Dirty, Dirty Debutantes #9



Dirty Dirty Debutantes #9


140 Mins.

New Machine


THEMES: New Girls, Muscular Girls

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Kristina Steel, Ursula Moore, Silk, Monique, Dina Juwel, Roxy, Alicia Charnee, Jake Steed, Tony Eveready, Paul Cox, Faceless Fan & Ed Powers


I have always wondered what makes a Dirty Debutante into a Dirty, Dirty Debutante. Are they more dirty? Are they the dirtiest of the dirty? Does Ed now allow them to bathe before the scenes? (Just so long as he doesn’t force them to groom themselves as he does.) All kidding aside, this line of movies has always seemed pretty much the same as the Dirty Debs line and that’s got to be a good thing for fans of the series. I’m not a fan of course, but do recognize that Ed often gets some very hot women and can’t be overlooked. I grabbed this volume to see Dina Juwel who I consider one of the sexiest women to ever step in front of the camera. (Where the hell did she go?) I also so Monique in the credits, but the pictures don’t seem to indicate that this Monique is the super hot black chick who fucks like a crazed woman.

Kitana Steel is up first. She looks very much like a housewife and has shot only some solo stuff. The housewife look goes away when she starts to take her clothes off because this woman is pretty fucking buffed out. At 40, she has some awesome arms and a very tight stomach. Ed helps her out of her clothes and then sits on the bed while she masturbates. While she is frigging her clit, he slips his dick between her lips and lets her go to town. Her skills aren’t bad, but I have a feeling that Kitana’s appeal will be to guys who like older women, muscular women or who maybe want to see a chick like this crush Ed once and for all. He does the best he can fucking her pussy and even gets her to open up her ass for his mini-member. The contrast of their bodies is pretty funny, especially when pasty doughy Ed is on top of this dark, tight chick. He rolls onto his back and she sucks him totally dry.

After Ed, Kitana admits that she is a little nervous about being with Ed. (Duh, that’s like getting out of a Pinto and into an 18 wheeler. During the long conversation with Jake, we find out that Kitana has a daughter in the business as well. (Charlie) She poses for Jake, kisses him and then gives his big cock a taste. She does look a lot like her daughter when she’s sucking dick and has a lot more to work with this time around. When he is nice and wet, she squats over that rod and drops down. Again, if you like muscular women, then you are going to enjoy watching her pump away and then roll over for some mish. I like her energy better in this scene, though she still isn’t my type. No anal this time and Jake splashes a big load all over her tits.

Silk is more my speed. She is a cute little Asian babe with a nice smile and a squeaky voice. Jake and Paul Cox are going to DP this petite young woman and they seem nearly as hesitant as she does. Eventually they help her out of her clothes. Silk has a nice body, not as impressive as her face, but still quite easy on the eyes. She has this cute look in her eyes when she’s sucking Paul’s cock like she can’t quite figure out what she’s going to do with Jake’s massive pole. After putting both of them in her mouth at once, she waits for Jake to slide on a rubber and slowly enter her snug slit. He takes it very slow at first, but in a few minutes, she is moaning around Paul’s dick and working with Jake to pick up the pace. Ed catches her lubing up her ass and getting ready for the DP. She rides Jake while Paul moves in behind. It seems that Ed has found the perfect combination to double stuff this cutie because she takes it well. There is great footage of the DP and silk looks gorgeous. Jake saves big load for her pretty face and watches as Paul add his goo to the mix. I don’t often say this about Ed’s movies, but this scene is really fucking good. (I’m on a hunt to find more Silk scenes now.)

Roxy is a twenty-three year old chick who isn’t very pretty, but fits in with the whole pro-am feel. Ed brings in Ursula Moore and spends way too much time bantering and mugging for the camera with the girls. He finally gets behind Roxy and fucks her while she munches on Ursula’s box. The energy level here is pretty low and neither of the girls is as hot as Silk, so I found myself just sort of wandering towards the fast forward button. Ed ends up cumming on them both and letting them share the cream.

Not done yet, Ed turns Jake and Tony Eveready loose on the two girls. Ursula goes after Jake and gives a pretty hot looking blowjob while Roxy is pumping her lips around Tony in the background. Moving back and forth between the couples keeps the action jumping. Ursula gets pumped from behind as Roxy shows off her flexibility by pulling her legs way back. They go back and forth with somewhat more energy than they had with Ed. Roxy seems to like taking Jake in reverse cowgirl. Ursula is the better looking babe by far, doing her best work in cowgirl. After Tony shoots all over her belly, Ursula puts her face down near Jake’s cock so she can take the pop when he pulls out of Roxy. Not too bad, but that Silk scene raised the bar quite a bit.

Now we get the segment of the movie that is shot by the “Faceless fan.” He has Monique, a twenty-four year old Russian blonde up first. She has a thick accent and says this is her first time on camera. (Yeah, right.) Her face is pretty good and she has a body to match. After a decent solo scene, Monique starts sucking cock and does a nice job. More eye contact would be nice, but she still has much room to grow. The guy mounts her and we get a semi-POV angle as he pounds away on her pussy. When he is fucking her from behind, the guy keeps holding her cheeks open like her ass is next. The anal never comes, and Monique ends up with a load of cream on her soft belly.

Dina Juwel gives a short interview and I’m already totally in love before she even gets naked. That face, that voice, that accent, damn. My affection only grows as she slowly undresses and shows us a beautiful natural body and one of the prettiest pussies you will ever see. During her solo, Dina has that slit juiced up and is sliding her fingers in deep. The guy takes over and keeps on pumping that hole until he has enough cream on his fingers to taste. They switch and Dina gets her pretty face working around his rod. With just enough eye contact, she makes sure that we get a good look at her gorgeous face. There are a few long shots of her body during the oral, but more would have been nice. The POV kicks in during the missionary. What guy wouldn’t want to be looking down at this lovely woman while fucking such a hot pussy? In doggy we get a nice back shot of Dina’s ass. She is a curvy woman and by now is fucking back against his cock pretty hard. Capping things off perfectly, she strokes him off right in her mouth. Dina Juwel where are you?

Alicia Charnee is the last girl. She’s married and is a rather pretty, twenty-five year old blonde. They do a very long interview that is only interesting because she is slowly removing her clothes as she goes. Alicia is only doing solo for us, but by the time she is naked, we get a good look at a pretty nice looking body. At first she leans up against a window and the action is rather cold. When Alicia moves to the bed, spreads her legs and really goes at it, things get a whole lot better. As a solo this isn’t too bad, but it probably should have come before the Dina scene and not after.

I don’t say this very often about an Ed Powers movie, but I really like some of the action in this movie. Dina Juwel is the highlight of the movie and she is just so damn hot. Silk is the real surprise in this movie and she brings so much to the table that I can’t wait to find other scenes with this babe. The other girls have their own appeal and when Ed is not in front of the camera (Which is the case for most of the flick) then the sex is pretty damn hot.


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