Gag Factor 4



80 Mins.
JM Productions
DIRECTOR: Jim Powers
THEMES: Blowjobs, Gagging,
STARS: Kristy Love, Rhed, Trinity Maxx, Brandi Lyons, Sabrina Jayde, Michelle Raven, Morgan Jericho, Karima, Sara Bernat, Scarlette

When rough sex movies began to get really popular, some porn makers realized that the audience for such material was worth going after. Some companies began to make rough oral lines to give these fans the sort of blowjob action that you just don’t get in those ordinary cocksucking lines. Slap Happy is the most famous, but JM Productions has their own brand of rough oral in the Gag Factor line. These aren’t pretty movies where hot chicks suck dick and take loads on their faces. They are harder flicks with gagging, tons of spit and make up that looks like total shit. (Intentionally so) The hard nature of these movies has affected the quality of babes and that’s perfectly illustrated by the roster of never-was C level chicks on hand for this movie.
Kristy Love is behind a desk ready to give some guy a job interview. She tells him to take off his clothes and then follows suit. (Note- this is not the cute, thick blonde Kristy with the fantastic real tits.) When she gets naked, Kristy lies on her desk with her head hanging over the edge. That puts her mouth in the perfect position to be violated. The guy isn’t that big so he slides easily into her mouth. To get the gagging thing going, he has to hold his cock in and push pretty hard. Flashes from the still camera go off during the action which is pretty lame. After a long and tedious blowjob, they get some pre-puke running down her face. If you like watching chicks upside with shit all over their faces for a long time then you might enjoy this opener. Personally it bored me to the point of no return long before the facial.
Trinity Maxxx is a flat chested chick who isn�t even average looking on her best day. She is paired with Brian Surewood who at least has enough cock to really choke her. Her idea is to give him a nice slow blowjob, but of course he has different plans. Once the sucking starts, he shoves her face down on his dick and rubs the shaft all over her face. There is some decent deep throat action and not a lot of drool in the way. He shoots in her mouth and she shows the load to the camera before swallowing it.
Brandi Lyons is only a half step more attractive than Trinity, but she does have pretty hair. She is also pretty well known as a girl who can take some serious mouth abuse. That�s exactly what happens here as her man shoves her face down on his cock until the drool runs down her face and his shaft. They hand her head over the edge and get that thick crap all over her face. There is so much that it�s impossible to tell where the spit ends and the cum begins.
Sabrina Jayde comes home to her man Herschel Savage. He is pissed about finding a pair of underwear in his drawer that isn�t his. When she won�t explain, Herschel decides to throat fuck her. (He must have been preparing for this for at least thirty minutes or however long it takes for Viagra to work.) He forces his cock down her throat repeatedly and makes sure that she gets really messy. They finish off with her head hanging over.
Michelle Raven is perfect for this kind of movie. She�s not all that attractive, but has great deep throat skills and is known for her messy blowjobs and for her willingness to put up with anything. When she chases a wanking Johnny Thrust away from her window, Michelle thinks that she is safe, only to be shocked when he comes back and throat fucks her. She really has to do a good sell job her, pretending that this cock can really make her gag. Another rough and messy blowjob follows with Johnny fucking her face until his balls are pressed tightly against her nose.
I don�t know if it�s just my disc, but the sound is off at this point. As the next scene, we hear the audio from the last one. It rights itself somewhat, but is noticeably off for the rest of the movie. (Dumb name, nice ass), Morgan Jericho (A fairly cute blonde), Sara Bernat (A wide eyed young thing who looks like she has vomit on her face by the end.) , Scarlett (Unappealing from the neck up) and Rhed (Heavily freckled and complete with big fake tits) finish things out. For fans of rough, messy and ugly oral sex, this remains the best line currently on the market. I�d rather see a well shot blowjob than a sloppy choke fest, but that�s just me.

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