Flaunt It


120 Mins.
Pagan Pictures
DIRECTOR: Jane Waters
THEMES: Models, Porn Stars
STARS: Tiffany Mynx, Taylor St. Claire, Venus, Caroline Cage, Nadia Foster, Bolivia, Sharon Kane, Chandler, Lee Stone, ,
Unrelated to the movie, we get Tiffany Mynx and Kelly O’Dell in a hot tub. Very hot kissing and finger play and some double headed dong action as well.
When Van Damage, Tiffany Mynx and Jane Waters formed Pagan Pictures, a great deal was expected by porn fans. Mynx is one of the biggest stars in the history of porn and has legions of stroker fans drooling over her feet, her ass and the amazing way she sucks a cock. Both Damage and Waters have made great porn videos for years. The initial release from Pagan, “Toe Story” was a wonderfully well shot feature with a strong foot fetish appeal. It’s been a long time since that impressive debut, but now we get the follow up effort, “Flaunt It.” Waters is behind the camera and Mynx is once again the star of the show. This director’s cut of the movie has plenty of hot women and some high expectations.
The movie opens with an oddball wedding ceremony that makes the one in that Pam & Tommy Lee video look like child’s play. After some funny and certainly offensive dialog from the priest, he joins Tiffany and Lee Stone in wedded bliss by instructing him to fuck her right there. With the help of her bridesmaid Chandler, Tiff gets right down on her knees and starts worshipping that big dong with her talented mouth. Those looking for women in wedding attire will enjoy the vale and white lingerie she dons for this scene. Lee wants to move from the mouth right to the ass, so he pushes one of her knees back to her chest and slides it right up her legendary ass. As Lee pounds away, Chandler keeps asking to taste it and eventually she gets some A2M action before he busts a big nut all over both of their faces.
The whole thing is just a dream going on in the mind of Chad, a young photographer who is assigned to shoot a wedding later in the day. His mother, played by Sharon Kane is a bit of a slut and totally nuts. No wonder he escapes into a fantasy world. She has some interesting dialog that is followed up by a very long job interview scene between Chad and Van Damage. There is some good stuff here, but it goes a bit too long before the next scene. Now hired, Chad shoots Tiffany, Venus and Van in a three way. The girls enjoy each other and Tiffany takes occasional breaks to suck Van off. As she is giving one of her fantastic blowjobs, Venus licks and spanks her ass. Strapping on a big purple cock, Tiffany bangs the brunette hard in her puss and then gets a smaller version to shove up Venus’ ass. Van shots his load all over Tiff’s tits.
The photo shoots continue for the talkative protagonist. Bolivia, a very pretty brunette strips and then fucks Valentino. The scene gets chopped up a bit, but when it’s focused on the action, things look fantastic. This girl really knows how to grind her hips. There is some foot action in the bedroom, but this pretty girl uses her hand to milk a load of liquid lizard love juice from Val’s sack.
We move to the next shoot where cute little blonde Nadia Foster flaunts her good parts. After a long pose session, they bring in a guy for her to fuck and the action intensifies. Nadia gives a very nice looking blowjob before being bent over the railing and fucked silly. There are no cut aways once the sex begins, so this one is hotter than the last one from start to finish. She ends up taking a nice shot on her face in the end. His load ends up in her hair and she is pissed. This is either nicely acted or it’s real but it has a very gritty behind the scenes feel.
After work Chad unwinds by playing pool. He gets his ass handed to him by Taylor St. Claire, but he just ends up fantasizing about her fucking on the pool table. She gives a great looking blowjob and then leans back to get her pussy stuffed full of cock. Great tight shots of the action, especially when she is on her knees being slammed from behind. Her big tits are nicely on display in this position, but they roll into a spoon so that he can fuck her ample ass. Adding to the fun, they use a pool cut in her pussy for a makeshift DP. In the end, her pretty face gets blasted with a good load of jizz.
The final scene is another of Chad’s dreams, this time with Caroline taking on two guys. It’s a nicely shot, straight forward two on one, with the pretty blonde sucking cock while taking another from behind. They fuck her ass and then give her a twin serving of dick snot all over her tits and pretty face.
This is an interesting if odd little movie. The story is quirky and sometimes feels a little disjointed, but everything here is beautifully shot. Fans hoping to see Tiffany on display are going to be a little disappointed to see that she shows up in only two scenes. The opener is a pretty fucking hot three way and she is back with Van and Venus for another sizzler. Thankfully the rest of the cast is very good looking so even the non-Mynx scenes are a lot of fun to watch. Taylor St. Claire turns in a nice scene and makes me want to shoot some pool with the busty brunette. With good production values and well shot sex, Flaunt It is another fine effort from Pagan.

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