Ass Clowns 2


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MOVIE TYPE: Vignette

125 Mins.

Extreme Associates

DIRECTOR: Thomas Zupko

THEMES: Rape, Rough Sex, Interracial Sex




STARS: Friday, Kiki D’Aire, Michelle Raven, Krista Leigh, Kitten, Vanessa Blue, Luciano, Brian Surewood, Mr. Pete, Tyce Bune, Claudio, Andy Armageddon,


Since I just reviewed the DVD for Zupko’s first Ass Clowns effort, I figured I would put this one in right away and complete the duo. While the first Ass Clowns was a twisted and somewhat disturbing movie starring Taylor St. Claire this one differs greatly. Well, no it doesn’t. It’s still twisted and disturbing, but this time it doesn’t have Taylor to boost the hottie ratio. It does have Kiki D’Aire and Friday to make sure that at least two of the scenes have good sexual energy. As with AC 1, this is not a movie for the faint of heart. There aren’t any raped nuns or fully grown aborted fetuses in this movie, but you’re still better off bracing for a very bumpy ride.

Andy Armageddon (David Luger) narrates the movie as a demented and abusive clown. He’s got Keri Starr there to scream at, spit on and generally treat like a piece of shit. That sets the table for the first scene. Mickey G plays a drunken Santa Claus and Michele Raven is his Rudolf. Michele has on a red thong, antlers and red clown noses on her one schnoz as well as both nipples. Mickey swabs her considerable ass with a mop, then starts fucking her face. Reindeer isn’t the normal animal women who look like Michele are usually compared to, but I guess dressing her like a dog or a pig would be too mean even for Zupko. Moving from her mouth to her plump ass, he sodomizes young Rudolf. Putting her on her side isn’t such a good idea because she ends up looking eight months pregnant. When she stands up the action looks better, but there is so much ass lube running down her legs that it looks nasty. Speaking of nasty, his big popshot is followed by a full bowl of chicken soup. If you have a Santa bestiality fantasy, then Zupko has just handed you your dream scene.

The next scene is actually a really funny one starring Kiki D’Aire as a girl fresh off the bus. She wanders into the Extreme offices and is introduced to Tom Byron and Rob Black. Tyce Bune and Brian Surewood play the head honchos and in the video version of this scene, there was some great dialog before the sex. That is cut out of the DVD, so we move rather choppily to Kiki sucking them both off. She is bent over and fucked hard from behind. Tyce lubes up her ass and slams his dick between her cheeks. The guys switch places and eventually DP her during this very messy scene. A couple of nice facials round out the scene, but without the funny opening, it’s just not as good. Claudio comes in at the end, does his psycho rapist daddy act and forces Kiki into a blowjob. She looks totally bored by this and I can’t blame her.

Watching Luger throw food on Keri’s face and screaming at her is about as appealing as watching Ed Powers plug his ass hairs, so don’t be afraid to just skip over the interludes to the next scene. Of course, Brian Surewood and Mr. Pete in black face isn’t exactly a step in the right direction. They get to play with a couple of whores, Kitten and Vanessa Blue, but are told they must act black in order to get with the girls. The only thing worse than watching these two behave like inbred hillbillies is listening to them do their Amos and Andy impersonation. The big titted black girls quickly take control of the action. The racial overtones are strong in this scene, but at least they cut both ways as Kitten and Vanessa trash talk the guys. Both of these women give very sloppy, deep blowjobs as they prepare them to fuck some black pussy. Kitten is bent over taking it in the ass from Pete and reminding him that he isn’t doing a damn thing for her. After all the talk is over, both girls take big loads in the mouth. Reversing the usual interracial mix is interesting and if you like big, black tits then there is plenty to enjoy.

Krista Leigh knocks on a door, but has no idea what is waiting for her. Pete and Brian are back, doing their backwoods inbred act again. (Typecasting for Surewood and Pete just acting naturally.) They pull out a gun, force Krista to strip and then molest her at gun point. Beyond the backwoods rape angle, I don’t see much appealing about this three way. Krista isn’t much better looking than Michele and the action is a little too rough for me. To make matters worse, even if you dig the sex, it’s hard to cut away from a violated ass to Surewood’s toothless grin without losing your hard-on in a heartbeat.

That leaves us with Friday who just wants to finish the dishes. Luciano and some other dude have other plans. They slap her and choke her as foreplay before getting her down on her knees. She looks good taking cock deep, so if you can take the constant verbal barrage, there is some good sexual action here. Keeping her clothes on around her middle, Friday does the A2M merry-go-round. The guys take turns fucking her ass and her mouth. This is easily the best sex scene of the movie and looking back, you can see why Friday has built up such a fan base. After they DP her, the guys shoot big loads all over her face. It’s a tad rough, but Zupko saved his best scene for last.

The weakness in Ass Clowns 2 is the cast. Friday closes the movie out with a pretty hot scene. Kiki also does a hot scene, but it’s cut to shit. The four way scene with the busty black girls works, but the other girls just don’t measure up. Unless you like watching chubby assed chicks dressed as reindeer being fucked by a drunken Santa, then you might like Michele’s scene. There is a whole lot of rough sex and I don’t like that aspect. Even if you do, the choice of females in this movie leaves much to be desired. Edgy and freaky as always, this one has some good stuff in here, but not enough to make it highly recommended.

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