Love At First Byte



109 Mins.

Simon Wolf Productions


THEMES: Virtual Reality, Brainy Girls




STARS: Asia Carrera Aurora Snow, Nikita Denise, April, Keri Windsor, Mia Smiles, Holly Hollywood, Monique Alexander, Evan Stone, Steven St. Croix, Joel Lawrence, Randy Spears, Chris Cannon and Herschel Savage.


There is a separate disc and it’s filled with awesome stuff. I love what they are doing with the bio sections. There are video interviews with some of the stars of the movie. There are photo galleries from this and other SW movies that give you an idea of else they are doing. Behind the Scenes and Blooper reels to enjoy as well as a director interview. Perhaps best of all, there are bonus scenes that start Monique DeMoan, Aurora Snow and Violet Blue. These are all great scenes and make for an excellent bonus disc.


I have been pretty impressed with the Simon Wolf movies that I’ve seen. They are very high quality features with great looking casts. Even though I’m still more likely to watch a raincoater movie than a couples flick, I do enjoy a well done feature. What drew me to this particular title was the trailer that I had seen on other Simon Wolf movies. It looks like a feature that has great sex and a good story. If the movie is as good as the trailer, then we’re in for a huge treat. Starting off right, the cast is really hot. Aurora Snow, Asia Carerra, Nikita Denise and April headline a star studded cast that promises plenty of heat and eye candy.

Aurora Snow is hard at work on her computer, creating something. At the same time, she’s watching porn on TV. This gives us our first scene as Chris Cannon goes down on Mia Smiles, licking her tight little pussy until she’s clawing at the couch. He spends a lot of time working her over and is then rewarded with a wet blowjob. Mia is a cute girl who really knows how to treat a cock with her loving mouth. When it’s time to start fucking, Chris gets on top at first, but things really pick up when he takes her from behind. Mia looks really good in this position and gets off having her cute little ass slapped. Her pretty face makes for a great target when it’s time to pull out and spray hot cream on her open mouth.

Aurora has a couple of roommates, Asia Carrera and Keri Windsor. Keri has a big date planned with Joel Lawrence. When rain ruins their plans, they decide to stay home. She wants to play a little rough so Joel spanks her shapely ass before sliding a finger into her pussy. Keri looks really good as she opens wide and slips the entire length of his cock down her throat. You can see why he was so anxious to take her out. On the other hand, if a woman can suck dick like this, why ever leave home? The high energy action continues as he fucks her. Keri slaps her clit and wants it harder even as Joel rams his whole condom covered cock into her tight twat. She looks good on her hands and knees and even talks dirty to him while he bangs away from behind. After trying to fuck her into a coma Joel finally pulls out and jerks off all over her belly. Not that’s what I call a great date.

Aurora is still hard at work when Stephen St. Croix shows up with a gift and a wild tale. He gives her a special microprocessor that allows the user to do instant 3-D imaging. She plays with the program as Asia watches over her shoulder. Together they pull a scene straight out of “Weird Science” and create Evan Stone, or at least a computer generated version. Horny Asia wants to give him a test run and is more than happy to get down on her knees to make that cock grow. Looking beautiful as ever, Asia licks and sucks Evan’s big cock until it stands at attention. This is a great looking blowjob that lasts for quite a while (Thankfully) before Evan lays her out on the couch to taste that snug slit. Evan uses his fingers to get her juiced and ready for that long dong. He slides up and replaces his fingers with his cock and Asia looks thrilled by every inch. Her pussy is visibly tight and grips him on every stroke. Evan positions Asia on her hands and knees, sticking that beautiful ass high in the air while he pounds away. That butt doesn’t get any action, but he does drop a big load on her cheeks.

The girls are thrilled with their new friend and seem ready to share him, but have to go out to the store first. (Yeah, you have a computer generated naked guy alone in your house. Nice thinking ladies.) As soon as they step out, April shows up to clean their house. She is in the house for all of ten seconds when Randy Spears shows up. He is there to audition to be a male stripper. April is only too happy to pretend that she knows what’s going on. Randy strips for a few minutes and then helps April out of her clothes. She has him lick her pussy for several minutes before slipping on a condom and sliding his rock hard rod into her hot honey pot. April has great energy, but she definitely looks better as a blonde and her tummy is getting a little soft these days. Randy turns her over and starts fucking the shit out of her from behind. Reverse cowgirl shows off her legs and April finally gets around to sucking dick just long enough to work a load out into her fist.

There is something wrong with the girls’ new toy, so Aurora calls her computer geek pal. He will probably help, but at the moment, he is busy watching two creations of his own, Nikita Denise and Holly Hollywood, get it on. These two brunette babes have a great time on each other, but Nikita takes over when it’s time to bring Stephen into the mix. Great eye contact from Nikita as she deep throats his cock. With Holly fingering herself nearby, they move from blowjob to reverse cowgirl. Nikita works her hips like mad, grinding and pumping on his dick like she just can’t get enough. Since she’s a living a sex doll, naturally she gives up the booty as well, taking it in mish and then from behind while she stands. She gets down on her knees and takes a big load right on her mouth.

There is a little plot matter to clear up, but I’ll leave that as a surprise. The bottom line is that Aurora finally gets to shed her mousy exterior and try Evan out for herself. They hook in a slow and gentle scene with Evan working her pussy to full froth with his tongue and fingers. By now she’s ready to really work his dick and sucks deep and hard. As always, her hand work is the best in the business and has Evan slapping his hard dick on her tits and tongue. He bends her over and fucks Aurora from behind. Her legs and ass look great in this position, but even better as they spoon. To really prove that she’s ready for all he’s got, the beautiful young babe opens up her ass and lets Evan bang away until he’s ready to toss aside the condom and shoot all over her pretty face.

This is a really impressive feature. In fact, I am inclined to put this one down as one of the best of 2002. The plot is simple, but works with some well done dialog scenes. Aurora Snow shows that she can act when given the chance and that’s pretty impressive. Sexually, this movie is a cut above the usual feature. Asia’s scene really gets things started well and Aurora closes things out with another great scene. In between, there are some other very hot scenes with Keri Windsor, Nikita Denise and April. Add the credible story and the great sex to the spectacular DVD extras and you have one of the best DVD features of the year.

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