Whoriental Sex Academy 3


87 Mins.
THEMES: Asian Girls, Geisha
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Kamiko, Cheryl Dynasty, Jade Marcela, Nyomi Arman, Mia Smiles, Mika Tan, Mickey G, Cheyne Collins, Jay Ashley, Devlin Weed, Chris Cannon
Alex Ladd shot the first two movies in this series and they were light heated movies about a sorority of horny Asian girls who use their sexual wiles to rule their school. Ladd is gone and Bud Lee has taken over behind the camera. That may or may not be a really bad thing. Ladd is one of the few feature directors who shoots good sex. Hopefully, Bud won’t forget that he has a super hot cast and will get some heat from girls like Kamiko, Cheryl Dynasty and Mia Smiles. (Of course unlike Ladd, Lee didn’t have yours truly to write the script, so who knows what might happen.)
Our story is set up quickly as Kamiko writes in her journal. After graduation, she has to figure out what to do with her life. These deep thoughts make her horny and we get to watch this remarkably cute little thing play with her pussy. Her pussy is tight and juicy as she slides three fingers deep into herself. After making her pussy cream, Kamiko decides that she should be a geisha. (You can actually hear someone giving her directions from off camera.)
There is a geisha house nearby and Kamiko shows up looking for work. Mia Smiles shows her around and even lets her watch as she services a lucky client. (Chris Cannon) Mia looks very good in her long blue dress that clings to her long, thin frame. She lifts it just past her ass as her mouth closes down around his cock. Mia works hard to take it as far down her throat as she can and does a really nice job sucking his balls. I know it’s early in the movie, but so far the sex has been quite well shot. Once Chris is wet and hard, Mia removes her panties, straddles his lap and starts riding. Even with the unnecessary fake tits, her body looks great in this position and I like her energy. Chris licks her box for a while, making Kamiko hot enough to start playing with herself in the background. Now Cannon is ready to really start fucking her and gives us some really hot missionary where he pushes her long legs back as far as he can. He pulls out and shoots on her belly and tits. Really nice scene, but Mia’s face needed to be painted to make it great.
Kamiko writes all of her adventures down in her journal, including a two on one session for Mickey. He’s got Jade Marcella and Nyomi Arman (Billed as Jade’s sister) at the same time. Ever the perfect slut, Jade drools all over his cock, working it with her mouth like she’s starved for the taste. Nyomi slides right down on that well primed prick while Jade rides his face. This doesn’t last for long, but it’s hot fucking. The ‘sisters’ get down for a dream blowjob, passing his cock back and forth between their mouths. When he manages not to cum from this hot action, Mickey lies flat on his back tasting Nyomi while Jade pumps her pussy on his cock. After a long doggy with Nyomi, he takes Jade from behind, pumping her asshole with a vengeance. There are some extreme close ups and even a little gape. He ends up dribbling his load onto their chins.
House mother Mika Tan explains to Kamiko that this house takes the traditional geisha and adds the western fantasy element to make them a full service house. This discussion naturally leads to a bout of lesbian sex between the two. Kamiko has added some weight and is very soft these days, but she is looks delicious. Mika isn’t too bad either giving us a whole lot of eye candy as they devour each other. All those late nights with her sorority sisters have paid off for Kamiko, turning her into a twat lapping machine who can please her new boss as easily as she pleases men.
Elsewhere in the house, Cheryl Dynasty is getting busy. This little babe is head to toe hot and was on the fast track to best rookie status when she took a career detour. (Into fetish modeling on her web site.) She bends over, lifting her dress to let Cheyne Collins lick her ass. Down on her knees, Cheryl shows the kind of sloppy, cock starved sucking skills that have made her very popular with the raincoat crowd. She gives a great fucking blowjob here, but some POV would have made it perfect. Cheyne stands up, bends his little playmate over and starts pounding her tight little hole. Cheryl looks great and has fantastic energy. They use the stairs to give us great looking reverse cowgirl that leads us to a hot looking facial.
Kamiko is now ready to serve and she takes on two guys. Jay Ashley and Devlin Weed break her in. As always, she looks great working Jay with her pretty mouth as Weed sucks her sweet juices from between those parted thighs. She is very flexible and manages to lift one leg high enough to let Jay suck her toes. Weed wants some head so they move Kamiko onto her hands and knees. We get great coverage of Jay pumping her from behind, but the blowjob footage is almost all soft angles this time. There is nothing soft about going right to a DP. Weed is deep in her ass when Jay adds his cock to the fun, keeping our pretty little Asian love toy well stuffed and pumped hard enough to make her tits dance. She gets down to suck them both, but the cumshot we think is coming will have to wait a bit. They DP her some more and then go for the double facial shot.
There is less of a story to this third WSA movie, but that isn’t really too bad. The rudimentary house of ill repute story is one of porn’s most often used plots, but it works just fine this time. The strength of the movie is in the cast. They are good looking and do a great job with their sex scenes. This is little Kamiko’s final movie on her contract, but I’m sure we will see her in other flicks. Her scenes in this movie are quite hot and she looks good enough to eat. Cheryl Dynasty shines in her scene, showing the energy and great looks that made her so popular so quickly. Nyomi and Jade double up for a very hot three way and Mia Smiles looks sexy as ever. It’s still feature sex which is a step below gonzo sex, but every scene is well shot with good heat. I was worried at the start that Bud Lee would give us a solid feature with questionable sex, but what we got is a simple feature with very good sex.

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