Bang My White Tight Ass #2


Bang My Tight White Ass #2


71 Mins


DIRECTOR: Rob Spallone





STARS: Shonna Lynn, Jasmine Klein, CJ Bennett, McKenzie, Tony Eveready, Sylvio Mata, Weed, Leo & Wesley Pipes.


Everyone is jumping on the IR bandwagon these days and that’s a good thing on a lot of levels. It should help prove that the genre is quite profitable and make sure that women who do IR scenes don’t have to worry about their careers. On the other hand, we get a bunch of low end videos that end up looking as shitty as some of the lines that didn’t focus on IR action. Let’s face facts, when you scrape the cream off the top, the pool of black talent is as creepy as their white counterparts. The female talent in this one seems to come from the same bargain bin that the guys do.

Shonna Lynn was sexy to me a decade or so ago. She was never a beauty queen, but this nasty girl had sexy, bit tits that were totally hot. Now the rest of her body has caught up. She shows her pierced nipples to Weed who counters with his stiff cock. Shonna sticks it right in her mouth. She is really big and just bursting out of her clothes everywhere. Give her points for a good blowjob though, especially her hand action. Weed gets down and spreads her pussy so he can lick her box. Shonna squeals like someone just offered her all you can eat ice cream. Wesley Pipes comes in and starts munching so Weed can get more head. They both enjoy her mouth for a while before Wes finally figures out that her huge tits are perfect for fucking. Since Weed had her first, he gets to fuck her chubby slit while Wes talks dirty and fucks her mouth with his big cock. When she trash talks Wes a bit about not having enough dick for her pussy, the guys decide to drill her chunky butt. To her credit, she takes both guys, balls deep and seems to have no problems at all. They move into position for DP and the energy is good. You have to like really big to fat girls to get into this scene, but Shonna proves she is still nasty enough to take them both and down their big loads.

McKenzie is a really hard looking older whore who is pisses t her boyfriend or something. She has Tony Eveready and his pal come over for a revenge fuck of sorts. They strip her and she starts sucking cock. Not as big as Shonna, McKenzie is actually a little less appealing actually. She isn’t very pretty and her body is pretty torn up. They fuck her hard in the mouth and from behind, but she takes everything just fine. If you like tight pussy shots, there is some lip stretching footage as she gets banged from behind. That’s really the only thing semi good about his scene. McKenzie is pretty hideous looking so even watching her get DP’d by black meat isn’t worth sitting through the action.

CJ Bennett has never made her living as a cover girl, but she has giving some good scenes anyway. Her scene doesn’t even pretend to have any set up. She is just busy sucking cock. I’m not sure when CJ went brunette or got her back covered in ink, but neither of them do much for her. The tats are really distracting since she starts the scene in standing doggy. Her pale flesh is on display in reverse cowgirl, but we get more tat shots as he goes for doggy during the early anal. The butt fucking is short and not particularly memorable and the pop is no better.

Jasmine Klein does a little bit to bring up the quality of the movie, but not much. She takes on Tony Eveready in a hot tub and does her best to swallow all of his cock. The blowjob is pretty boring, but the energy picks up just a little when he bangs her from behind. This scene probably should have been at the start of the movie because by now most strokers will have tossed it aside or fallen asleep. Tony pumps her ass while Jasmine sticks two fingers into her pussy. He chokes her a little and dumps a load on her face to mercifully put an end to this mess.

Oh man this is a horrible movie. The girls don’t look good, the guys look bored and the action isn’t even very well captures. We start with Shonna Lynn who looks like the porn version of Anna Nicole Smith without the pretty face and class. McKenzie makes Shonna look like Miss America. CJ Bennett is looking very torn up these days and by the time we get to Jasmine Kline all hope is lost. This movie is a huge sink hole and the longer you watch, the worse it gets. If you really want to waste an hour of your time, the Jasmine scene would have to be considered the best of a really shitty lot. I would recommend skipping it. If you don’t have a better way to spend your time then you really need to get a hobby.

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