Un-Natural Sex #7


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Un-Natural Sex 7


140 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Erik Everhard

THEMES: Anal Sex, A2M, Double A, DP




STARS: Jessica, Jessie J, Belladonna, Shyla, Judy Star, Shelby,


I watched this movie on VHS a little while ago and when it came to me on DVD I figured I would do it again just to see how good the quality in the DVD is. I suppose the day is coming soon when I will just review titles once and not worry about two versions, but for now I was able to fight this title away from the other writers on www.dvdpornreviews.com to give it the once over. (And I know that a lot of you don’t even read VHS reviews if you can pick a title up on DVD these days.) I suppose you can already tell that I liked this movie or I wouldn’t bother watching it again. I know the contents will be the same, but I am happy to report that the picture and sound quality on the disc is outstanding. So, this should be an easy couple of hours.

Now that I’ve said I will like the movie, we start out with a girl I’m just not attracted to. Jessica is a Euro-babe with a thoroughly average face and a body to match. There is nothing wrong with her looks, and I always give her points for energy, but she is one of those girls who is popping up way too often given her lack of stand out appeal. She starts out with a long masturbation/tease before walking up the stairs to play with two waiting guys. Jessica gives an enthusiastic double blowjob and then gets drilled from behind. Everhard is one of the guys and he goes right after her ass. With A2M and double anal on the plate, I know a lot of you are going to totally love the way they treat this chick. Personally I like the standing DP, but the rest is pure side show with a forgettable chick. It’s solid, but it doesn’t click for me.

Jessie J is another story entirely. This cute little Brit is quite nasty in spite her semi-innocent looks. I’ll watch her do anything, even if I have to sit through guy on guy dick rubbing to get to the good stuff. During her tease, Jessie shows off her inviting ass and gets herself ready to be violated. We get a pretty abrupt cut to the action as Jessie is on the floor being filled at both ends. She has more energy than Jessica and looks a whole lot better so right away the scene is a cut above. They do the A2M merry-go-round before choosing some holes to double up on. First her pussy gets reamed, then a standard DP and finally some double A. When it comes time to take the pops, pretty Jessie holds her tongue out and gets royally blasted. She is such a freak and so fucking cute, how can people not love this filthy slut?

Shelby is a blonde who falls somewhere in between Jessie and Jessica on the looks scale. She does a nice little tease as she slips out of her jeans and then moves in for a POV blowjob. We keep the eye pleasing POV as she gets fucked in the ass, first in mish and then in doggy. With only one dick to play with there can be no double anything, but Shelby makes A2M seem like an art as she keeps hopping of his dick and tasting it. Fear not though, an internal anal pop that is finger fed to the blonde makes sure that there is nothing too normal about this scene.

Judy Star is another super cute girl who someone always manages to behave like a complete tramp. I like the tease so much that I am a little upset at how quickly we cut to her ass being fucked. Maybe these movies are getting to ass oriented for me. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing Judy suck some cock before it goes into her colon. Once the fucking starts though, it’s all good. Her body looks great and Judy is one of those girls who loves to scream out “Fuck my ass” when she is being drilled. The DP and facials in this scene are as good as any in the whole movie and Judy is probably the best combination of looks and energy we have.

Shyla is fun to watch in part because now she’s a contract girl for Jill Kelly and you know that she won’t be doing things like A2M or double anything for them. From the start she is ramming things up her ass and that’s a good thing. The guys tag team her with a constant A2M ride. Shyla is very energetic and has the guys screaming as they slam fuck her willing anus. Yes there is double anal, but for my money the standard DP and especially the standing double really stand out. After all that A2M, those loads of cum she swallows must taste might good. Check this one out if you want to see Shyla be just as nasty as she can be.

Belladonna is everyone’s favorite super-whore these days. She does have a great body and shows it off nicely during the tease. I don’t think many women have as much sexual energy as Bella so the only thing holding me back is that excessive body ink and the face. After warming herself up, Bella lets Erik ram into her ass at full speed from the first stroke. I like the way they move her around in between positions so we can take a gander at that ass when it’s not being stretched. Double isn’t a problem for Bella and standard DP is just a walk in the park. She takes A2M with a smile. In fact, it’s the way she smiles during her scenes that gives her a lot of her appeal. This is a girl who loves to get fucked (Or just fakes it well) and it shows. Once the guys are tired, they drop a pair of loads in her mouth and every drop gets swallowed.

This is a nicely shot movie with very solid technical elements. The sexual action is geared towards people who are looking for double anal, double vag and a ton of A2M. If this isn’t your thing, then don’t bother with this flick. I don’t really go for the dick on dick action, so I had to wait a while to get some stuff I really enjoyed. Everhard did a nice job of picking his cast though. Every one of the girls is down for the two in one hole action or tasting their own ass. Jessie and Judy stand out for me, but Shyla and Bella are also in fine form.


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