Perfect Pink 12



MOVIE TYPE: Wall to Wall
75 Mins.
Jill Kelly Productions
DIRECTOR: Jill Kelly
THEMES: MTV Porn, Glossy Porn
STARS: Jenna Haze, Star E. Knight, Ashton Moore, April, Bethany Alexander, Pat Myne, Mark Davis, Erik Everhard
This sure didn�t take long to come out. It wasn�t long ago that raincoater favorite Jenna Haze broke the hearts of strokers everywhere by signing a deal with Jill Kelly Productions. It�s hard for those fans who saw her take on a mini-gang bang for Jules Jordan to get used to the idea of this little teen tart slapping on a condom and doing eye candy or couples porn. On the other hand, a whole new batch of fans who doesn�t watch the hard stuff will now be treated to the lovely face, tight body and sexy little grin that Jenna brings to the table. A couple of other JKP Girls, Star E. Knight and Ashton Moore are also in on this one, so it should be a star studded event.
Jenna starts off with a short introduction and then gets right into a scene with Erik Everhard. The whole movie has a glossed over look like someone dipped the camera in KY. I know this is done for couples, but come on. It�s a TV trick to make old actresses look young, we don�t need it with Jenna, and she�s already young and hot. The gloss can�t take all of the heat out of her blowjob though because she�s just so eager to please Erik with her hot mouth. In addition to the foggy look, this one has power cheese music in the background and that digitally grainy/strobe look that people confuse with romantic looking. Erik looks like he fucks this tiny sex doll really hard, but we�re watching it through so much digital interference that by the time he pulls out and shoots a slow motion cumshot onto her ass, I�m about ready to scream at the screen for this huge waste of a sexual resource. (Just so you don�t think I�m strictly wearing my raincoat hat, Mrs. Rog full agrees, stating that the music really annoys her and reminds her really bad soap opera music.)
Another potentially hot scene between Jenna and Ashton Moore is also clouded with the same hazy dream like visuals that killed the first one. The girls are pretty and I certainly wouldn�t mind watching them get it on, but I hate watching porn that makes me feel like I need to clean my glasses. Ashton has a good time sucking on Jenna�s tits and feasting on the tight little pussy. As hot as these two are, this scene just isn�t shot in a way that makes me even think of taking my hands off the keyboard.
Star E. Knight sits on a couch between two guys who are ready to fuck her raw. This set up would have me quite interested except for the fact that Chuck Mangone seems to have done the cheesy background music and goo on the lens is thicker than the make up caked on Amber Lynn�s face these days. She gets down onto the floor and sucks them both for a while. Keeping her clothes on, she starts riding one condom covered cock while sucking the other. The way they bang her and leave her covered in cum would make me think this was meant for a harder audience, but the style betrays that in a big way.
Jenna and Mark Davis start going out it with really sleepy music playing. I�m beating a dead horse now, but the scene has the same strobe look and the soft music make me want to sleep or smash the TV. Even watching Jenna suck cock doesn�t have the effect it should. We�ve seen her work with Davis before and it�s a great thing to watch him split her hot little ass with that big cock. If only we could enjoy it.
April and Bethany team up for a scene with Pat Myne that would fun to watch, but�I�ll let you fill in the rest. April and Bethany are cute and if you like long legs, then you�ll want to stick around for April riding Pat. However, if you�re looking for an end to the horrid digital effects and music, you�ll have to look elsewhere.
Oh man, what a huge disappointment this disc is. For almost a year, Jenna Haze has been picking up fans with her cute face, tight body and blistering rain coater performances. When she signed with JKP everyone feared that she would end up in glossed up slow motion snooze fests. Sadly, that is just what has happened to her. The worst part about this disc is that there is obviously some good sex here. We just don�t get to see it because someone smothered the camera in lube and flipped a switch in the edit bay to �stupid electronic strobe� mode. Unless you�re looking for this type of movie, don�t bother. Whatever heat Jenna brought to these scenes (And it looks like it may have been considerable) is lost under the pretentious layers of edit bay madness. If someone can get me a copy of the movie before it was ruined, I would love to see it.

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