Private- Casting #10


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Private- Casting #10


128 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Pierre Woodman

THEMES: Euro-Girls, Photo Shoots, New Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted


STARS: Silvia Saint, Liza Harper, Timea, Joy, Adele, Linda


Of all the stuff Woodman has done over the years, I think I like the Casting movies the least. I don’t know what it is about the movies, but they just never seem to really turn me on. Of course that didn’t stop me from putting this one right into the player because of Silvia Saint on the cover. Any time you get the chance to watch this woman fuck on screen, you have to take it. This is especially true when you get the chance to see her when she was young and very fresh. (Come to think of it, Silvia stayed pretty fresh looking the whole time she was in the biz.) Even if the casting stuff doesn’t do much for me, we still get to see scenes from other Private movies and enjoy them.

The first girl is listed as Melissa, but it’s Liza Harper. At eighteen, the skinny girl isn’t overly pretty as she interviews with Woodman but you can see that she has great eyes and the rail thing frame that would serve her well later her porn career. After a short interview and some stripping, we go right to her scene from Private’s Triple X #1. Liza takes a boat ride with two men and quickly drifts off into a fantasy about them. She gets her lips around one hard cock and just won’t let go. I don’t remember the scene being this way in the original, but it’s right to the A for this girl. They pump her butt until she gapes, give her a hard DP and then shoot loads onto her face. The interview and clip are both finished ten minutes into the movie so obviously this scene was cut down for the Casting movie.

In May of 1994, Woodman interviewed a gorgeous blonde girl named Tina. This German babe has a great face, killer smile and as we see at the end of the interview, quite a body. The interview isn’t much, but by the time we Timea Margot in Triple X #2, no one should care how she answered her questions. They have her at poolside doing a still photo shoot. Her double blowjob is pretty good, but the fucking suffers since it posed for still shots rather than video. There is some great eye candy as the takes on both guys and the action ends with a nice double facial. If this isn’t enough for you, she is back in a scene from Private Video Magazine #15. Sadly it’s another photo shoot. I don’t know if anyone really jerks off to scenes like this. They start and stop all the time and never really get going. All the flashes going as they cum in her mouth are also a bit distracting. It’s too bad because this girl really is hot.

Joy is a pretty brunette who calls herself Irina in the interview. Most of her interview consists of some basic questions while she looks through a Private magazine. When that is finally over we get to see Joy work in Triple X #6. The whole photo shoot thing is just really getting on my nerves. She looks great, but the pace just isn’t that good. Her second scene is from the Video Magazine though so we get it in full motion. Three guys have her on a table while they take turns fucking her tight little hole. They have a great time spooning her and then DP her just for kicks. Her pretty face gets splattered with hot creamy goo.

Now we get Silvia Saint who looks stunning in her black boots and causal clothes. Even during the dull interview part Silvia looks good enough to sit through. Her scene is another photo shoot, but you just have to enjoy. She is in leather and looking great as the guys double up on her. Silvia takes it in the ass like a trooper and her beautiful face gets blasted nicely. Sadly we don’t get a normal scene to go along with this photo shoot.

Adele is a nice enough looking brunette who probably is going to look stunning with her make up on for her scene. Her body is a little bottom heavy, but not bad. Adele had a scene in Private’s Kruger Park. She and her husband retire to their quarters and attack each other. Adele cleans up pretty well, but her body really is average at best. Another guy comes in to join the fan and she has no trouble servicing him as well. There is some great footage of her taking it in the ass from behind. The guys seem to struggle a bit with wood, but end up leaving DNA on her face.

Linda came to Woodman nearly a decade ago. The young redhead doesn’t have a lot of personality during her long interview, but Woodman eventually gets her into bed. She just lies there while he pumps between her legs for a few minutes. These are the scenes that I don’t like from this series. It’s followed up by another photo shoot segment that is really boring.

There are some soft scenes at the end with girls just stripping during interviews. This entire line is good if you like seeing girls fresh off the farm (or wherever they come from) and doing their initial porn interview. Most of the interviews are pretty dull and have subtitles so there is a lot of rather dead footage. When the scenes start, they are too often photo shoots captured on video. The pacing is different, the action is very posed and I just don’t think that they are very hot. When you consider just how hot some of the Private scenes are, it’s really disappointing to see the ones they have selected for us. Yes, there are some hot girls, but there just isn’t much heat here.

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