Barefoot Confidential 15



MOVIE TYPE: Vignette

67 Mins.

Kick Ass Pictures

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DIRECTOR: Andre Madness

THEMES: Feet, Cheerleaders,

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Jenna Haze, Kennedy, Jessie J,


This series has been through a few changes over its history. At first, it was a foot series that had great sex mixed in with the fetish stuff. Then it went to a more foot oriented feel that appealed to the core audience. With Andre Madness at the helm for this one and a cast that includes two of the hottest young cuties from the past year, Jenna Haze and Jessie J, we should be in for a treat.

Jenna Haze is up first and she is just learning the power of her feet. She hangs out after school, teasing the school janitor. (Joel Lawrence) Allowing him to admire, touch and eventually kiss her feet, Jenna plays the teasing cheerleader perfectly. She looks cute and coos invitingly as he works his way over her toes. Finally she gets around to sucking on his big cock and that’s when things get more interesting. Jenna wraps her fingers around his cock and starts jerking him right into her hungry, waiting mouth. He gives her pussy a little taste and the pounds his cock into her tight little hole. She looks good being slammed and shows off her ass when she starts riding his rod. The foot focus disappears until he pulls out of her twat and shoots all over her feet.

Jessie J has size six feet, but it’s the rest of her that really impresses. She shows up for a visit with director Andre Madness and he distracts her long enough to put something into her drink. She is instantly knocked out, leaving her vulnerable to his probing fingers and foot oriented molestation. (Hey, we haven’t seen a lot of date-rape movies; maybe this is a new genre for those who think that conscious girls are just too much work.) When she wakes up, Jessie isn’t angry at all. In fact she offers to masturbate in front of him. She takes off her stockings and does a foot heavy tease and self love session. Lubing her toes, Jessie whacks him off with her feet, taking a load on her curled toes.

Kennedy is the biggest of the three girls in the movie, with monstrous size seven and a half feet. (Actually I have no idea if that’s big or small and couldn’t honestly give a shit one way or another.) She is approached on the street by a babbling Jay Ashley. He has a thing for sushi and is willing to do anything for it. She takes him home, makes him clean up and then forces him to eat the ricey fish cakes off of her feet. That leads to some toe sucking and eventually pussy eating as well. (I wonder if that tastes like raw fish as well.) Kennedy is pretty cute and skilled with her feet as she strokes rather than sucks him to full attention. Getting full value from her new foot freak, Kennedy has him bang away on her pussy for a while before dropping his load on her feet.

The three scenes in this volume combine a lot of foot action with regular sex. Only Jessie ends up not getting fucked and her scene is still very sexy. Jenna Haze is the big star of this movie of course. I don’t know if she has pretty feet or not because I just wouldn’t know a good set if they kicked me in the ass. I do know that she plays the cute cheerleader with a bossy streak quite nicely and fills her uniform perfectly. Great if you like feet and good even if you’re just looking for a hardcore romp.

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