Beach Bunnies With Big Browneyes #12


Beach Bunnies with Big Browneyes #12

140 Mins

Dusk Til Dawn Productions


THEMES: Cheerleaders, Cream Pipes

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Jewels Jade, Marina Alexis, Claire, Layne Young, Christina White, Weed, Cheyne Collins, Niko Nights and Tyce Bune.


It’s been a while since we’ve visited with Tyce Bune’s laid back detail guy. As the lead character in his Beach Bunnies line, Tyce always manages to stumble across some good young pussy. The comical set ups can be really funny, but when the sex starts, it’s pure gonzo smut. For this volume, he’s brought in some new guys to help carry the heavy load. Looking at the cast, he has a couple of cute looking girls, so we can hope for a good balance between light hearted fun and hard core ass fucking. In that vein, this one promises gapes as well as cream pies. I guess maybe some gonzo fans have been looking for the more fetish oriented internal shots. They aren’t a positive from my point of view, in fact; they are quite a turn off so that may be a problem unless the pies come in the scenes with the not-so-cute chicks.

Speaking of girls who don’t just jump right out and make you want to spank it, the lead chick is Jewels Jade. She is out skating in a really tiny outfit. When she comes skating over to Tyce’s house, she attacks Cheyne Collins. From the waist down, Jewels looks pretty good. For some reason her over pumped tits really bother me and she’s got an average face at best. They get down to the sex very quickly with Cheyne pumping hard while Jewels talks dirty. He makes her squirt and then leaves her to go back to work. Niko comes in to finish the job and starts by stuffing his cock in her mouth. Eventually both guys get into the act and start fucking her ass. As well shot as this action is, I just can’t get interested enough in Jewels to really care one way or the other how much longer this lasts. (Is anything longer than a porn scene that just doesn’t turn you on?) They DP her for what seems like forever before leaving one load on her pussy and another on her face.

We watch Marina Alexis putting on her make up and preparing for her scene. She’s a bit rough looking, but gets all dolled up like a like gang banger slut. When Marina gets into an accident with her drunk boyfriend, she uses Tyce’s phone. They wait around for a while, and Marina starts dancing. This naturally leads to sex in the bedroom. While he’s busy going down on her, I can’t help but notice the long, stiff nipples on this little thing. Tyce pushes her legs up against her chest and easily slides into her well lubed box. Her skirt is bunched up around her belly, covering a bit tat and who knows what else. He really pumps her pussy hard for a while and then starts working his finger into her asshole. Marina takes him easily in the ass. On her back at first, then bent over and into a piledriver, her butt just swallows his cock. Tyce puts it back into her pussy and pumps until he shoots a creampie into her slit.

Claire and Layne Young are both busy getting ready for their scene. Claire is shaving her little box while Layne does her toes. They both show up at Tyce’s door in their cheerleader uniforms to clean is his house. They end up arguing over who will do the dusting and who will vacuum. He sets them up for a boxing match, but ends up getting knocked out by an errant swing. While Tyce is out, the girls go at each other. Claire is pretty cute and Layne has a young, naughty quality that is also pretty appealing. The two horny cheerleaders stay mostly in their uniforms as they finger each other wildly. After a while they decide to revive Tyce with their young mouths. They give a very nice looking double blowjob before Claire climbs on board and starts riding. I like the number of camera angles that capture the action as the cutie pumps her pussy on his prick. Layne replaces Claire and goes for some reverse cowgirl. After Tyce moves them to the couch for some side by side mish he slides into Claire’s ass. The box lists this as her first anal scene and that butt certainly looks tight as he pokes it into her pooper. Moving from Claire’s ass to Layne’s pussy, Tyce pumps until he is ready to pull out and shoot all over that pretty young face.

Christina Knight is the new housekeeper and like everyone who works for Tyce, she is up for anything. She starts out in the bath, shaving her pussy for a long time until she’s nice and clean. He joins her in the tub for a little fun that actually looks like a quick softcore fuck. Interesting and pretty to look at, but now what you expect from this line. It get back on track as we cut to Tyce paddling his new maid. He makes a call to his buddy weed and then keeps Christina buys with his cock while they wait. She gives rather low energy head, but doesn’t look too bad on her knees. He gets her very juicy with some heavy finger action. Unable to wait for Weed, Tyce bends Christina over and shoves his cock right up her ass. She looks pretty good this way and doesn’t have any problem taking as much as he can give her. Right in the middle of some spirited reverse cowgirl anal, Weed finally shows up. Seeing an open mouth, she shoves his cock and Christina takes is happily. Tyce takes a break while Weed pounds her pussy on the stairs. When he has caught his breath, Tyce gets underneath to anchor while Weed fucks her ass. One cream pie and one facial later, Christina is done for the day.

Most of the action in this movie is really well shot and there is a nice variety in the scenes. I’m not really wild about some of the girls Jewels just doesn’t do a thing for me, so that whole long opener wasn’t thrilling. Marina and Christina are a step above, but still not exactly smoking hotties. The two girls I like the most in this whole movie are Claire and Layne. Their scene is by far the best and I’d like to see both of these babes do more scenes. Tyce has once again put together a well shot sex vid with cute set ups and some cream pies for those of you who like those.

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