Bring Um Young #11


Bring ‘Um Young #11


140 Mins.



THEMES: New Girls, Young Girls,




STARS: Lucy, Madja, Sandra, Nicky Reed, Sabina Black, Valentina Valli, Jon Dough, John Strong & Erik Everhard.


Jon Dough and Anabolic are taking their act on the road again. Traveling to find hot babes is nothing new for Anabolic, but this time it’s Dough’s young girl line that gets to sample the hot overseas talent. They always find some cute babes, but I’ve got my eye on Nicky Reed. I’ve seen her in a few flicks so far and she looks like she might be ready to take the States by storm. She is a great looking girl who has show good energy so far. Hopefully her scene in this movie will only add to the growing buzz around this hot blonde. The rest of the girls look pretty good as well and know that they are going to be all-natural girls and we all love them.

Lucy is an eighteen year old beauty who care barely parrot out a few lines in English. Since she can’t really talk, Dough just turns her over his knees, spanks her a few times and then has her suck his cock. Lucy has decent skills, doing some nice tongue work on his balls, but most of her appeal comes from her good looks. When Jon is done with her mouth, he puts the teen on her hands and knees and fucks her from behind. The eye candy factor is very high and her energy level picks up a bit in reverse cowgirl. He rolls her over onto her back, pushes those long legs all the way back and slams away. Jon slows down a bit to slide it right into her ass. Eventually she gets used to it and does some hard bouncing on his lap. There are good close up shots and long shots as she gets her ass stretched in this position. He has her do some A2M while taking it in doggy and it seems that Lucy’s energy has run out and she’s going through the motions. We do get a really nice facial from this cute brunette as a final farewell.

Sandra is a nineteen year old blonde from the Czech Republic with a great set of pointy tits and a hot little ass. Jon has a look at her tits and then marches her right in where John Strong and Erik Everhard are waiting to make the pretty teen service their every desire. She sucks John’s dick while Erik goes crazy lapping her pussy. When her slit is nice and wet, Erik slips it right in. He fucks her really hard, making her tits bound and breaking in this sexy girl. They put her in reverse cowgirl where she can do some of the work, pumping her slit up and down on his shaft until ever inch has vanished. John is a bit low key in this scene, but Erik is power fucking Sandra and she is responding perfectly. They eventually double up on her holes and she just leans back and takes all they can give her. In the face down DP, we get a good shot of her ass and Sandra does some A2M. After the guys decide to rub dicks in her pussy, they shoot dream right into her mouth. Like a perfect slut, she swallows it all down.

Nadja is a sexy blonde with a soft body and great tits. She has a nice face, though her teeth need some serious attention. Dough joins Everhard for some two on one action for the platinum blonde. They move quickly on her with Erik bending her over and entering from behind while she busies herself on Dough’s dork. Most of the early action is shot from underneath as she takes them both. When her mouth is filled with cock, we don’t see the teeth so Nadja becomes more attractive by a long shot. Her energy is pretty good, especially when she is on top and able to really work her hips. I like the low angle shots that start at her pussy and move up to her firm rack. Both guys paint her face with cum and leave her smiling. The scene isn’t bad, but I’m not looking to this girl to be much more than a C level performer.

Valentina is an Amazonian young girl with a big ass, a big smile and medium sized tits. Dough checks out her sizable backside and then exposes her tits to the camera. She gets to work on his cock and I can’t help but laugh at the long earrings she has. They sway back and forth as she sucks cock looking like something out of Star Wars. There are some really nice POV shots as she bobs her head on his hard knob. He leaves her in this position to move around behind for the initial pussy penetration. Valentia gets on top and starts riding. Her belly is a little soft, but her pussy certainly impresses Jon. He can hardly contain himself as she slides up and down on his dick. Valentia sucks it in between positions, making sure it’s nice and wet as Jon puts her on her back for mish. He’s already got her in an easy position for A, so his dick moves slightly south to penetrate her posterior. After the mish warm up, she mounds him and drops down with no trouble at all. This is some great anal action and if you happen to like big butts, there is some footage in cowgirl that you’re really going to like. He finally jerks off in her face, feeding the young babe a big load that she hungrily eats up.

Sabina Black looks a lot like Ashley Blue, but with even prettier eyes and more perfect tits. She has a stout little ass and thighs that we see briefly as Jon walks her over to the bed where the other John is waiting. Sabina gets right to work sucking and being fucked by the two guys. When she is in doggy we get the best action. The shots from behind are really good because her thighs looks great and that tight pussy is really filled by Dough’s deep strokes. There are also some great butt shots as she rides one dick and sucks the other. As the action moves to her backdoor, Sabina purrs gently around the cock in her mouth and never slows down. They let her ride with her ass for quite a while before adding a second cock for the DP. Watching this girl down a pair of loads with a big smile on her face I can’t help but think that this girl has a good future ahead of her.

Nicky Reed is the last girl, but she is certainly not least in any way. The pretty blonde walks in, shows her ass to Dough and lets him spank her a bit. She turns around and starts sucking his cock, showing off her body and her very pretty face as well as her oral skills. Nicky can’t take much of that dick into her mouth, but she is enthusiastic and the POV shots are pure stroke material. When he is hard and wet, Nicky squats over Jon’s cock and pushes her super tight hole down around him. It barely fits into her and we get some really outstanding tight shots and her bare beaver gets filled. Nicky looks just as good in doggy and from every angle she is a very appealing young woman. After she begs to the camera, he slips his dick into her ass and it’s even tighter than her pussy. The reverse cowgirl shots are really sexy as Nicky pushes off on his thighs to get a good stroke going with her tight ass. Jon spanks into her face and leaves her dripping in goo. Damn this girl is hot.

There are two girls who really stand out in this movie. Nicky is still my pick to make it big in America, but Sabina Black is another girl who really knows what she’s doing. Not all of the girls are gorgeous, but none of them are hard to look at either. The enthusiasm level varies and that is really what sets the girls apart. For the most part everything in this movie is good. It’s a little bit up and down, but the ups are worth checking out.

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