There’s Something About Jack 18


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MOVIE TYPE: Vignette

101 Mins

West Coast Productions


THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, Outdoor Sex




STARS: Kristen, Lainey, Linda, Rachelle, Majella, Jack Napier. Sledge Hammer,


By now, most of you should already be familiar with what the “something” is about Jack. After eighteen movies, the line is pretty well established as one of the best in the biz when it comes to super sized interracial action. Jack is purported to have the biggest dick in porn and he uses it on unsuspecting women all over LA. What makes the Jack movies fun to watch is that Jack has a great sense of humor. He is upbeat and positive, not playing on some of the really negative stereotypes that we see in some other big black dick movies. For most of us it’s enough to see these women blown away by that huge dong, we don’t need them forced into it. The set ups in these movies are cute, silly and usually nearly as fun to watch as the reactions on the faces of the chicks who get that first look at Jack’s massive tool.

Kristen is up first, hopping into the pool with Jack. No set up here, just the tall blonde in a skimpy bikini looking great. She pulls Jack’s shorts down and doesn’t seem at all surprised or even that impressed. It’s so big she can’t get her fingers around it, but she does her best to keep it in her mouth. Jack gets hard and bends her over for some from behind action. Kristen takes it all which is pretty damn impressive. Jack moves her out of the water and over to a nearby lounge chair. She spreads her legs and rubs her clit while he pounds away. Jack pulls out and shoots his load between her soft tits. For a woman who used to be veggie only, Kristen sure can handle meat.

Linda and Majella are a couple of young babes who are very close friends. As they sit out by the pool, the girls spread suntan lotion on each other. This leads to some tit licking and 69 between the two girls. Jack and Sledge Hammer are watching and decide to go over and introduce themselves. Majella has heard something about Jack and she wants to find out if the rumors are true. She takes his cock out and admires it. Sharing it with her friend, the cute brunette does her best to stuff that thing down her throat. Once Linda has taken over on Jack, Majella keeps Sledge happy. Both girls like it big and really show a lot of energy as they get filled. Linda grinds her hips hard while riding Sledge and getting her little slit stuffed. Jack is dropping the serious hammer on Majella, stretching her pussy with every stroke. Everyone gets on the same blanket for some partner swapping and side by side sex. No facials for these cute girls, but they sure take a lot of dick before they’re finished.

Lainey is a perky little blonde in an amazingly short skirt. She calls Jack over to take a look at her leaky sink. While he is under working on the pipes, she makes her move, taking his cock out and sucking on it. It grows to full size in her hand and soon becomes too much for her little mouth. This girl is quite petite and doesn’t look like she could take him, but she manages to squat fuck him pretty effectively. Jack struggles a bit with wood while Lainey is on top, but manages to go solid when he’s pumping away on her abused opening. Just when we think we’ve seen as much as she can take, Lainey pulls her legs back and takes it in the butt. The best shot of the scene comes as Lainey gets on her hands and knees, fucking back against his dick with her ass totally crammed. Jack fucks her nearly limp and then shoots all over her flat little butt.

Finally we get Rachelle, a naughty looking little blonde who is about as pale as can be. She is enjoying the pool naked when a ball comes flying in from next door. Jack comes looking for the ball, finds a naked chick and the fun ensues. She invites him to join her and is impressed with what he’s got in his shorts. She puts her lips around his cock and laughs as she tries to make it grow. Nice hand work by Rachelle as she gets Jack to full size and smiles up at him. Penetration isn’t quite as easy and she keeps looking off set as she struggles to take him into her snug little slit. Eventually they settle into a nice, easy rhythm. It gets better when Rachelle is on top and she can control the strokes. Jack also gives her some nice looking doggy before rolling her over and dropping his load on her chin.

Each of the four scenes in this volume are well worth watching. Jack has given up on the set ups for the most part. I miss these little interludes because they added some humor to the movies. The sex is still good and fans of super sized interracial action will love this one. Kristen shines, taking on Jack with great energy. Lainey is a petite blonde with a cute body who really holds her own with Jack, even in her little ass. This isn’t the best Jack movie ever, but it’s still a very good one.

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