Extremely Yours Jewel De’Nyle




MOVIE TYPE: Compilation



127 Mins.

Extreme Associates

DIRECTOR: Compilation

THEMES: Jewel De’Nyle, Anal Sex




STARS: Jewel De’Nyle,


It wasn’t that long ago when Jewel De’Nyle was one of those pretty porn girls who was more eye candy than raincoat fun girl. She broke free of that mold right around the time she joined boyfriend Luciano over at Extreme. While never officially an Extreme Girl, Jewel did some blistering scenes for the company before a rather ugly split. (Aren’t they always?) This compilation disc brings us many of those scenes and lets us enjoy Jewel looking her best and just starting to fuck like a true slut. Big fans of this brunette will want to grab these pre-buffet scenes where Jewel’s big ass gets ripped, rocked, used and abused.

Looch kicks things off by shoving some anal beads up Jewel’s tight asshole. He makes her taste them which I suppose gets some people going. When it comes time to suck some dick, Jewel opens wide and lets him pump her lips for a while. Even when she’s in charge of the action, Jewel jams his dick to the back of her throat. Luciano stands her up against the railing next to the stairs, lifts one of her legs up onto his shoulder and starts fucking her pussy. As she loudly cums on his rod you can see the beginning of the physique she is known for these days. They get down so she can ride him, shoving a big dildo up her ass the whole time. Without question, Jewel likes things in her ass and even takes more beads in there while Looch is balls deep. After using her mouth to clean both the cock and beads, Jewel takes a load on her abused asshole and scoops the cream to her mouth for a better taste.

Back for a Cock Smoker scene, Jewel just goes right after cock with her mouth. It looks like she is fresh out of the shower without much make up on. (It’s amazing how different she looks like this.) Nice eye contact as she uses both hands to worship the dick and wear a nice load of cock cream on that pretty face.

Once cock isn’t enough for Jewel so she takes on two. There is some good tease footage ahead of time as she gets her pussy ready for the massive violation. It takes a lot of work for her to keep these two guys happy so her mouth moved double time from one dick to the other. Enthusiasm makes this double blowjob work, but the guys have bigger plans for her other holes. Her fingers work hard to keep her clit buzzing as the guys just slam fuck her twat. When that isn’t enough, the guys give her ass the same treatment. One of them shoots a load all over those big buns and spoon feeds it to Jewel. There is a bonus pop, but for some reason, the popshots are delivered with the screen shrunk and digitized for the strobe look. The lame editing ruins a big multi-load of cream for her face.

Jewel also did some feature work for Extreme and the next scene has her starring as an unhappy mafia wife looking to leave the family. She goes to work on a thug, giving him a quick blowjob before mounting his dick and pumping her hips hard to slip it all up inside of her. Jewel slides off to taste her own juices on his cock before returning to her energetic fucking. To really seal the deal, she lets him have her ass for a few strokes before making her pretty face available to be totally glazed over with the big load. Scenes like this are why Extreme features can still please the raincoat crowd.

Back to the basics we go as Jewel poses Tom Byron style before getting her holes totally slammed. Tom interviews her and this has to be an early scene because you can see how much fresher she looks in this scene that some of the others. We hear all about how she and Looch are dating and learn a few other tidbits about Jewel before the action begins. When it starts, she goes right for Tom’s balls, licking them on her way up his shaft. Tom is happy to have her mouth on his cock, but also wants to taste what Jewel’s got going on down there. He fucks her pussy, but only for a short time before stuffing her colon with hard cock. Jewel is ready to prove that her prissy contract star days are over by doing A2M and letting Bryon destroy her ass before busting his nut all over that face.

When things get a little stale for Luciano and Jewel, they spice things up. She’s on a leash drinking water from a dog bowl. Looch uses a number of toys on her ass, getting it all loosened up and ready for more. Mark Wood comes in to add some extra meat and even manages to get hard after a whole lot of jerking near Jewel’s pretty face. (Or maybe he just has trouble since the third guy in the scene isn’t Brandon Iron) Jewel now has three guys to keep her filled. Looch sits down on the stairs and slam fucks Jewel’s ass as she sucks the other two guys. Eventually they get around to some DP with Luciano once again taking her ass. By the time the guys are done shooting cum all over her face it’s just dripping down her chin, giving us the perfect good bye to this Jewel comp.

This disc is perfect for Jewel fans who want to see some of the best hard core scenes from her career. It doesn’t have some of her gross out scenes, but Jewel’s ass gets ripped over and over and that face gets plastered with enough goo to have her cleaning out of her pores for months. So if you want to see her post-contract girl, pre-chunky girl, then this is your best bet.


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