Swift Picks



MOVIE TYPE: Wall to Wall
82 Mins
Wicked Pictures
DIRECTOR: Mark Stone
THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Interracial Sex
STARS: Stephanie Swift, Silvia Saint, Kristal Summers, Charlie, Lexi, Mr. Marcus, Julian St. Jox, Jonathan Morgan, Dale DeBone

This is the kind of movie that I used to grab right off the shelf without even caring who made it. One look at a box shot of Stephanie Swift and Silvia Saint would have been more than enough for me as a young porn hound. Any time you have two women this pretty on the box, people are bound to notice. Is the movie inside as good as the picture? That?s my job I guess, but I really hope that it is. Silvia is one of the most popular European imports in the history of porn and has earned every one of her devoted fans. Stephanie had plenty of fans of her own before she ever signed on with Wicked Pictures. This movie has Stephanie picking out some of her favorite scenes and we all have to applaud her for picking Silvia at least once.
The movie starts off with the two big stars together. Stephanie and Silvia pose on a tractor outside. Both look great in tight shorts and tiny shirts. Mr. Marcus comes in and Stephanie sets up the scene. She has chosen these two because she thinks they will look good together. Hey, that works for me and it seems to work for the two dynamic performers as well. With Steph watching, they climb onto the tractor and Silvia inhales his prick. It grows to full size in no time and her pretty head just keeps right on bobbing up and down until the shaft is shiny with her spit. She looks good enough to eat and Marcus does for all of about a minute. They slap a condom on his cock and turn Silvia loose. She faces the camera and pumps her hips hard, fucking Marcus like she can?t wait to get every inch deep into her hot little hole. This is great fucking eye candy and the picture quality of the DVD makes it even better. After bending her over, Marcus shoots a big load all over that pretty face. If this is the best scene of the movie, then we?ve already seen something good enough to get off to several times.
Lexi is the next pick and she is a very hot looking black girl. Her face is good, but that body is fantastic. Stephanie brings her old friend Julian St. Jox in to make it a three way. The girls kiss and then pass his dick back and forth. Lexi has nice full lips and does a good job sucking his cock. Steph always looks good working her face on a rod, but stays mostly on the balls here. Julian puts on a rubber and lets Lexi ride his dick while Stephanie squats over his face. He gets up off his back and spreads her creamy thighs, slamming that dick as deep as it will go. Lexi wants to compete, so she opens her ass for some action. This earns her a good load all over her tits. Steph?s face would have been a better place for it, but there is nothing to really complain about here.
Stephanie and Silvia pose with each other again, this time leading up to a little one on one. Yes, lesbian sex scenes usually make me reach for the remote, but come on, it?s Silvia and Steph. They both look great in this scene and have some genuine heat as they explore each other. I love Stephanie?s tan lined body as she writhes under Silvia?s talented tongue. There is some nice toy play as well during this very nice looking scene between two girls who look good from any angle.
Charlie shows off her big ass during her photo shoot and then is ready to fuck her boyfriend for Steph. They kiss for a while as they strip each other. When Charlie is naked, her man goes down and starts eating her hot box. In return she gives him a very enthusiastic blowjob. There is fantastic eye contact here as she strokes him dick into her hungry mouth. He?s got a pretty good sized cock and Charlie really works it over, even using those huge tits of her before getting fucked. With condom in place, he sits on a bench and lets her ride hard in his lap. In this position her ass is in full view, but there are better angles to come. They go at it hard in mish before bending her over the bench for some anal probing. Charlie is quite appreciative of his attention and sucks a big load of spunk right out of his cock and onto her pretty face. This scene looks great and has a whole lot of energy. (And a nice long post pop shot of her licking up his load.)
Steph picks out Kristal Summers for another veggie scene. As much as I liked the first one, a second girl/girl scene is a bit much for me. Besides, Kristal is cute but she is no Silvia. It?s worth watching because Stephanie is clearly hot for this blonde and does some nice strap on work. Still, one veggie scene is my limit and this one can?t hold a candle to the earlier scene.
For the final scene, Stephanie just does some one on one with Dale DeBone. They talk a little about each other and then get down to business. The soft music comes up in the background, but watching Dale slowly strip and kiss Stephanie?s tight body is great looking footage. She gets down and sucks his cock, talking a little bit while she strokes it. After a very strokeable blowjob, she squats over his cock and pumps those strong little thighs. The camera pulls back at one point and Steph is really riding hard. (She fucks a lot like a young Ginger Lynn sometimes.) Dale takes over and bangs her tight pussy hard from above and then behind. Dale sprays cum all over her tits and belly but misses her face entirely.
This is a great looking movie, with a hot cast and spectacular picture quality. Stephanie looks fantastic in her scenes and shows plenty of heat. Silvia opens the movie with perhaps the best effort of the bunch, working Marcus in the hot sun. If you only watch one scene in the movie, this one is fantastic. Steph?s final boy/girl is also good and the veggie scene between the two superstars is wonderful eye candy. Lexi and Charlie also give fine performances. There could be more heat in some of the scenes from a raincoat perspective, but Swift Picks is a great looking disc with a beautiful cast and better than average sex.


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