Hardcore Training


Hardcore Training


140 Mins.

Red Light District


DIRECTOR: David Luger

THEMES: New Girls




STARS: Kristina Young, Jade, Caprice, Katrina, Bianka Juice, Gabriella Moore, Mr. Pete, Brian Pumper, Brandon Iron & Brett Rockman.


David Luger is working his ass off these days. He’s got a number of new lines from Red Light District including this one. I don’t know if the title is supposed to indicate that the action will be any more rough or hard core than usual, but I suppose we’ll find out soon enough. We do know that RLD went up to Montreal in search of some fresh pussy. (The last time Anabolic did that, they came back with Shyla, Kimberly and Judy Star so this sounds like a good plan to me.) The girl on the cover, Kristina Young really lives up to her name. This teen is frighteningly young looking and probably has Max Hardcore dying of envy that Luger and company got to her first.

Caprice leads off and she looks like she might just make a huge splash down in the States. The blonde has a very thick accent that is quite sexy as she teases us. She’s got a nice round ass, a pretty face and a very good set of natural tits. We get seven minutes or so of very hot tease and light masturbation from Caprice before the guys come in. Before we talk about the sex, let’s check out the sub-menu chapters that pop up onto the screen. They are fairly discreet and allow you to jump straight to other action. Want to see the anal? Pop ahead to it. Want to get off while the guys cum on her face, click away. This is interesting and I haven’t seen it on anything other than the virtual sex discs before. Is it a good thing? Let’s see if the works on the screen get annoying or not. Back to the action as Brandon Iron licks her asshole and Brian Pumper fucks Caprice’s pretty face. So far the action is nicely shot and no rougher than anything else Luger has shot. The guys do work up to some pretty solid fucking and aren’t afraid to just sort of toss her around on the bed to get into position. They swap ends as they fuck her twat and mouth. Brandon gets her ass first, stroking about half of it inside of her butt before making her taste it. The best action of the scene comes as she rides RCA on Brian’s black cock and rocks her hips back and forth. Brandon steps in for DP, but that just cuts off our view of the girl. Caprice passes her DP test and wears a whole lot of cum on her face.

Little Kristina has a tough act to follow, but the nineteen year old seems able to handle the pressure. Her accent is really thick so when she tries to tease us a bit, it’s kind of funny. The tease footage is good as she exposes more of her fresh flesh and gorgeous tits. This is only her sixth movie and her first time with two guys, so we’re in for a bit of a treat. More cute than beautiful, Kristina looks very tiny between Pumper and Brett Rockman. Those big dicks are really going to challenge her, but first she has the guys eat her pussy and ass at the same time. What a consider couple of fellows they are. She gets down on her knees between the two cocks and starts sucking. Kristina’s oral skills aren’t great, but she looks really cute this way so we can let her pass. When one guy fucks her from behind, that leaves her mouth open to do better work one on one. She moves into reverse cowgirl and then onto her side for spoon. Her pale flesh and tight pussy go nicely with those perfect tits to give us a whole lot to look at. After a very solid fuck, Brian and Brett take turns cumming all over her face. Look for this chick to make the teen-line-rounds in US smut very quickly.

Gabriella Moore is a brunette with glasses who looks more like a college student than a porn star. She is nice looking and all, but has a natural, do-able quality about her. Mr. Pete and Brandon slowly undress her, bend her over and start finger banging her tight holes. Gabriella gets down on her knees and goes from tiny titted co-ed to full fledged suck slut in one easy lesson. Her glasses finally come off after a few minutes of reverse cowgirl fucking. Gabriella’s energy level is nice and high as she slams down on hard dick. Once the anal starts, it lasts for a very long time. Pete bangs away and then has her face the camera for great RCA. Brandon comes in to DP her and she nearly screams with every stroke. She hangs with them just fine and takes facials like a pro. No doubt this girl can take whatever people have to offer her.

Brian Pumper has Katrina and Bianka Juice on his arms as he introduces us to the girls. They all head inside where Brett is waiting to help Brian break these girls in. Both of them are pretty cute and I really like Bianka’s glasses. Katrina takes off her clothes first and has a really nice looking ass. The nineteen year olds sit side by side on the couch while the guys lick them raw. While they are not the hottest girls in the movie, no one is going to want to hit the fast forward button when they start sucking cock. When she is done sucking Brian, Bianka does a little lap dance where she shakes her ass in his face. I think he likes what he sees. Those same moves come in to play when she’s in reverse cowgirl and working her hips like crazy. There is some great stand-up footage, but Bianka’s high energy fucking is really stealing the show away from her friend by now. They come together for side by side spoon and doggy. When the guys cum, they each pick a girl, unload on her mug and then watch as the girls swap.

Jade is a pretty twenty-two year old Taiwanese girl is very forward. She is sprawled on the chair touching herself as Luger interviews her. As soon as the guys come in, her mouth gets stuffed as her pussy gets licked. Jade slides down and does a very hot double blowjob. She stuffs the cocks in as far as they will go and has this totally sexy smile on her face the whole time. Her attitude never changes as the guys start fucking her. Jade has fun fucking and isn’t afraid to let the guys really unload on her a bit. Pete rolls her into a piledriver and slams her pussy while Brett fucks her pretty face. This position makes it easy for them to move to anal where Jade continues to shine. As the guys pound away and make her taste it, Jade just keeps on sucking and letting her tight ass grip their rods with every deep stroke. After a short, hard DP, they hit her face with so much cum that she can’t even open her eyes. Of all the girls in this movie, Jade gets my vote for hottest of the lot.

Before we finish up this review, let’s talk about those on screen menus. They do disappear as the chapters progress. They really don’t get in the way and they make it easy to click to the exact sort of action you’re looking for. At this point, I’ll give them a mild thumbs up as a feature. I didn’t see anything in this movie that was really any more hardcore than the usual Red Light stuff. It’s just straight forward sex that is well shot and mostly good. I really like Jade at the end of the movie so if you’re just looking for a single scene to stroke to, she is the babe to wait for. Caprice is a good looking girl who is probably destined to make a big splash. Kristina Young is a hot little thing who is going to please teen lovers and if the right people get a hold of her, she may become the darling of the P4P crowd. Hardcore Training has some cute girls getting fucked during some well shot scenes. It’s simple and it’s good for those looking for the meat and potatoes sort of porn that RLD always provides.

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