Wild Goose Chase



130 Mins.

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: John Stagliano

THEMES: Wrestling,


CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Julianne James, Jeanna Fine, Tamara Lee, KC Williams, Christie Keith, Angela Summers, Candice, Joey Silvera, TT Boy, Sean Michaels, Delores Deluxe, John Stagliano, Randy West, Robert Boisvert, Mal O’Rae, Brandy Bosworth, Champagne, Patricia Kennedy


I love the fact that some companies are digging into their archives to bring us their classic porn. Evil Angel has a distinct advantage when it comes to this kind of release because they have such a great catalog to pour over. This mid-90’s feature from John Stagliano is one of the best feature films of the decade. It was also one of the first movies I reviewed when I started. I had pulled the video out of my personal collection to let everyone else know that a well done script can blend with great sex. Stagliano has packed the cast with great looking women like Angela Summers, Tamara Lee, and KC Williams. He also has Julianne James as his lead and Jeanna Fine in a scene that is one of the most memorable I have ever seen. One more thing that this movie shows is that something shot on film can actually have hot sex scenes. (Something that today’s directors have all but forgotten.)

Julianne James begins the movie by strolling into an odd little shop. She looks lovely in her little white dress, wiggling her ass as she checks out the goods. Someone is watching her and eventually molests her. Julianne doesn’t really object and we get a great ass tease scene as her dress is pulled up and her pussy violated by probing fingers. When she is all worked up, Julianne gets on her knees and delivers a very sexy blowjob. Nice use of POV shots during this scene as we never see the face of the man who fucks the pretty blonde from behind until he shoots his load all over her hot ass. For those who don’t know Julianne or know her only from those Brat flicks will be blown away by how hot she looks in this opener.

After Julianne disappears, her mother seeks the help of a PI played by Joey Silvera. The poor woman doesn’t have enough money, but when she mentions that he had been recommended by a former employee, Joey is intrigued. He flashes back, remembering the girl, played by Angela Summers. She has no skills to speak of and can’t get his name right, but one look at her bent over and Joey has her on the payroll before you can say Clarence Thomas. Joey is totally obsessed with Angela’s incredible ass and can hardly contain himself. I have always said that if I could fuck one porn chick in her prime, Angela Summers would be a top five choice for sure. She lets him play with her and then mounts his cock, sticking her sexy ass way out as she bounces. When she dismounts, Angela uses one hand to rub her pussy while she fills her beautiful face with cock. She plays the pretty tease quite well, making him beg her to put her finger into that untouchable asshole of hers. They fuck some more and then Angela jerks him off right into her pretty face. After cleaning him off, she uses her position of power to try and get a raise and then break his heart by walking out the door.

Our story takes us to a studio in Hollywood where Randy West is shooting hot bikini wrestling videos. We get some hot tease footage of the action in the ring while Joey re-connects with Angela. He gets the info from her and then hangs around to watch the wrestling. West is short a man for a mixed tag team match so Joey gets pulled into the ring. While he’s getting tossed around, a couple of cops show up looking for a missing girl. They recognize Joey and think he might be involved in the disappearance of Julianne.

After getting knocked out in the ring, Joey wakes up with the vision of Julianne’s lovely ass in front of his face. He tries to worship her ass, but is too weak to stay on his feet. While still recovering, Randy is celebrating with some of this girls. He sprays champagne all over Patricia Kennedy, KC Williams and Champagne. The hot tease leads into a three on one with the sexy girls taking turns on Randy. Patricia takes the first shift, sucking his cock while the other girls get undressed. KC is next and this pretty blonde is always a treat. She has Champagne licking her while she strokes Randy’s cock into her pretty mouth. They stay together for a long time, fucking on a bench while the other two girls work each other. Not to be greedy, KC lets Patricia and ride the dick while she grinds her beaver into Randy’s face. Champagne is the last of the three to ride the dick, but she gets those big ass cheeks rocking. The girls gang up on milk a load from Randy with their hands and mouths.

Following his leads, Joey ends up in the Hills looking for the owner of the little junk shop where Julianne vanished. John Stagliano has a photo shoot working with Candace Hart posing and a half naked Tamara Lee on his lap. He gets rid of his model and talks to Joey about the missing girl. Inside the house, Candace is making out with the assistant. (Played her by her always effeminate boyfriend.) While he is stripping her down and playing with her ass, John has Tamara showing off her generous backside. I can’t think of a girl in porn who ballooned up faster than Tamara. She is a gorgeous girl who was a Penthouse model one month an out of porn because she was too heavy just a few months later. Candace lies flat on her belly while he plays with her ass a bit. They fuck through a quick, three position scene that has good energy and ends with a nice shot on her waiting face. (Since we mentioned how much Tamara changed, it might be good to note that Candace had a nose job, a boob job and became Carolyn Monroe for a string of crappy Video Exclusive movies after this one.)

Back outside, Tamara has her head in John’s lap while Joey worships her big ass, licking it and finally sliding into her pussy from behind. The shots of her face are great and we get a pretty nice view of her big tits shaking with every stroke. Tamara strokes a load from John into her fist and lets Joey keep right on fucking as hard as he can, finally shooting his cream all over her huge hooters.

Joey heads back down to the studio where the wrestling action is still hot and heavy. Patricia and Champagne are going at it in the ring while Jeanna Fine is getting all stretched out backstage. The cops (TT Boy and Sean Michaels) start to rough her up a bit and Jeanna is quite into it. Sean shoves her face down to TT’s cock while she spanks her ass. This is one of her later performances and she’s bigger, but still looking lovely. The only real weakness in this movie comes into play at this point. The sex scenes are inter cut, which was very common back then. Thankfully, we don’t have to see this practice any more because it really plays hell with the rhythm of both scenes. We cut from Jeanna going crazy to the action in the ring. Joey is being held down as she rubs her big tits in his face. The intercutting is done for a reason, there is some plot tension going on. Will the cops finish with Jeanna in time to catch Joey? Still, the three way is too good a scene to cut away from. Watching her deep throat both TT and Sean is something that has to be seen. The guys slam fuck her pussy, but we keep cutting to Joey fucking the less attractive girl in the ring. They make her beg for cum and then give her a face full of hot jizz.

The story comes to a close and you know it’s actually better than I remembered. It’s strange as hell, but makes sense in a twisted way. Joey and Julianne have a final scene outside by the pool and she looks totally smoking in her bikini. The blowjob happens with the bikini still on, making it even hotter. Joey slips her out of the bikini and does her from behind. When she squat fucks him, we get more great ass shots. Julianne jerks his load out onto her lovely tits, finishing the movie in fine fashion.

This feature really holds up well and the great DVD quality only makes it better. The plot is a little goofy and rather complex compared to other porn efforts. Joey Silvera is perfect in the lead, playing the semi-Hitchcockian PI brilliantly. Julianne James never looked better and is very well cast in this role. Angela Summers is too fucking gorgeous for words and I only wish she had been in more than just one scene. Jeanna Fine’s three way is one of the very best scenes she has ever done. Who can forget watching her deep throat Sean? The sex is very well shot and quite hot for a feature. (Especially for a shot on film feature.)

From a DVD standpoint, this is another winner from Evil Angel. The Fetish Menus make it easy to find your favorite parts. Stagliano’s commentary section is really well done. Instead of an audio commentary over the movie, he points the camera at himself as he watches the movie on a monitor next to him. His insights into the film are fantastic. This is one of the best director’s commentaries I have seen.


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