Swallow My Pride #1




140 Mins

DIRECTOR: Brandon Iron

Red Light District






STARS: Cameron, Julia Nights, Fiona Cheeks, Babydoll, Melane Jagger, Drew Allen, Brian Pumper, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes, Mr. Marcus, Tony Tedeschi, TT Boy


With swallowing videos popping up all over the place, it stands to reason that Red Light District would add one to their niche market strategy. With Brandon Iron at the helm, I am sure he will put the girls through the paces before making them swallow spunk. I don’t see his name in the credits as a performer so I can’t say if we should look forward to his unique brand of choke fucking and north of the border trash talk. I’m not sure if Brandon is now making movies exclusively for RLD or not. The last I heard, he was shooting for West Coast, but either that deal is non-exclusive or he jumped ship. At any rate, it looks like he has followed the RLD tradition and found himself some hot new faces to use and abuse in his flick.

Melanie Jagger is up first and she’s a pretty nice looking brunette with good looking, natural bod. Brandon interviews her and whips his cock out. She gives nice eye contact while working on his cock to the back of her mouth. There is a lot of drool and Melanie just seems to take it all in stride. He shoots into her mouth and scoops the jizz from her chest to feed her the rest. He is just the warm up though as Melanie has Tony Tedeschi and Mr. Marcus waiting to team up on her. She picks up where she left off, sucking Marcus while Tony drills her. A little soft around the middle, Mel has nice tits and likes bouncing up and down on a hard dick with her shaved pussy stuffed. Marcus takes her from behind, shoving that rod right up her ass. She takes them both in some high energy DP and then single action in her ass. They fuck her for what seems to be an eternity, finally shooting loads into her mouth. With some bonus shots, she ends up swallowing four loads. This one runs a little long, but if you like swallowing, the payoff is fantastic.

Cameron is a twenty year old blonde from Tennessee. It sounds like David Luger doing the interview this time, but it’s a little hard to understand either of them. Cam may be a bit of a mush mouth, but she has big eyes and a great set of tits. TT joins the sweet little southern chick and goes right after those tits. When she is really aching for it, he shoves his cock into her mouth. Cameron deals well with the penile invasion. They move a little too quickly to fucking, but she does look good taking it hard and deep from behind. TT spanks her ass until it’s nice and pink, but she doesn’t seem to mind at all. When she gets on top, Cameron finally looses all of her clothes so we can check out the full package. She looks great facing the camera and shaking her tits while she slams. TT power fucks her and then loses me when he feels the need to start slapping her. The fucking is good, but watching guys ovecompensate for their own personal sexual frailties just doesn’t turn me on. He finally shuts up long enough to shoot a load into her mouth and watch her swallow it like a good slut.

Fiona Cheeks is a blone with a cute haircut, braces and too many tats to really work as a cute fresh babe. She has really tiny tits, but that doesn’t stop Brian Pumpter and Devlin Weed from stripping her down and putting her right to work. They test her mouth and both take a taste of her snug little muffin. I’m not sure why, but Fiona just doesn’t do much me. Her pussy looks sweet and I like the natural look, but those tats just make me want to turn away. Devlin fucks her first, but Brian really turns up the heat when it’s his turn to make her earn her money. Once she gets going, Fioana gets lost in the moment and takes a lot of Devlin’s dick in her mouth. She answers some questions with cock right down her throat. Speaking of down her throat, that’s exactly where all the cum goes, giving this blonde cumhole a nice meal to savor.

Babydoll is the sort of young looking girl that Brandon seems to like to choke fuck. He doesn’t really do that here, but does moan an awful lot while she sucks his dick. Her mouth makes him cum and she gulps it down.

Drew Allen is ready to do her first DP. She’s not bad looking until she shows us her ass and one whole cheek is covered with ink. Back at her face, the view is much nice as little Dew works a couple of fat, uncut cock into her overly made up face. These Euro-dude talk to her a lot and work up a very wet froth between her legs before finally plugging that pussy with some prick. This girl is energetic, but I can’t look at her ass or back without feeling like I’m taking a psychological exam. It doesn’t bother the guys, probably because they are too busy stuffing her hot holes to wonder why a cute young thing would do that to her body. After taking all they have, she holds her mouth open for some sticky liquid love. She even licks it off of the seat when the guys spill some.

Julie Night is the final girl to get plugged in this flick. She tells Brandon and Brian Pumper that she loves to swallow cum. Brian and Marcus helps her undress while the interview continues. I like the way she works those two cocks with her hands and mouth, pleasing them both at once. She also has a lot of bad ink on her back, but her ass look really good while she’s riding, so at least we can enjoy that. (And her pussy is nice and tight, giving us some good grip shots.) As they move her into spoon for anal another bad tat comes into view, this time on her belly. Bad ink aside, she manages to take black dick in her ass quite well and still manages some pretty good looking head at the other end. After a very short DP, she takes loads in the mouth and sucks the final few drops out of each cock. (With a dick in her mouth, this chick looks a little like Stacy Keibler, no?) They bring in some extra dicks to feed her a lot more cum and Julie just sucks it all down.

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