Whack Attack #16


Whack Attack #16


140 Mins

Extreme Associates



THEMES: Anal Sex




STARS: Ashley Blue, Veronica Caine, Nikita Denise, Kinky, Savanna Rain, Brooke Daze,


I always review Whack Attack movies shortly after I get them because Tom Byron makes great jerk off movies. He tends to use hot women and always keeps things very simple so as not to include a bunch of stuff that we can’t stroke to. With that in mind I grabbed WA 16 and popped it into the VCR before I got a good look at the box cover. There in the upper left hand corner is Veronica Caine sporting a familiar piece of cotton. She’s got a nice qvzzqRog Rulesqvzzq tank stretched across her ample breasts. I guess maybe we’ve moved beyond her calling me out with her pal Lizzy Borden on www.generossextreme.com. On the other hand, she could use the thing as toilet paper in the movie and I’ll feel like a complete tool. If it’s not that sort of blindside attack, then all Veronica and I have to do is complete our interview and we’ll be all cool.

First up is Ashley Blue. She is a cute little brunette with a very innocent face, a natural body and a very sexy smile. Mark Davis sits on the couch and talks with her for a little bit before introducing her to his choking trick. Ashley responds nicely and seems to enjoy being tossed around by Davis. He tosses her onto the couch and sticks three fingers up her ass. After tasting those fingers, she gets down on her knees and earns her keep with a very impressive blowjob. Ashley puts her hands behind her back and just gets mouth fucked until Mark is ready to stretch her pussy. Ashley is the perfect size for Davis to hold in the air and perform a very interesting position. It’s like standing mish only in reverse, sort of a reverse cowgirl but in mid air. They settle into some more traditional positions and Davis drops the hammer on her ass. Ashley takes it all well and even manages a big smile as she takes a hard RCA. Ashley gives a big smile as Mark unloads his cock all over her cute face.

Veronica Caine does her tease sequence in some cut off jeans and a little bikini. When her scene starts, she already has a cock in her mouth, and that cool white tank top on her back. Dale Debone is on the receiving end of a very energetic blowjob. She uses her hands and mouth together to really give him a wild ride. Now in just her pair of red platforms and tank pulled up to expose her tits, Veronica rolls onto her back, throws her legs high in the air and gets slam fucked. Dale rolls her over, positions the dirty blonde with her ass in the air and goes to town. He does such a good job fucking her ass that Veronica rewards him with a hot blowjob ending in a half swallowed shot in/on the mouth.

Nikita Denise is a Tom Bryon favorite so it is no surprise that she pops up in this movie. She’s paired with Kinky who isn’t the prettiest blonde in the flick, but has the right attitude to hang with a super slut like Nikita. Kinky starts the scene by licking Nikita’s ass and then presents her own posterior to Byron for some spanking and oral affection. When it comes to sucking cock, few women can hang with Nikita, so Kinky just sort of watches for a while the sexy brunette devours dick. Kinky is still taking a secondary role as Tom fucks Nikita. The blonde uses her tongue to work on Nikita’s ass as Tom pumps the pussy. Learning her lessons well, the tattooed blonde gets in the saddle and pumps her legs hard to get every inch of cock deep into her shaved slit. There is some great reverse cowgirl footage as Kinky fucks and Nikita lends a helping hand. Her ass is up next and with a face full of Nikita’s pussy to muffle her moans, Kinky takes Tom balls deep into her backdoor. Even after screwing Kinky’s butt for a long time, Byron isn’t about to let Nikita go without popping her buns. Nikita throws her legs back and looks great during the anal. They share a nice facial. If you ask me, Tom was just looking for another excuse to bang Nikita.

Savanna Rain is a very nice looking blonde, with a bubble ass and tits to match. She sits on a couch with Lee Stone and talks a little bit about herself. Byron really doesn’t waste a whole lot of time on talking when he can just turn the action over to Stone who has bad intentions for Ms. Rain’s little bootie. He starts out by stripping her clothes off and slitting on her spread pussy. Savanna isn’t afraid of his big cock, shoving it halfway down her throat on the first stroke and keeps jamming it in until he’s wet almost all the way to his balls. Her pussy is shaved and looks like it’s been pounded on a few times. Lee jumps right in, going all the way to the base and lighting Savanna up. I love the way her legs push so far back for the deep strokes. When she gets on top, that ass of hers looks pretty inviting. Lee waits a bit, gives her some piledriver in the puss before some rear entry from behind. Savanna said in the interview that she had a tight ass. Well, it ain’t gonna be so dang tight after Lee is through. He doesn’t take it easy on her and Savanna looks like she is straining at times, but they manage a super, super hot scene. He folds her legs back again, this time ripping into her ass while she slaps her pussy. His load hits her cheeks and chin while she shoves the spurting head into her mouth to suck out the final few drops.

Finally we get Brooke Daze, a tall girl with beautiful long hair, big fake tits and a very nice set of legs. Dale is back, doing his impersonation of qvzzqThe Rockqvzzq before hooking up with the wide eyed Ms. Daze. She stands up and Dale pulls her panties aside to expose her soon to be abused rosebud. Brooke has a huge smile on her face as she slips his cock into her mouth. Her on screen head is OK, but there are some nice shots of her body from behind that make me want to see what happens a little later. Her ass takes center stage when she starts riding, dropping down on his dick and then rolling over to let him take her pussy. For the anal, Dale stands her up, bends her over the couch and drives it between her cheeks. She doesn’t seem too wild about taking it in the butt, but spreads her own ass to let him pound away. There are some good close ups in mish if you want to take a gander at a shaved slit inches away from a stuffed asshole. Dale is saving up a nice big load for her face and Brooke ends the movie in strong fashion by taking every drop.

This is just another solid fuck video from Tom Byron. All of the scenes are very solid with some cute girls getting quite well fucked. Ashley Blue is a cute young thing who shows great promise as a do-anything fuck bunny. Veronica Caine turns in a great anal scene. (And hopefully sets a clothing trend.) I love Nikita in any scene and she helps Kinky Savanna and Brooke are nice additions as well. This isn’t the best cast in Whack Attack history, but the performances are very good and that action is hot from start to finish.

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    Where can i get my hands on whack attack #16 its very hard to find please help me get that title

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