Chasing the Big Ones #15


Chasing the Big Ones #15


130 Mins

West Coast Productions

DIRECTOR: Wesley G & L.B.

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Brittany Sky, Alex Dane, Jessie J, Estelle, Syn-Nye, Allura Eden, Lexington Steele, Mandingo, Jack Napier, Justin Slayer & Darren James.


This line from West Coast asks qvzzqDo girls really love big cocks?qvzzq Well if they don’t they sure act like they do in this line. Some of the biggest dudes in all of porn pass out the meat in the fifteenth CBO vid. I don’t get West Coast screeners, so I don’t always know when a new one comes, but someone was kind enough to point this title out to me. It seems that Alex Dane has made a comeback and this is the first title I’ve seen her in. She is sporting a new blonde ‘do and looks ready to take on some serious black meat. The rest of the cast is interesting as well with Allura Eden and Brittany Sky taking their turns while Jessie J is around for a three way. Do these girls really love big cock? They are going to get their chance to show us in this one.

Brittany leads off and looks quite delicious in a bra and little panties. Mandingo joins her on the couch for a drink, but has the busty blonde on her knees before she gets a taste of her cocktail. She gets her hands around that big cock and barely it’s the head of it into her mouth. I like Brittany, but she really can’t do much with Mandingo’s cock other than lick it up and down. More of it fits into her pussy, but not much at first. Eventually he works up bigger strokes, filling her with about half of that monster. By the time she finishes with doggy and does some reverse cowgirl, her tight pink pussy is just swallowing up hard meat. After taming the hot blonde, Mandingo dumps his load on her tits and lets her lick the last few drops from the tip of his dick.

Alex Dane is next and her comeback is going to start with Jack Napier. Blonde Alex looks really fucking hot in her short black skirt and little strapless top. She meets Jack and gets right down to suck his cock. Alex puts a lot of effort into her blowjob, stuffing as much of his cock into mouth as she can. Her hand can barely wrap around the base, but the dirty little babe just pumps away trying to make him fully hard. Darren James walks in on the action and he wants some as well. She moves her mouth back and forth between their cocks. Jack pushes her back onto the bed so he can fill her pussy with dark meat. When he starts really rocking into her, Jack curls Alex’s toes and makes her moan around Darren’s dick. The guys swap places and Darren really drills her shaved slit. The guys trade places again and Jack fucks Alex from behind. In this position we can see that she has gained quite a bit of padding in the hips. She takes Jack’s thrusts really well in the pussy, but it’s Darren who gets into her ass. He really takes her butt, working as much dick in there as she can take. Alex takes a hard ride and then lets Jack pound away on her again he shoots onto her belly. Darren shoots all over her mouth, welcoming Alex back into porn in a big way.

Jessie J and Estelle sit on a bed for a short interview. Jessie does all the talking and then helps Estelle out of her panties. They start kissing and do a little pussy licking, but to be honest this is just boring filler until Lexington Steele shows up. The girls get down to some serious cock sucking, but only Jessie really shines. After the short blowjob, he fucks Estelle from behind. She takes it very easily, but I’m already looking for the fast forward button. When Jessie gets fucked I’m happy to watch, but Estelle just doesn’t do anything for me. (She has a decent body, but no heat) Jessie picks it up every time tough, dropping her tight little pussy down and giving us a great shot of her ass as she squat fucks him. The ass is next and Jessie opens her round and gets blasted. Eventually this hot footage ends and he slips it into Estelle. Even Lex knows the quality slut meat here, going back to Jessie to get himself ready to paint their faces with his seed. This scene would be great if it was just Jessie. As it is, it’s half great, half forgettable.

Syn-Nye shows up for a scene with Jack. They have her show off a bit in a short interview and then blindfold her. They line up two dildos next to Jack and have Syn work her way down the row like some perverse Little Red Riding Hood. When she gets to the one that is qvzzqjust rightqvzzq Syn takes off her blindfold and tries to fit Jack’s dick into her mouth. With a whole lot of hand and mouth action, she gets him to rise a bit before they retire to the bedroom to up the ante. Syn turns over and puts her legs high in the air so he can get some deep strokes going. She is not a small girl so the doggy shots show off her big ass and thick thighs. (They also give us an unflattering look at her tit scars.) On her back, everything looks a little better and Jack can really get up inside of her twat. After some pounding from behind, Jack drops his load. This is a pretty lackluster scene fro start to finish.

Allura Eden is a pretty young thing who looks very good during her tease footage. She says this is her first movie and if that’s the case then she decided to kick things off in a big way. Justin Slayer gets this fresh babe and he doesn’t waste any time going after her lovely breasts. He pulls his long cock out and lets her suck on it. Allura gives it a good licking and strokes it before dropping her mouth over it as far as she can. To help her get it deeper, he positions the lovely brunette with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. When she is good and ready he takes her from behind, driving that big dick into her young pussy and making Allura buck her hips to help it hit the right spots. She looks really good in reverse cowgirl as he power fucks his dick up into her. They roll into a piledriver that turns into some very deep mish fucking. Allura takes this sort of action as well as anyone in the movie and with those legs up in the air, she looks great. After a very long, totally hot fuck he finally pulls out and shoots into her wide open mouth. This is a very hot IR scene and shouldn’t be buried at the end.

The scenes in this movie are pretty good, especially if super sized interracial action is what you crave. Brittany is super sexy, but really can’t do much with Mandingo. Alex Dane is looking a little softer these days, but takes some big cocks and does it perfectly. I can’t wait to see her in other scenes. Allura ends up as the best babe of the bunch, turning in a fantastic scene that is sadly buried at the end. Syn-Nye is a little flat in her scene with Jack, but is still worth a look. I loved watching Lex fuck Jessie up the ass, but Estelle really killed the scene for me. There have been better Big Ones flicks, but this one has a few highlight reel scenes and the comeback of Alex Dane is enough to make me want to watch it again.

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