The Abyss


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100 Mins.
Extreme Associates
DIRECTOR: Thomas Zupko
THEMES: Prostitutes, Religion, Rough Sex
STARS: Kristi Myst, Gauge, Stevie, Krista Leigh, Wanda Curtis, Brian Surewood, Mickey G, Valentino, Brandon Irons, Mojo, Mr. Peter, Anthony Crane
Thomas Zupko is one of the most controversial directors in all of porn. That much is clear. What isn�t always clear is just what is going through his mind when he�s making movies. He is capable of scripts that are deep and at times brilliant. His visual style is often as innovative and original as it is disturbing. With these strong words of praise, why am I not simply crowning Zupko as the greatest director in porn? Well, in addition to his thought provoking scripts and multi-layered visuals, there are his sex scenes. Zupko loves to push buttons sexually and that often means rough sex, religious imagery and countless other things that just don�t turn me on. That often leaves me praising the feature and the technical skill, but scratching my head instead of stroking my cock during his sex scenes. In �The Abyss� we have my favorite Zupko feature. The story is quite deep, pulled from the pages of Dostoevsky, dealing with sin, betrayal, isolation, potential redemption and ultimately the great evil that lurks within us all. In addition to this rather heady script, �The Abyss� has some of Zupko�s best scenes, which is why I always point to this movie as the best example of how good he can be.
The story is set up during a three minute explanation with rolling text. Five generals are all vying for a top spot. One of them invites the other four to estate for a weekend and pulls the strings on some debauchery. It will later come back to haunt them, but we have some sex to cover first. The four rival generals, Brian Surewood, Mickey G, Valentino and Mojo, are happy to enjoy the amenities of the weekend retreat. Gauge is there, looking lovely in, and then out of her long dress. They all play with her for a while, but it�s Brian and Mojo who eventually take her outside for a full scene. She does a great job on her knees sucking them both to full mast. They all stand so that Gauge can bend over and take one cock from behind while still sucking the other. Moving to the ground, they stay in the same position with Mojo ramming his cock right up her tight little ass. Few women take it in the butt like this little sexual dynamo and before this scene is over, she does the upside down assfuck that I�ve never seen anyone else pull off. Even with Gauge at one point puking from the rough oral, this is still the best sex scene Zupko has ever shot. Gauge ends up DP�s and has her pretty little face covered in cum from their two loads.
The generals may have fucked Gauge, but it�s Mr. Pete, working for the fourth man, who actually kills her. Or maybe it�s his evil twin who may or may not exist. If that all seems too odd, just sit tight and wait for Krista Leigh to become the center of a mini-gangbang. (The picture on my disc just got really washed out. I don�t remember this being a problem on the video version.) The only speaking English in this many on one scene is Brandon Iron and he is doing what he always does, talking shit, slapping her face and trying to make her gag. They fuck the chunky brunette in every hole, banging her hard and smacking her around. It�s definitely not my kind of scene, but she takes it well and gets blasted with cum before it�s all over.
Valentino is out in the middle of a field going crazy with Wanda Curtis. He can�t get enough of her tits, sucking on them and licking them with that lizard tongue of his. In turn Wanda gets down on her knees and delivers a fantastic blowjob. The sex here is hard as well, but not brutal like in the last scene. Val ends up pumping his big prick into her tight asshole from behind. After some nice squat fucking, she jerks his load out onto her face and tits.
The men have been set up by their host, Anthony Crane, and are sent away to prison. While they wallow in misery, even eating crickets to stay alive, Crane torments them. He brings in the beautiful Stevie and fucks her right in front of them. She has such pretty eyes that it�s hard not to love watching her swallow cock. The prisoners watch as he takes her from behind, grinding her ass back against his cock. (Nice low angle shots of the standing doggy here.) Kind slut that she is, Stevie even gives some head through the bars. She even rides in reverse cowgirl and bends all the way back to take some cock in her pretty mouth. Crane eventually shares her with the other guys and Stevie doesn�t mind fucking them while she blows Mr. Pete. Her pretty face gets a couple of hot loads while her tight ass takes the rest. Along with the Gauge scene, this one is really one worth stroking over.
The final scene has Kristi Myst appearing before the condemned men as the Virgin Mary. She spits on them, tells them that there is no God and then fucks the four of them. Weirdness aside, Kristi looks good and takes it in the ass with ease. She looks great sucking cock and shows off all of her skills. The sex itself is pretty fucking hot, but as one who doesn�t particularly get off on the sort of dialog that is going on here, I found it distracting. I am plenty happy turning the sound down and watching Kristi getting DP�d and splashed with massive amounts of creamy cum.
Our story comes to a sad and somewhat moving (If bizarre) ending. Even two years later, I still say this stands as Zupko�s most solid feature to date. The story is good, twisted of course, but deep. Some of the subtitles get a little long, but it�s well worth watching from start to finish. What makes this movie stand out though is the sex. Gauge turns in a fantastic three way, even with the puking. Stevie also shows some great sexual skills in her scene. These two women really make the sex in this movie stand out. Some of the other scenes are a little rough of filled with too much religious angst for me. Even with the latter, Kristi�s scene is a scorcher. If the blasphemy bothers you, just turn the sound down and enjoy watching her get royally fucked. A solid effort all around makes this Zupko�s most strokeable and best work to date.

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