Girlvert #2


Girlvert #2


86 Mins

JM Productions

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

THEMES: Rough Sex, Dirty Talk




STARS: Ashley Blue, Julie Night, Angel Long, Jasmine Lynn, Chris Charming, Anthony Hardwood, Bin English, Dick Tracy, Trent Tesoro & Mr. Pete.


In their never ending effort to promote sexual equality and women’s rights, JM Productions decided that it was time for women to really be in control in porn vids. Famous feminist Jim Powers created a line that features the kind of sexually liberated woman that all of the hairy chinned nags at NOW can be proud of. Her name is Girlvert and she knows that it’s not just a man’s place to choke a young bitch. She knows that spitting, slapping and abusing young porn bitches is just as fun for girls as it is for boys. Keegan Skky was the first Girlvert, but Powers has tagged hot rookie Ashley Blue to pick up the reigns and go where few women have gone before. She dedicates the video to her mother, making it not only an empowering experience, but therapeutic as well.

Ashley runs out of her house and hits the street with her man. They see Julie Night in front of Ashley’s old school. Poor Julie has no idea what is in store for her when she hops into the car with these guys. Ashley’s boyfriend tries to make Julie suck his dick, but fails. When the blonde runs to Ashley to tell on him she doesn’t quite get the response that she expected. Ashley slaps her around, spits beer on her and screams right in her face. Donning a strap on, she beings to choke Julie with it. She gets no help from the guy who shoves his dick into her mouth just as hard as Ashley did. Julie isn’t exactly a beauty queen, but she does take the abuse well. They fuck her little asshole pretty hard and then Ashley calls Julie’s mother. OK, maybe I’m just a sick fuck, but that is pretty damn hot. Ashley fucks Julie pretty hard in the ass and even does that foot stomp thing on her head. In fact, when the guy pulls out to shoot on Julie’s face, he hits Ashley on the shoe instead. She has to lick it up, but doesn’t seem to mind all that much.

Ashley is looking through the papers and decides to call up some whores for fun. She ends up with Jasmine, Chris Charming, Mr. Pete and some other guy. She orders Jasmine around and has her start out with some rimming. After forcing Jasmine to lick her ass for a while, Ashley shoves her to the ground and has the guys fuck her face. Ashley’s screaming wears a bit thin as she uses a strap on to DP Jasmine with the help of one of the guys. When that ends the guy just rams her ass as hard as she can. Jasmine takes it well and Ashley is happy to taste his cock. After he cums in Jasmine’s mouth, Ashley turns her attention to Chris and Pete. Her little pussy slips over Chris’ prick while Pete fucks her face. They bend her over and fuck the hell out of her ass. Our Girlvert is willing to do all of the things that she forces her victims to do. After a short DP, they go back to serious ass fucking. It’s back to double for Ashley and this time they show her no mercy. Her face gets blasted with cum and she is still a defiant little bitch.

Angel Long is Ashley’s next victim. She plays a bitch model who can’t stop talking about herself and Ashley just doesn’t stand for that. Angel’s boyfriend is happy to see his little bitch get hers and laughs as Girlvert forces the prissy cover girl to suck the bodyguard’s dick. She doesn’t resist too much, but still needs a lot of help and gives Ashley a bit of attitude. Sucking dick might not be as easy as posing for the camera, but Angel handles it well. The guys start fucking her pussy as hard as they can. Ashley hated whores, but it’s really clear that she isn’t all that wild about models either. She forces the blonde’s ass down on cock and helps the guys pull her hair, slap her face and spank that ass. When Angel tries to get a bit mouthy, Ashley has her DP’ed and slam fucked in the ass. For the final insult, Ashley holds Angel’s mouth open and has the guys jerk off right into her wide open pie hole. (If she’s a model, then this is the most she has eaten at once in years.)

Ashley Blue handles her role as Girlvert really well. She is a foul talking little hottie who can take all of the action she demands from her whores. Some of the other girls aren’t nearly as good looking as she is, but the action is hard, fast and is bound to turn a whole lot of people on. Of the abused victims, only Angel is really very hot, but the other chicks provide plenty of tight holes for Ashley and her boy toys to abuse so they serve their purpose. I don’t dig some of the rough action, but there is some sexy stuff here, even when it approaches the edge. Using Ashley again for another Girlvert wouldn’t be a terrible idea. She is perfect for this kind of action.

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