Dripping Wet Sex Volume 1



MOVIE TYPE: Wall to Wall








120 Mins

Simon Wolf Productions

DIRECTOR: Tabitha Stevens





STARS: Tabitha Stevens, Inari Vachs, Nicole Sheridan, Aurora Snow, Daniella Rush, Gina Ryder, Jenna Haze, Evan Stone, Joel Lawrence, Chris Cannon, Julian, Voodoo and Ron Jeremy


There is the usual behind the scenes stuff that is fairly interesting, but what really impressed me were the bios. These are tripod interviews with four of the stars of the movie. OK, so it’s simple but I really like the idea and applaud the effort. There are a couple of trailers as well and they certainly make want to check out the other Simon Wolf movies.


Tabitha Stevens has landed with Simon Wolf Productions and already has her name on a new line of movies. As she opens this first volume of Dripping Wet Sex, Tabitha explains that she just loves to fuck. As such, it’s only fitting that she would bring some of her like minded friends together to fuck for our entertainment. It’s a pretty simple concept and one that will work pretty well if they can manage to keep the blurry picture and digital effects to a minimum. There are plenty of hot girls here so join me in crossing my fingers in the hopes that there will be nothing to get between our eyes and the hot female flesh.

Tabitha opens up her own movie by working with one of her favorite guys, Evan Stone. He is dressed up complete with a tie while Tabitha is sporting a frilly little bra and panty number. He licks her exposed flesh first and then pulls the panties aside to fill that little hole with some fingers. Tabitha goes to work with her mouth, getting his hard enough for her to ride. With a condom on his pecker, Evan sits back and lets Tabitha bounce up and down, waxing his pole as she does. I like the tan lines she’s sporting these days. When Evan bends her over, we get a great shot of her butt during the doggy. Tabitha also adds to the scene with some sexy hot talk. They tease us a bit by both playing with her asshole, but no anal for Tabs here. Instead she pulls him out of her pussy and strokes a big load all over her slightly sunburned, pumped up tits.

Daniella Rush is a very pretty brunette from the Czech Republic. Tabitha interviews her for a short while until Chris Cannon shows up. He goes straight for her tits and at Tabitha’s request, whips out his cock for them both to see. She even sticks around to help with the blowjob. Both women look quite talented as they pass him back and forth. Eventually Tabitha steps away and leaves Daniella to show what she does best. Chris is more than happy to let her suck for a long time, but eventually wants to get that dick deep into her sweet folds. There is some great footage of her being taken from behind and looking back over her shoulder as he pounds away. Chris licks her pussy and fingers her asshole for a while then lets Daniella bounce her pussy on him for a while. When he gets her ass, Cannon keeps right on pumping that snug orifice from every angle. Her nicely shaped butt gets slammed full of cock and Daniella seems to really like it. She likes it enough to pull his cock out and jerk a nice load onto that pretty face.

Two of the better looking in the movie are up together and in a nightmare turn of events, hook up for a veggie scene. Jenna Haze and Inari Vachs both look great and Inari really lights the cute teen up with her superior oral skills. That’s the good news. The bad news is that two of the best cock suckers in this movie won’t get within eyeshot of a hard rod in this flick. Tabitha does bring in some toys to break up the all you can eat clam lunch. This does add some spice, but it’s still a criminal waste of talent.

Never one to waste her talent, Aurora Snow is looking cute as ever in this flimsy little blue outfit. Joel Lawrence likes the way her ass looks so much that he just pulls down the shorts and goes right after her. He sticks it right up her tight ass without so much as a kiss. She does mind and sticks that precious little butt out even father so he can fill her. They move into a piledriver and she shows off all of the skills that have madder (IMO) the hottest girl in all of porn. Not wanting to settle for just her asshole, Joel also makes sure her juicy pussy gets stuffed full of hard meat. I love the beautiful smile she has on her face as she pushes her hips backwards to meet his thrusts. The only hole left to fill is her mouth and Aurora makes it special as always. She moans around his dick and uses both hands to power stroke him into her mouth. Her mouth is wide open to the take the shot and pretty little Aurora does all of her own clean up work, making sure to get every drop. This is the best scene of the movie, hands down.

Tabitha helps Gina Ryder out in the next scene with Julian. He’s got a big enough cock to keep both of these babes happy. They do a cute little intro where Gina draws a cock on a sketch pad. The real thing works much better for the two girls who have a good time taking turns. His dick goes back and forth between mouths for a long time before it sort of settles between Gina’s lips. Tabitha is having so much fun licking Gina’s ass that she has forgotten all about the cock. The girls take turns riding for a bit, but the best footage comes when Julian rams little Gina from behind. Tabitha is fucking her own ass with a toy while they get busy. The cumshot is a little obscured by Tabitha’s tit at first, but we get to see most of it as she strokes Julian’s load onto Gina’s face. This scene is a lot of fun and Gina Ryder really gives one of her best performances in a long time.

Since the three way thing worked so well, Tabitha tries it again. This time Nicole Sheridan takes on two cocks at once. Evan Stone and Nacho dish out the dick to this super hot blonde. She is hot from the start and you can just tell that they are going to have to really tear her up to keep Nicole happy. She is on her back with Evan sucking her pussy while Nacho fucks her face. Nicole always seems to give off so much fucking heat in her scenes that it’s hard not to praise her every time. Even gets naked and let’s Nacho doggy style the tall blonde while he gets his own knob polished. Tabitha comes in the middle to help Nicole cum all over Nacho’s cock. She grabs his dick and licks her juices off. Damn, this is really fucking hot. Ready to complete the action, the guys DP Nicole. She is on her back with Nacho fucking her ass from beneath. Evan bangs away on the pussy until both guys just unload monster shots of jizz onto her face. I know I just said that the Aurora scene was the best, but this one isn’t far off.

The final scene has Tabitha going one on one with the Hedgehog. It’s a funny little scene that runs through the credits and ends with Tabitha showing off great oral skills on Ron’s long salami. This is a really straight forward sex video, not unlike what Tabitha was doing with JKP, but with one huge difference. There is no slo-mo, digitally fuzzy crap to ruin the sex. Tabitha does a nice job in her scenes, but lets her other stars take center stage. Aurora Snow does another fantastic scene, padding her already stellar resume as porn’s hottest slut. Jenna Haze and Inari could be used better than they are here, but their veggie scene isn’t half bad. Nicole Sheridan also turns in a blistering three way. I have heard that Tabitha is currently out of the business, but if she can make movies like this for Simon Wolf Productions, then she should get her ass back and keep making them.

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