Young & Black 1


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83 Mins.



THEMES: Black Girls, Young Girls, Outdoor Sex, Interracial Sex,




STARS: Cashmere, Kiwi, Nicole Le, Monica, Ice, Sky Jolie, TJ Cummings, Ekzavir Rway, Julian St. Jox, Jason Zupalo


At first glance, this looks like Hustler’s attempt to make a Barely Legal movie an all black cast. It’s actually a feature, more along the lines of a Young Sluts Inc. movie. In fact, like those, this one is about beautiful young girls with too much money and not enough cock. New director Sula Long brings her unique vision to this new line. Watching the behind the scene reel we find out that this attractive young African American woman wants to bring a less ghetto feel to her line. She certainly has a great looking cast, plenty of money in her budget. That’s not a bad way to kick off your career. The story follows the exploits of four well off young black girls home for winter break. They find themselves with no parental supervision and you know that that means a whole lot of fun for the guys in this flick. A big fuck party is the order of the day, but first they have to get rid of the nosey house staff.

First on the list of guys to distract is the pretty boy butler. Kiwi and Sky Jolie go to work on him. The guy looks like he should be a boy band, but is old enough to know that you don’t turn down a pair of beautiful young black babes. Sky gets down and starts sucking while Kiwi peels her clothes off to reveal those beyond perfect tits of hers. When it comes to sucking, Kiwi really stands out, working her whole body into act. Working in this house you just know that he’s fantasized often about sampling some of the sweet chocolate. He gets a double helping of the sweet stuff and doesn’t miss his opportunity. Working Sky with his tongue, the dude has Kiwi between his legs working his cock with her mouth. She switches with the guy, letting him enter her from behind while she keeps working on Sky. To make sure they both get cock, he pumps Sky for a bit, and then shoots his load all over their faces. This is a very nicely shot little scene and kicks our movie off well.

Outside, Cashmere challenges the two prissy chicks, Nicole and Monica about their lack of experience. Monica says that fucking isn’t exactly a hard thing to do and proves it taking her turn with the pool boy. The other girls watch as she slowly stuffs his growing prick into her mouth. Monica gives a fairly low energy blowjob, but has a pretty face and looks good in her bikini. When he gets hard, they move into the house, leaving Cashmere to break in the shy Nicole. I don’t like breaking scenes up like this, but the poolside veggie fest has plenty of great eye candy as these two natural babes lick each other into a frenzy. After a lot of pure licking, Cashmere breaks out a toy and fills Nicole’s young slit. She eventually returns the favor, giving us a decent little toy segment. When they finish, we go back to Monica and the eager pool boy. He gets his fill of dark pussy, sliding two fingers in while his tongue laps up her flowing juices. This leaves her wet and ready to take all the dick he has to offer. She is a bit of a pillow queen, leaning back and just letting him do all the work. The best looking footage comes when she stands up and he takes her from behind. Monica does some nice hand work to coax a load right onto her face. (Check this out, a female director who can shoot a good facial.)

Now that all obstacles have been removed, the girls throw their killer party. That is all put in danger when Julian St. Jox shows up threatening to blow the whistle. He is easily placated though by Cashmere’s sweet and slick pussy. After he licks her for a good long time, she swings her ass over his face for some 69. Julian keeps both her holes filled with fingers as the pretty girl bobs that head, juicing up his cock with her mouth. They do a very quick vag in doggy before Julian slips his dong into her ass. This lasts much longer and covers a few positions, the best being the RCA that gives us a nice look at her long, lean body. They finish with some nicely captured piledriver allowing Julian to shoot his load down onto her face.

In the other room, the party is going quite nicely and everyone is shedding clothes. Ice has joined the fun, keeping Nicole busy while her girlfriends get some more dick. There is a whole lot of good action going on here, but I get frustrated whenever the camera leaves Kiwi. Monica is getting busy with a couple of guys while Kiwi turns in a great blowjob on the pool guy. Ice breaks out a black strap on and lets Nicole fuck her with it. A young black guy has joined the fun and drops the hammer on Monica who responds nicely. Ice looks pretty good being taken from behind by her new friend. Even though these two don’t take any dick, they get on the floor with Monica to give the guys some hot flesh to shoot on. Sexy Kiwi keeps her guy happy all by herself, taking a creamy load on her tits.

This really is a high end feature with some great looking women, well shot sex and more than a fair amount of heat. Sula Long does a really fine job of directing the sex. Some of the dialog is really rough, but it doesn’t hurt the movie too much. Kiwi is the best reason to love this movie. Her hairdo is a little questionable, but her body is fantastic and her scenes all work. Monica and Cashmere also caught my eye and added a great deal to this movie. Nicole is a chick only performer, but she looks good in her scenes. The sex is good, the sets are very nice and there is just enough story to help this movie flow. If Sula is able to shoot more movies with girls like Kiwi and Cashmere, she should have a very successful line of movies featuring beautiful black women in high end productions. I’m looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

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