Ex- Girlfriend’s Club




106 Mins

DIRECTOR: F.J. Lincoln



THEMES: Cheating, Strippers

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Chloe, Kaylynn, Aria, Daisy Chain, Belladonna, Renee La Rue, Dru Berrymore, Evan Stone, Mickey G, Pat Myne, Marty Romano, Rafe,


I don’t know if the plot for this porn feature has anything at all to do with that horrible Ex Wives Club shit. I guess even if it follows that one exactly, it would be more fun to watch Chloe and Kaylynn than Bette and Goldie. Hell, I would rather watch the porn babes deliver cheesy lines than watching those mainstream grannies get busy at this point.

The movie begins at a big party as a bunch of guys have fun with a slutty stripper. When Evan Stone takes time out to shower (To wash the stripper smell from his body) he soon has company. The stripper has to wash dip off of her ass and as soon as they are in the shower together, she just has to have some of his cock. There are some interesting shots through the glass door, but the best action comes when the camera just stays close and captures Aria doing her best to ram Evan’s rod out the back of her skull. He bends her over in the shower and takes full advantage of the situation. The shower is a little cramped, but they manage to work through a few positions that have the stripper writhing about with a big smile on her face. He shoots all over her face and tries to get all cleaned up.

In a case of seriously bad timing, Evan’s girlfriend (Chloe) shows up and isn’t overly thrilled. She returns later to drag Mickey over to Evan’s place to clear out her things. Naturally, she finds a collection of tapes that he calls the Ex Girlfriends Club. Chloe is angry, but when she realizes there is a camera in the room, she throws Mickey down on the bed and they start to make a tape of their own. With an intense look in her eyes, she starts sucking his cock, jerking it with her fist and her lips. They slip a condom over his dong and Chloe does some RC riding. He returns the favor, pushing her knees back against her chest and pounds away. To make sure they really make the highlight reel, she turns on her side and lets him in her ass. As always, Chloe gives it her all, pumping back with her ass and turning in a very hot scene. Mickey pulls out and shoots all over her pussy.

Evan is doing pretty well on his own. He and Kaylynn make some breakfast. She warns him not to call her yet, but he does and she hangs up on him. While they are destined to do the wild thing, Chloe and Mickey are o their way to return all of the tapes. Their first stop is at Renee LaRue’s. She is with her new man Marty and they don’t mind the tape. In fact, this biker couple gets turned on by the idea and get to it as soon as Chloe takes off. Renee loses her top and gives him a blowjob in just her jean shorts while Marty leans up against his bike. He lifts her onto the bike and starts juicing up her pussy with his tongue. They skip the pussy and go right to the anal with Renee bent over and taking it deep between her cheeks. They manage to keep everything balanced as he keeps screwing her while she’s on the bike. He gives her pussy a poke, but for the pop she takes it into her mouth and jerks him off onto her face. Give Renee credit for taking a very enthusiastic facial and for not stopping until he is dry.

Chloe’s next stop on the tape tour is at Daisy Chain’s place. Daisy was so traumatized that she turned to women. She and girlfriend Belladonna thank Chloe for the tape and then make their move on her. All three of these women really dig other chicks, so there is a lot of energy. On the other hand, you have to really like tatted up chicks to get much out of this three way. The toy play is pretty damn good as they take turns on each other. No gentle veggie love here, these babes are looking to dyke Chloe out forever. I’m guessing it won’t work totally, but who knows.

Things get really funny when she drops a tape off with Dru Berrymore. She is really happy to get her hands on the tape because it’s worth money to her. You see Dru is a porn star and now has her debut on video. The excitement sends her into a frenzy with her man, Rafe. They find some mirrored closet doors and start playing around in front of them. The reflection shots look really cool for a while, but I think the director fell in love with this look and keeps the camera at a distance for too long during Dru’s blowjob. She is a very hot fuck and rides him with a lot of energy. Yep, as much as I loved the multi-image reflection at first, it gets old when used too much. When she pulls out and shoots onto her pussy, the camera is way out of position.

That pretty much wraps up the story I guess. Chloe ends up with Pat Myne for a sex scene that comes out of left field. She does a nice job of teasing him as she works up to the blowjob. Once those lips wrap around his cock, it’s all please and no tease. She gives good eye contact while blowing Pat. He returns the favor by bending her over and licking her ass while fingering her pussy. She is already clutching at the sheets as she mounts her and fills her with cock. Pat fucks her hard, but not hard enough because Chloe is convulsing and begging for more. After some well shot doggy, he pulls his dick out, strokes ferociously and manages a pitiful load on her ass.

That leaves us with a final scene between Kaylynn and Evan. They are perfect for each other in part because she doesn’t mind sharing him with other chicks. She lets Aria do a sexy dance for Evan then makes her leave. That’s great news since it leaves sexy Kaylynn alone to work on Stone’s sword. She does a great job sucking his cock, but the long shots get a tad arty. Hey, when you have an ugly chick sucking dick, use the long, between the glass shot all day long, but when you have Kaylynn double fisting a dong, move the fucking camera in on the damn action. The long shots continue as she slides up and down on his rubber covered rod, pumping those long legs for all she’s worth to take every inch. I love the way she looks in this position no matter where the camera is. Even moves behind Kaylynn and slams away from behind. She spins around just in time to open her mouth for his load. Great looking facial to close out the movie.

There is more of a concept than a plot in this movie, but it moves the scenes along nicely. Chloe is quite good as the jilted lover out to expose the terrible video taping practice. Her scenes are very hot, but the sexual thunder is stolen a bit by Kaylynn. This woman is one of the most underrated babe in all of porn and shows that she knows how to keep it hot even in a feature. There are some really pretty shots in this movie. I applaud creative camera work, but when these shots dominate the sex they become more meddlesome than beautiful. A more judicious use of these shots would have been nice, but it’s still a pretty good feature.


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