The Attic


111 Mins.
Extreme Associates
DIRECTOR: Thomas Zupko
STARS: Veronica Caine, Lea DeMae, Daniella Rush, Brittany Starr, Kelsey Heart, Anthony Crane, Mickey G, Valentino, Mr. Pete, Claudio, Brett Rockman, Rod Fontana
As we work our way through all of Thomas Zupko�s movies on DVD, we get to his most recent controversial title. When Zupko shot �The Attic� he was making a statement about freedom and censorship. Before the movie could hit the shelves, the attacks of September 11th changed the way a lot of people will see the symbolic elements of the flick. I will leave it up to you to decide how much this stuff helps or hinders the movie as a whole. Just take this simple warning. The sex in this movie is rough, mostly rape and the body make up is heavy enough to cut with a jackhammer.
Veronica Caine opens the movie with a long dialog scene, talking about freedom dreams and her divine right to be a porn slut. This is followed up by an actor in black face singing �My Country �Tis of Thee.� If you think that�s a strange way to start a movie, get a load of the first sex scene. Three male performers, done up in stars and stripes body make up drag Veronica in and start abusing her. She has blood and writing scrawled all over her as they slap her around. This is the kind of scene that never does a thing for me. Veronica is able to take this sort of scene as well as anyone in porn, but she ends up smeared with make up long before they even get around to fucking her in the ass. Of course they do fuck her ass and her pussy and her mouth all a once. If you like your sex messy and brutal, then enjoy. The post sex use of the flag as a cum rag may piss some people off and if that doesn�t, then having Veronica hold flags in her mouth while a guy shoots on her face should do it.
More dialog from Veronica follows, this time speaking of the plight of the Native Americans. Kelsey Heart is abused by Rod Fontana and Bret Rockman. They are drunken soldiers who tear off her clothes and start fucking her. If you liked the first scene, then this one is right up your alley as well. There is no body make up to get in the way here, and that�s a plus. On the other hand, I don�t find Kelsey at all appealing. The action is pretty well shot and they really tear up her ass. So, if you have been waiting to see Kelsey get royally reamed, you may want to whip it right on out and enjoy watching her face get messy.
Poor immigrants also get the shaft in life and in this movie. Lea DuMae clutches a cut out of the Statue of Liberty, but soon learns the cruel reality of life on the street. Fontana and Mr. Pete are a couple of brutal cops who like abusing young street urchins. The costumes and chick have changed, but this scene is a repeat of the first two. The guys humiliate and abuse Lea while probing her holes with their throbbing cocks. Lea is cuter than some of the other girls in the movie and has a really great ass. The sex is also a little less brutal, so I�ll give it the highest marks yet. After some nice looking anal, she takes a load on her face.
Moving down the checklist of oppressed people, we get to the interned Japanese Americans. Daniella Rush in geisha make up plays the imprisoned woman. You�ll never guess what happens to her. Things go easy for this young lovely as she only has to be abused by one cock. She�s a pretty girl without the makeup, but even with her face covered, her body looks great. Good anal action here and the facial is nice as well. If you can stand the dialog or watch with the sound turned down, this is actually quite strokeable.
After those two watchable scenes, we get the capper. Brittany Blue is dressed as the Statue of Liberty and gets abused by guys in presidential masks. If the last two scenes were hot, this one is back into the freak show category. Brittany gets tossed around and fucked in so many different positions that they rub most of her body makeup off. I�m bored with this kind of sex and by now the message seems heavy handed and I just want to get to something I could actually imagine masturbating to.
The message in this movie, commendable to say the least, is delivered with as much subtlety as a jack hammer up the ass. We get it from the opening scene and other than some rather interesting dialog from Veronica Caine, it wear thing at that point. The sex scenes are all pretty much the same, rough, degrading, filthy and just not my speed. Lea and Daniella turn in the best scenes and not surprisingly they are the least rough of the bunch. If you like rough, rape or near rape scenes, or just really dig chicks in body makeup, then you will like the action more than I did. The Attic is going to shock a lot of people, but it�s going to have limited whack off appeal.

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