Skate Trixxx


86 Mins.
Video Team
THEMES: Cops, Semi-Public Sex
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Jenna Haze, Dee, Calli Cox, Kianna, Ryan Meadows, Steve Hatcher, Tony Pounds, Tyler Wood, Little Romeo and Inari Vachs
With so many porn fans and even porn stars born after 1980, it’s only right that we start to see some post Gen-X porn popping up. Hustler has Snoop Dogg making hip-hop porn, Zane has had cameras follow their favorite rocker, Matt Zane on tour with his band and now we’ve got Video Team mixing skateboarding and porno. I’m not sure how boarding and punk/metal are going to play with us old Gen X’ers and the older than X crowd that make up most of porn’s viewing audience, but it’s certainly going to be a change of pace. If pro skateboarders pull as much tail as pro athletes, but if so, they could probably shoot their own porno with the XXX stars. Wisely though, they have chosen to leave the fucking to the smut pros and have picked some very hot chicks to grace their movie.
Inari Vachs plays host for this movie and she is joined by Little Romeo. They introduce some skate clips and then LR shows us a basic skateboard trick. Moving to the porno, we get Tyler Wood working with the awesome little Jenna Haze. He is hanging with some skaters and bets them they he can score with the first hottie he sees. After getting slapped by the first girl, he finds Jenna and they find a convenient bathroom. She rips off her shirt and shows off her pert little boobies before the door even closes. Tyler tongue fucks her hot little snatch until she’s clawing at him his head and dying to get at his cock. Jenna doesn’t just suck Tyler’s dick, she power sucks it, stroking and swallowing like her life depends on it. He bends her over in front of a urinal and starts fucking her as hard as he can. Nothing says romance like bending a chick over a toilet and fucking her minutes after you’ve been introduced. After giving her a swift screw on the bathroom counter, Tyler puts a towel down on the floor and does her in doggy style right in the center of the bathroom. The high energy boff ends with a shot all over her pretty little titties. Either Tyler has a great pick up line, or Jenna is just a hot slut looking to fuck.
After some more skate footage and another trick demonstration, Inari gives us a demonstration of her own. She delivers a hot little blowjob to her own fingers. The next scene is called “Skater’s Dream” and it’s an intricate little fantasy that involves a group of skaters hanging out on the steps of the courthouse on a sunny Saturday afternoon. When they get hassled by the cops, (Calli Cox in tight shorts, a skimpy top and a cap with the word Cop on it), they beg to be left alone. An attorney, Kianna, comes to their rescue, sending the cop away and inviting one of them inside with her. It takes only a matter of moments before the lawyer is ripping off her top and showing him her tits. (Hey aren’t the boobs supposed to be inside the bra?) She likes the little skater guy and pulls his cock out for a taste. He slides on a condom and starts fucking her pussy. Kianna is thick around the middle with huge fake tits and some sexy little tan lines. She bends over her desk and gets nailed hard, finally rolling over to take a load on her belly.
When Dee shows up looking to learn how to skate, she finds the guys pretty helpful. Steve Hatcher is there, but it’s one of the skaters who outfits her with some pads. Dee finally drags Hatch up some stairs and gets to know him a little better. She looks fabulous in her tiny little skirt and tight white top, but it’s on her knees with that tongue working where Dee really shines. With skaters riding the ramp behind them, Steve and Dee go at it. She uses both hands to deliver a first class blowjob before Steve returns the favor. They find a condom and put her on top in reverse cowgirl so we can watch her toned tummy and those perfect natural tits. Great squat fucking footage, followed by some doggy and finally a well stroked facial for the lovely Ms. Dee.
Out dreaming skater is at it again, this time imagining what it might be like to spend some time alone with cop Calli Cox. They find a nice quiet place inside and she goes right after his dick. For some reason the blowjob and the pussy eating that follows are cut very short and get to fucking in a heartbeat. He plops her up onto a table and starts slamming her tight little pussy. I don’t think she’ll be writing him any loitering tickets for a while. After he bends her over and nails her one more time, he shoots a big load right into her mouth.
That leaves us with one final scene and it stars our skate instructor, Little Romeo and his girlfriend Ryan Meadows. She works at the skate shop and has an asshole boyfriend so he makes his move. Standing up, his mouth is the perfect height to suck her stiff nipples. When she wants to suck him off, Ryan has to go down even farther than to her knees. She does a good job sucking his cock and getting it ready to penetrate her pussy. They are an interesting looking couple and if you like watching little guys bang away on Amazon women, then enjoy. Romeo has a huge load ready for her waiting face and sprays it right into her mouth.
This is a nicely put together movie with some good skate footage mixed in with hot sex. I think more could have bee done with that part of the flick. The skate tricks are cut short and more of them would have been cool. Most of the sex scenes are really good. Dee and Steve Hatcher turn in the best looking scene; Jenna Haze and Calli Cox are plenty hot as well. The set ups are fairly interesting as well, but like the skate demos, are a bit underdeveloped. Still, it’s a solid stroke flick with some interesting skate footage thrown in.

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