More Dirty Debutantes 130


115 Mins
New Machine
THEMES: New Girls
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Gabby, Jay, Jesse, Shuki and Ed Powers.
Even though my feelings about not watching Ed Powers fuck on film are pretty strong, I keep giving his movies a try for three reasons. The first two apply to every Ed movies. First, the readers’ desire to have me review his stuff even if I don’t like them. Second is the fact that Ed always seems to get the hot chicks early so I like going back to see what some of my current or past faves looked liked before porn got them. Third and specific to this title is the fact that Jesse is so freaking cute and made only a handful of titles. I have decided that I will never pass up a chance to see this cutie; even it means have to sit through a long Ed interview and watch his chunky, black sock wearing ass penetrate her with the micro-penis. Now that’s devotion my friends. (Or dementia perhaps.)
Jesse is up first and looking fresh off any college campus near you. She’s nineteen years old and a video virgin. Her interview isn’t too bad. We find out that she had sex at thirteen, hated it and didn’t try it again until she was sixteen. Her disruption for why she doesn’t like anal sex is blunt and rather amusing. It’s funny because she seems to be annoyed with his shtick as we all are. I’m trying to figure out if Ed is trying to grow a beard and just can’t or if he actually think the weak ass stubble on his face looks good. No time for that though, because he’s got on a jacket with huge buttons. I wonder if some chick left that at Ed’s after a shoot. Back to the movie we get to watch Jesse masturbating. I think this my favorite segment of Ed’s movies because he’s nowhere to be seen and doesn’t even say to much as she gets herself off. He spoils the beautiful view by getting into position and letting Jesse marvel at the thickly bushed mini-dong he offers her. Jesse handles it easily and rolls over onto her side to let Ed have his way with her pretty young pussy. She looks great with her leg pulled up in the air and her tat free skin on display. Ed ends up shooting all over her belly before giving her some bonus boning. He smashes her with his rotund physique before making her sucks his hairy balls while he engulfs his entire pecker in his greasy little hand for another orgasm.
Jay is another new girl who smokes through her interview. She is a twenty year old Latina with tweaked upper teeth. When she strips down to get started, we are hit with so much ink I don’t know where to start. There is a big tat on her ankle and a huge Rorschach blot across her belly. (To hide baby scars probably.) Ed joins her while she’s playing with herself and then gets down to let her grind her lips up against his stubble. Jay seems to enjoy what Ed is doing enough to at least fake arousal convincingly. She is a fairly quiet fuck and when they are isn’t an angle they can find that doesn’t have tats in the shot. Doggy is tough because there just isn’t enough cock for him to stay in her no matter how little she moves. This uneventful fuck ends with a shot on the belly. Jay isn’t that great looking so there really isn’t any reason to watch this scene.
Shuki is a shy Asian girl who struggles with her English. She is a bikini dancer and Ed is clearly smitten. Every time he reaches for her, she appears to wince and her body language is really clear. (She is leaning away from him from the second he sits next to her.) Watching him paw at her is actually more disturbing than usual. The solo is all right, though Shuki is painfully skinny and more than a little plain. When Ed feeds her his cock, he smacks it against her tongue while she looks like she would give her right eye to be anywhere else in the world. At least she can swallow him pretty easily. Her energy level during the fucking is really low, but she makes Ed feel really good with a sort of ‘hurts so good’ moaning. I like Asian girls, but Shuki is too skinny and way too disinterested for my taste.
Gabby is already naked when her scene begins. She is also thin with tiny tits and a thick, dark patch of hair between her parted thighs. Ed lies next to her, rubbing her pussy and kissing the side of her face while he talks to her. Don’t laugh too hard as he tells her that it’s OK if she enjoys it. Maybe if she wasn’t so repulsed, no one would have to give her this key bit of information. His mouth doesn’t bring her any more pleasure than his fingers did and don’t expect things to change when he starts pumping her with his unit. Average looking girls having bored, uninspired sex just makes me shake my head and wonder why, why Ed, why?
There is only one girl in this movie that is really worth checking out. Jesse is a first class babe, with girl next door looks, a smoking body and the ability to even make a scene with Ed look pretty decent. Once she has been smothered and fired upon, the movie goes down hill. The rest of the girls are not that great looking and only Jay seems even half way interested in boning Ed. Shuki is shy to the point of making it hard to watch her. Gabby just seems bored. Jesse is worth a look and since her appearances were rare, this one should probably be checked out.

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