Extreme Teen


MOVIE TYPE: Vignette

120 Mins.
Extreme Associates
DIRECTOR: Slain Wayne
THEMES: Young Girls,
STARS: Anastasia Blue, Eve, Mara Pleasures, Naughtia Childs, Lee, Chrissy, Luciano, Herschel Savage, Dick Nasty
With more than twenty five volumes and at least a half a dozen directors, Extreme Teen is one of the most successful is somewhat inconsistent teen lines on the market. This is the first volume of the line and it?s easy to see what Extreme was trying to do here. They took the sort of things that Max Hardcore did for years and added their own signature. Not nearly as rough, these movies expanded on the pigtails and plaid idea and had the young girls fucking actual porn guys in their adventures. This first effort has Anastasia Blue who is always a lot of fun and as an added bonus; it?s directed by Slain Wayne who always makes movies that are worth watching.
In the shadow of the Hollywood sign, Luciano hangs out in a local park. He sees blonde Mara Pleasures on the swings. She has just turned eighteen and is ditching school. He hits on her for a while and has her on her knees right there in the park. She is pretty average looking, but I like the way the blowjob starts in the park, continues in the car and takes us all the way to the out of the way place where they finish their scene. After working his cock with her mouth, Mara mounts Looch and fucks him like a pro. She turns around and fucks him in reverse cowgirl for a long time until he?s ready to pop on her face. Mara is pretty average, but I like the outdoor action.
Bamboo is fresh off the bus and Luciano offers her a ride. She doesn?t speak much English, but is able to tell him that she?s eighteen as he molests her in the car. The skinny girl isn?t super pretty, but cute enough for him to take out for an ice cream. There is some nice tease footage of Bamboo working on that Popsicle. They end up back at the Extreme offices where he puts her through her paces. She rides his dick with little energy, but when they turn her over to face the camera we get a nice long look at her body. (Great tits on this girl, especially if you love big nipples.) After a dreary bout of anal, Looch shoots his load all over her face. Bamboo isn?t bad, but she?s nothing to write home about either.
Luciano still out on the prowl when he finds cute little Lee strolling the streets on her way to her friend?s eighteenth birthday party. It doesn?t take much talking to get this girl down in his lap while they drive to someplace more private. They get back to the office and she flashes the warehouse guys her pert tits. While she goes down on him, there are people moving around. This adds a little bit of fun to a pretty good blowjob. Once they get behind closed doors, she really lets loose. Looch fills her mouth and then bangs her tight little pussy. The close ups show those lips gripping his shaft on every stroke. After the best fucking so far, he shoots another load onto her face.
Anastasia Blue and Eve are a couple of trash talking eighteen year old girls who love skipping school. As they talk shit about the school truant officer, he shows up. Herschel Savage has a job to do, but he?s a lot more interested in how hot the girls look in their short skirts than he is getting them back to class. He takes the two brats home and tries to call Eve?s father. The long dialog wears thin with the girls screaming in the background. When the action starts, Herschel spanks both girls on their firm young asses. Anastasia does her usual freaky blowjob, nearly choking herself on cock. Eve gets bent over and fucked by his cock while the cute little blonde spanks her ass. After some more drool heavy oral, Anastasia mounts him for some reverse cowgirl anal that is very hot. She is screaming and slamming her little body down on his cock and flailing her legs around. When he goes for the pop, there is so much spit hanging around it looks like they have already been sprayed. Herschel shoots his ball butter onto the girls and finishes a wildly enthusiastic scene.
Naughtia Childs (RIP) shows up on Claudio?s doorstep selling candy for her school. He invites her in and immediately turns on the P4P dialog. It works on the cute little brunette, who happily slurps away on his Jurassic dong. The video quality in this scene is a few steps down from the rest of the movie and the energy level isn?t exactly going to light any fires. Naughtia is looking soft in this scene and appears bored as Claudio bangs away on her young box. She picks it up a little as the scene goes on and she takes a nice load on her face and pretty little tits.
When Luciano isn?t trolling parks and bus stops, he is cleaning pools. When naughty teen Chrissy sunbathes topless, he is happy to put lotion on her back. She has big nasty tattoos on her back, but a decent thing body. Right in the middle of the fun, her father?s friend, (Dick Nasty) comes home and is pissed. As always happens in porn, he just joins the fun. They go inside and she is quite aggressive, demanding to be fed cock. Chrissy isn?t the cutest girl in this movie, but she takes cock as well as anyone. They even get to play with her tight little ass and DP her holes. She ends up wearing a twin helping of gonad goo.
This series has come a long way and the women have gotten better looking. I like the way this early effort was directed, with just a tad of P4P to make me shake my head. Anastasia Blue is always worth stroking to and she?s joined by Eve. Most of the other girls are average looking and only a couple of them have decent energy. It?s not a terrible effort and fans of the genre will like some of the outfits, but most of these girls didn?t have quite enough to last more than a few weeks in porn.


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