Sex Fun #9


Sex Fun #9


110 Mins.

Dave Cummings Productions

DIRECTOR: Dave Cummings

THEMES: Older Guys with Younger Girls, Creampie

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Pebbles, Aurora, Alana Evans, Kellyfire, Stacy, Samantha Sweet, Holli Miles, Dave Cummings and Rick Shaw.


By now everyone should know the Dave Cummings formula. He picks up girls in different places, has some cute dialog with them and then takes them home. The title for this line is appropriate because having fun is the order of the day. Of course any guy his age who gets to fuck chicks younger than most of us watching had damn well better have a good time. Fortunately Dave is a humble guy who doesn’t go on big power trips like certain other pro-am directors who often forget that girls like them because they are paid to. They should take a lesson from Dave and just enjoy time spent with a hot chicks. I noticed on the box that some of these scenes were shot in 2000, so we’re getting some women who have been around for a while, but we get them when they were fresh.

Holli Miles is a cute who meets Dave when she’s taking a lunch break in the park. He chats up the young blonde and they end up 69ing in his bed shortly after. I don’t remember seeing much of Holli, but she looks like she could make her way through the young girl lines. She does a really nice job sucking his dick, but seems to lose a little energy when she’s being fucked from behind. The energy level picks up as they get into a T-Position (It’s a modified spoon that gives us a great shot of the woman’s body.) This gets Holli going and by the time she gets on top, she’s going like a champ. Dave puts her into a piledriver and pulls out to show us her pussy. Holli really has a hot looking little hole. It’s so hot in face that he shoots his load right in/on that tight little teen.

Kellyfire has some noted to go over with Dave. He is going to help her with a paper by showing her what it’s like to fuck on film. He directs her to show what she needs to do. I’ve shot Kellyfire before and that’s kind of funny because no one needs to show this lady what to do. She does play to the camera nicely, showing off as she rides his dick. Since she wants to try it all, Kellyfire bends over and puts his dick into her ass. After the short anal, she takes a pop on the face. I guess if the college thing doesn’t work out she can always do porn full time.

Rick Shaw makes his first appearance in the movie as a landlord showing an apartment to Alana Evans. The horny little blonde is looking cute in her little shorts and pink top. Rick is a little concerned about her ability to pay the bills. She asks him to check her application closer while dropping to her knees to suck his cock. I’d say a blowjob this good is worth at least a week’s rent. He gets her naked and starts pumping his dick up into her pussy. As always Alana turns in a hot fuck and is more than happy to take his thick load right into her mouth. You have to love a young girl out on her own who already knows the best way to succeed in the porn world.

Dave comes out of the mall with a bagel. He starts touching and licking it like it’s an asshole. Cute blonde Stacy comes by the car and sees that display. She offers to replace the bagel and allow him to enjoy her instead. They do a little blowjob in the crowded parking lot before heading for home. Dave gets her naked and enjoys her big tits and shaved slit. He goes right in and slides his dick up into her. Stacy responds nicely and looks like a fun time. She’s a pretty average looking girl with a natural body, soft in some places and a face that is kind of pretty when she’s smiling. They do a really nice looking standing doggy that has good energy and leads to a shot right in her waiting mouth. Yes, I would say that the is better than banging food.

Pebbles is left all alone on the side of the ride when some dirty old man puts her out. Dave drives by and offers to help. As always, his good deed is rewarded. They go back to his place, he gives her some juice and offers her a room to stay in. To thank him, she offers to do something special and takes his cock into her mouth. Pebbles is a bottom heavy girl who earns her stripes with good sexual energy. She is bouncing on his dick hard enough to make the bed springs creak, but is not the prettiest girl in the flick. Dave rolls her over and pumps away from behind. Apparently she is really appreciative for the room because she takes it in the ass before letting him cum all over her face. See, Dave got what the rude prick wanted. Sometimes all it takes is a little kindness.

Samantha Sweet asks Dave for some make up tips. She’s got a whole lot on, but it doesn’t help all that much. She’s a bit harsh looking, but will be appealing to guys who like chicks with big, shapely asses. Dave bends her over in the kitchen, plays with her and slips it in. The low angle shot of him fucking her ass is really not very pretty. Women with soft bellies are best shot on their back to avoid the shot we get here. He finally pulls out and creams her nipple. This is not the best scene in the movie. In fact it is probably the weakest of the lot.

Dave is watching Aurora working the barbeque when he decides to fantasize about her. They are inside and he is enjoying her ample body. There is plenty of extra meat on her bones, but they look ready to work off some extra calories with a spirited 69. When she rides his dick we can watch and speculate about how many kids she has had or we can just wait for the piledriver which looks pretty good. Dave pulls out and shoots his load all over her pussy.

Dave’s easy going style once again comes across as he and the women have a great time in this movie. There are a couple of really cute girls including Holli Miles. Kellyfire has a really good scene working well with Dave and putting her ass on the line. Alana Evans really works Rick Shaw over to get a break on her rent. If you’ve enjoyed Dave’s work in the past, then this is another fun video with lots of young women giving older guys a good reason to live another day.

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