My Plaything- Kylie Ireland


No Running Time
Digital Sin
DIRECTOR: Not Listed
THEMES: Virtual Sex
STARS: Kylie Ireland, Erik Everhard
The advent of DVD brought rise to a whole new era in pornography. New technology always gets used by the industry to bring something new to smut. Beyond the obvious things like picture quality, there has been a whole new genre that just wasn?t possible with video. The virtual sex, POV movie where the viewer can pick an angle and shape the scene to his (or her) desire, was new to DVD and quickly became popular. Digital Sin?s entry into this genre is the My Plaything line and it?s one of the best such series on the shelves. Some of the biggest names in porn have starred in My Plaything discs and the most recent of these is Kylie Ireland. Digital Sin has given her the full My Plaything treatment so fans will get to see (and use) Kylie as never before.
Beginning with the Tease Menu we may choose between Tits, Ass and Pussy. This screen, like all the rest, has a full menu to move to other action. There is also the Naughty & Nice button that allows you to hear Kylie be sweet or talk like a slut. She teases and shows off her tits, ass and pussy in that order. Angle two on these screens offer a more close up view of the action. All of the action has a slightly glossy look that I don?t like, but it isn?t in the way like it can be.
Once teased, we can watch Kylie masturbate. There are four options here, beginning with fingers. Kylie is dressed in this sexy black jacked, hose and a bra. It?s a bit of a business woman outfit, but the way she works her fingers into her pussy is anything but ladylike. Starting with this menu, you can also choose to have her cum with the click of a button. After fingers, you can watch her use a fat blue dildo or a big red vibrator on her pussy. For a grand finale, she even has a dildo ready for her ass. The naughty and nice options are cute here as you can choose between slutty Kylie saying that the toy is a bit small or a shy Kylie acting scared by the idea that her butt might be filled by this thing.
In Foreplay the action gets more personal. Fingers get her pussy warmed up and ready for a vibrator. Nice deep action from the toy. In this section, angle one is actually the close up. There is a huge difference in lighting between the two as well, making it a little distracting when you switch back and forth. The pussy eating section is always one of the most fun to watch just because it?s so silly to see porn chicks pretend to be eaten. That leads to the blowjob, which is usually the best portion of the disc. These POV blowjobs really let the women show off what they can do. Kylie does a good job, using a lot of hand action and talking quite a bit. The two different cumshots are interesting. In naughty, she jerks a good load into her fist and onto her face. In the nice mode, they do a faked in the mouth shot. Actually the only way we know it?s fake is because she doesn?t show us the evidence. Her expression is cute though and I love way she coos over his cum.
In the Sex menu we get 6 positions, all with two angles and the same Naughy & Nice choices. First comes missionary where we get a high POV look from camera one and a really tight shot from camera two. Anal Mish offers the same two angles and gives us a really sexy look at Kylie spread out and taking it in the butt. Doggy gives us the POV shot for butt lovers and a nice facial shot from the second camera. (Nice naughty dialog during all of the sex by the way.) Cowgirl has us looking up into her face and enjoying Kylie?s tits from the main camera. (The second shot is a close up of the action.) Reverse Cowgirl actually isn?t. It?s must more cowgirl, but with Kylie leaning back to give us a great look at her squat fucking. Anal RC is the same shot, but features very enthusiastic anal. The only downside to all of this action is the digitally faked cumshots. This is a problem that critics and fans have long noted in this line. We don?t like it, but until they decide to shoot each shot, then we?ll have to deal with the faked pops.
Bonus Material includes a slow and sexy, strip tease, a high quality photo gallery and trailers from other New Sensations DVDs. The extras are not as extensive as in some recent My Plaything discs, but it still gives us some nice bonus stuff. The action is good and Kylie knows how to play for the camera. I didn?t like the soft fuzzy look, but it?s not very heavy. (Much better than the stuff that they do in ?couples? porn.) The faked popshots are something we just have to live with for now. At least the real one is good. Kylie is a good Plaything and her disc is an intimate look for fans of virtual action and Ms. Ireland.

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