100% Haven



MOVIE TYPE: Wall to Wall

83 Mins.

Jill Kelly Productions

DIRECTOR: Jill Kelly

THEMES: Haven,




STARS: Haven, Star E. Knight, Jenna Haze, Monica Mayhem, Cali Cox, Bobby Vitale, Pay Myne, Erik Everhard.


If it seems like I’ve watched Haven’s career from the start, that’s probably because I have. I can’t often say that I was around to see a girl go from girl next door to porn queen from start to finish. When I first met this pretty young girl, she was just considering a run at porn greatness. I was around for her first scene, for her first three some and found out that Haven was a wonderful, nice girl who just happened to look fucking great naked. Her early scenes were mostly veggie pairings and won her a growing fan base. With Jill Kelly Productions, Haven has expanded that fan base, turned in some excellent performances and has her name on a number of titles. This one is the next 100% movie from JKP. I reviewed 100% Silvia and found it to be one of the best DVDs I’ve seen in a long time. I hope that this one is an effective vehicle to bring Haven’s best to her fans everywhere.

Haven narrates through voice over. The first scene starts with Haven telling us how much she loves working on her dirt bike. I don’t know if I buy this super pretty blonde as a tomboy, but she looks great in her jeans and tight top as Bobby Vitale rides in and gets set to give her a real ride. Bobby gives her pussy a little taste, but really wants this pretty blonde working his gearshift. The blowjob is short and her hair is in the way for much of it. There is also a strange look to the scene that I think just gets in the way. It’s got that digitally blurry look even as Bobby mounts Haven and pounds his dick home into her tight little pussy. She looks really good on her hands and knees, but I love the way she has her legs flailing in the air when he pounds away. After spooning for a long time, Bobby straddles her tits and strokes his cock just inches from her pretty face. Too bad he can only dribble his jizz onto her natural boobs instead of blasting that gorgeous face like we all want him to.

Going for the cowgirl theme, Haven stands around in just her boots and hat in the corral. She drifts off to sleep and dreams of Pat Myne (What woman dreams of this guy?) coming in to sweep her off her feet. He comes out, pulls her out of the metal tub and goes to work on her sweet flesh. When she gets both hands and her mouth going on his cock, I really want to strangle whoever decided to make this a glowly, glossy digitized looking movie instead of just shooting it straight. You’ve got a super pretty girl giving one hell of a hot blowjob, just shoot it so we can see it in all the crisp glory that should shine through. He bends her over and starts really slamming into her. Great eye candy as she shows off that cute little butt and those smooth thighs. After turning her over, he keeps fucking until he blows his nut all over her flat tummy.

Since Haven really likes girls and her new JKP teammate, Jenna Haze feels the same way, it’s only natural that these two cuties hook up. They share an intimate kiss before Jenna goes down and services her lovely blonde mistress. If you like veggie action and want to see two of the hottest young women in porn get it on, then enjoy this scene. There is plenty of great looking girl-flesh to stroke over and since they both really like girls, the Haven really enjoys having her own private fuck toy and uses her quite well.

Haven wants to be a famous singer and is at the sexy lounge singer level when she starts noticing how hot her piano player is. She is looking very hot on stage and joins Cali Cox over on the bench with Bobby Vitale. The girls start kissing then happily pass his cock back and forth, from hand to mouth and back again. Cali lies on the bench so Haven can lick her while Bobby strokes his cock near her face. He wants to get up into Haven as well and this time keeps pulling out to let the other girl taste their juices. Cali gets bent over and rammed really hard with her big ass up in the air. I like Cali, but there is too much of her and not enough Haven in this final scene.

I have mixed feelings about this movie. The idea of wall to wall Haven is great and she really seems to have great energy in these scenes. On the other hand, the whole movie is marred by the digitally blurry look that is so popular with JKP and other companies aiming for the couples market. It’s not as bad in this movie as in some others, but when you have a woman as hot as Haven, the less you get in the way, the better. There is some good stuff here, thanks to Haven, Jenna and Star. Obviously, JKP has a style they want to stick with, but I really think that there are a whole lot of rain coaters out here in porn land who would love to see these hot young women in all their unfiltered glory. I know I would.

Vivid Entertainment


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