Lesbian Cheerleader Squad #3


Lesbian Cheerleader Squad #3

115 Mins

Jim Gunn Productions



THEMES: Cheerleaders, Lesbian Sex, Toys




STARS: Jessica Rider, Nadia Rider, Josie Christian, Sasha Nash, Sandy Knight, Regan Star, Bernadette Woods, Jade Solitaire, Azrael Archer, Brooke Lynn, Jade Ann Scott and Camille Winford.


Jim Gunn has figured out something that everyone in porn should know. Everyone loves cheerleaders. Yes we do. He also knows that for many porn fans, there is nothing hotter than two girls getting it on. When they are young, cute and fresh, that all the better. So when you combine young, fresh girls, cheerleader uniforms and lesbian sex, you have the makings for a pretty hot movie. I’ve liked the series in the past even though veggie sex is not my favorite. The sex is well shot and beautifully lit. Hey, if I have to watch two hours of chicks getting it on, at least I get to see well done porn and some sexy uniforms.

Jessica and Sandy are on a trampoline and decide to take a break to start making out. Sandy is a blond with above the shoulder length hair. Jessica is a big titted girl who looks a lot like Sunrise Adams. They lift their little tops and start rubbing their tits together. Both of these girls are curvy and look pretty enthusiastic about a bit of box licking. I guess since both girls have implants they are pro-cheerleaders instead of high school or college squad members. (I don’t think there is a real set in all of pro-cheerleading.) Jessica puts her blonde plaything on her hands and knees and fucks her hard with a dildo from behind. They use a two headed dildo and get a good rhythm going on the trampoline. For great eye candy, check out the two of them going butt to butt.

Regan Star (A different one) and Bernadette are next. After tough day of practice they decide to that a post-practice massage is just what they need. Bernadette has long, very curly dark hair and Regan is a cute dirty blonde with a sharp nose and a pretty smile. When Regan is impressed by the massage she asks Regan if she’s ever kissed a girl. The answer kicks off a full blown lesbian munch out. They start out with more rubbing and some hot tit on tit action. Both girls are natural and Bernadette takes the lead, licking her blonde friend’s tight box and slipping her finger over her clit. I guess Regan isn’t too shy though because she’s the on who brings the toys into the room. Bernadette looks really good with her legs up in the air as she gets plugged by a thick dildo. The double header gets some use as the girls go puss to puss and then ass to ass in some very eye pleasing footage.

Josie and Sasha have to share a bed when they are on the road. They flip through the channels until they find some hot lesbian porn. Both of these babes really do a good job of acting like inexperienced girl kissers. They are a little thick in the butt, but both look quite sweet and learn the ropes quickly. They hook up in a very hot 69 and both show off their flexibility. This time, the girls use their pom-poms as sex toys and that has to please all the cheer lovers out there. (Me, me.)

Sandy is back, looking to get her toys back from Jessica. Jess has a little sister named Nadia who is acting strangely since finding toys in her sister’s room. While the two girls start making out, Nadia comes down the stairs and see them. Not at all offended, she watches from the stairs. We’ve seen these cuties together already, but they are quite happy to get it on again. When Nadia finally lets them know she’s there, the girls invite her onto the couch. Sandy is caught between the two sisters with Jessica spanking her ass while she eats Nadia. Sandy takes charge with the toys, using dildos on both sisters as they lie side by side on the couch. These three are super cute.

Bernadette, Jade and Camille practice cheers and give each other shoulder massages. Camille has a hot punky hairdo and is very interesting to me. They start out slowly, paying the most attention to Bernadette. Camille straddles her face while Jade does the heavy licking. Most of the scenes have the girls at least partially in their uniforms, but this one has three girls naked save for their short white socks. The toy play gets pretty hot when Camille pumps toys into both girls’ asses. A nice twist on the theme and more well shot footage.

These movies always seem to end with a big orgy. This time it’s Jade, Jessica, Azrael and Brooke who finish things off with a bang. I usually like the 2 or three-girl scenes better, but this chick Azreal is really fucking hot. She’s definitely worth sticking around for. The outdoor action is good as usual and the girls all know how to fill out their uniforms. There is also some very sexy strap on sucking as the girls show us what they might look like sucking real cock. By this time, I’ve switched from watching Azreal to checking out Jessica. They do some side by side reverse cowgirl that is really fucking hot. These two can ride me any time they feel like.

Jim Gunn’s lesbian cheerleaders are back and they are as hot as ever. This fresh faced cast of cuties all love to kiss, touch and lick the day away. The uniforms are great and most of the girls keep them on through most of the action. I love the lighting and the action is very hot. As someone who isn’t wild about lesbian action, I’m always pleasantly surprised to see a veggie movie that I can enjoy from start to finish. LCS3 certainly qualifies as such a movie.

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