Shane’sWorld #32- Campus Invasion


Shane’s World #32- Campus Invasion


155 Mins

Shane’s World/New Sensations






STARS: Belladonna, Calli Cox, Malorie, Evalyn, Mr. Marcus, Tex, Drunky the Bear,


The early Shane’s World movies featured weekend get aways with porn stars filling their days with extreme sports and their nights with lots of drinking and sex. More recently they have turned their attention to scavenger hunts and trips to college campuses where unsuspecting co-eds and frat boys get the thrill of a lifetime. While the movies used to feel like the Real World, lately they feel like an X rated version of Jackass. This is the first in a series of campus invasion tapes and I’m sure that that has administrators all over the nation cringing. What I can’t figure out is why I never get invited to cover one of these shoots. I’d be more than happy to escort Calli Cox to any extra keg parties and make sure she gets home safely.

The gang shows up on campus in Indiana and take over a college radio show. The girls tease the host then perform some hot veggie sex on each other. Belladonna takes quite a shine to new girl Evelyn and finds her quite tasty. Evalyn hits the campus and picks up a boy she just has to have. They go back to his dorm and they get busy. This guy is a good looking young fellow and he responds well to being on camera. Evalyn pulls his cock out of his pants and starts sucking it. In no time at all, she has cum all over her fist, though the cut is very strange. We don’t really see much.

Turning things over to the pros we get Calli Cox down on her knees in some dorm room taking all of Mr. Marcus’ cock down her throat. She looks great and gives a hot, quick blowjob. When he is as full mast, she stands in front of his dick, taking it all in, sort of jerking him off with her pussy. Calli seems to really like big cocks and creams all over Marcus as he holds her in his arms. They get really loud when she goes onto her back. You have to love the way she screams as he power fucks her. She rides him hard and makes him cum, hopping off just in time to suck the load right out of his cock. Damn I like Calli more every time I watch her fuck.

Later that night, the crew hits a party and all of the girls look fantastic. Since they are at the number one party school in America, you know that they are going to be able to get some of these young impressionable minds to participate in their deviant games. They get some of the guys to do some ass kissing. Bella, Calli, Evalyn and Malorie strip down, bend over and let the guys kiss some serious booty. One by one the guys work their way down the line, kissing and sometimes licking some very fine butts. The winner of the competition goes back into a room with Belladonna and has his cock in her mouth before he can even think of asking her what her major is. She easily takes his cock to the root while he talks to one of his buddies. They talk about why he can’t get off, but no one seems to consider the fact that he’s talking with another guy that makes it tough. Alcohol is one thing, cameras are another, but how many guys really want their drunk-ass friends there doing color commentary when you’re trying to get your nut. We switch to the main party where Marcus paddles Calli. That becomes a huge incident that everyone has to explain for the camera. The girls come back to give the winner his blowjob. He has a couple of buddies this time so that it takes all four girls to keep them happy. I guess college is a time for expanding your horizons so why not lie down next to your frat brother and get blown? Bella makes really short work of one of the guys, licking his cum from her fingers when he’s done. Evalyn makes her guy pop with her hands. Now the two remaining dudes, including our original winner are being worked over by two girls. No pops from either of them yet and it looks like alcohol will keep that from happening at all.

Tex is the other guy from the crew to make the trip and he finally gets in on the action with little Evalyn. He takes her clothes off and enjoys playing with her tiny tits. She has pretty good energy for a new girl and sucks a mean dick. They move quickly to fucking and keep the enthusiasm level really high. I love the way she looks really good in mish with her legs pulled up high. The doggy is pretty fine as well because of her sexy ass. They finish in mish with Tex pumping away until he is ready to fire a thick load of cream all over her neck and face. The editor cuts away way to quickly, but this is still a hot little scene.

The gang hits the next party and start the contests again. This time it’s a pussy eating contest. Lucky guys line up to taste some pro pussy and the winner retires to a little room for a double blowjob from Evalyn and Bella. This guy doesn’t have the wood troubles that the other winners did. Bella really focuses her attention on his stiff prick. He may not have wood troubles, but the girls do have work extra hard to try and get this guy off. When he does shoot his load, Bella licks it off her fingers and leaves the guy smiling.

The next party is another night time affair so there is a lot of drinking going on and that makes things even more fun. They have two of the drunken frat guys lie on the ground and arm wrestle with the winner getting a hand job. The drunken hillbilly gets his ass whipped with a belt, but there is a happy ending. Somehow watching this guy on his hands and knees screaming for pain makes me think of Deliverance. I can’t be the only one who is wishing that Marcus would just step right in, grab the paddle and go Barry Bonds on this walking PSA against alcohol abuse.

Calli takes the winner, and I use that term very loosely, into a room and gives him more than just the promised hand job. She sucks his cock and even follows his orders to choke in his dick. (She has to ram it so far back that her nose nearly punctures her spleen. You know in the years I have spent watching porn, I didn’t think I would ever see anyone more annoying that Ed Powers, but this guy makes Ed seem like a cross between James Bond, Michael Jordan and Brad Pitt. Either Calli is the greatest actress in all of porn, or she really has a thing for inbred trailer monkeys. We don’t get a popshot, but we’ve already seen enough of this guy.

Later party footage focuses on a couple of college girls who really take a shine to the Shane’s World crew. Evalyn gets a couple of thongs from the locals. Tex takes a really hot young girl to her room . The girl doesn’t seem to believe that he’s well hung so naturally he lets her check it out. There are two real co-eds in the room kind of playing with Tex and I would love to see these girls get busy, but no such luck.

When the party is over, Malorie gets some private time with Tex. She does what those Indiana college girls were too scared to do and wolfs down that big dick. For a girl who has been sitting on the sidelines for the whole movie, she sure comes on in a big way. He turns the tables on her and drives her nuts with his fingers. Mal is a bit soft around the middle, but has some genuine heat when she fucks. (Plus she’s got quite the hot little box.) He picks her up and takes her into the bathroom where she fucks her in front of a triple mirror. They go back to the bed where he finishes up with a huge load of cum onto her belly.

There is yet another part to attend and while the rest of the crew drink and laugh it up, Bella takes Marcus into a private room. She gets on all fours and shakes her ass at him, daring him to come and take her. Face to face with his cock, she just slides it past her hips and jams it to the back of her throat. He pumps his dick down her throat and she just takes it. Every time I watch Bella perform I am more and more amazed at just how hot she can be. When she actually tires to choke on his cock, she is able to make those lovely dry-heave noises. The tight shots of her riding cock show us just how snug her pussy is as it grips him with every stroke. Marcus is quite the pro, but even seems to have met his match in Bella. They power fuck until they both cum with Marcus pulling out and leaving his load all over her thigh. There is still more to do and with a little help, he slips into her ass. Anyone who doubts her skills just needs to watch Bella fuck in RCA. She waxes his cock with her ass like it’s nothing. After some A2M, she takes it in doggy until he shoots a load all over her abuses a-hole.

At two and a half hours, this movie runs a little long in places, but if you like the party stuff and girls gone wild type of footage then you’re going to be just fine with the stuff in between the scenes. The actual sex scenes are pretty hot, with Bella and Calli providing some great moments. Both of them do great work with Marcus and provide the frat boys with a lot of fun as well. Evalyn is a cutie who seems to have a lot of fun with the pros and the co-eds alike. Some of the drunken frat boy moments run a little long, but there is still some fun stuff in between the hot sex.

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