything the guys have and wanting more. Amee may be my favorite girl in the bunch. She’s a cutie who gets down to some seriously hot sex. I like the sex in this movie and since I’m not a big tit guy I didn’t need more boob shots. If you’re looking for good sex with busty chicks, this one works just fine.


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