The Younger The Berry The Sweeter The Juice 2



MOVIE TYPE: Vignette

120 Mins.

Elegant Angel


THEMES: Cheerleaders

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Violet Blue, Alexia, Gwen Summers, Monica Mayhem, Pat Myne, Phoenix Ray, Taren Hayes, Vince Vouyer, Marc Davis, TT Boy, Tyce Bune


Tyce Bune shoots some pretty interesting porn and always seems to come up with very catchy titles. This one has a very cute cast to go along with the whimsical title and fun setups for the sex scenes. Cover girl Violet Blue was last year’s top rookie according to AVN, Gwen Summers is always good for hot scene, Monica Mayhem is a total hottie, Phoenix Ray has tits to die for and the rest of the cast all have their own special appeal. I like the way Tyce approaches the whole youth line. He uses some cute costumes, but doesn’t overload us with the P4P or the forced sex that all too often invades the genre.

Violet opens the movie by strolling around a parking lot and checking out Tyce’s car. She’s got on a tiny plaid skirt and a cute white top, making her look just deliciously innocent. He offers her a ride and they end up back at his place. This precocious little cutie warms right up to Tyce and they share a sweet kiss on his couch. She looks a little bit like a young Reese Witherspoon with that cute smile and tight little bod. He spreads her out on his couch and samples her sweet folds. Violet looks great with her skirt hiked up to her waist and her stiff nipples exposed. After the initial fucking, she gives him a short blowjob, but has something more advanced in mind. She takes it in the ass easily, moving into a pile driver that just looks fantastic. After getting filled in every hole, Violet gets a big load shot all over her abused anus.

Gwen Summers has been dating Pat Myne (Twice her age at least) and she wants to know where their relationship stands. He thinks that it’s about time they started “doing it.” (Doing what? Viagra? One A Day Plus Iron?) Gwen looks pretty cute in her cheerleader uniform and agrees that the front seat of the car is a good place for some teenage loving. (Gwen could be a teen and Pat’s tats are probably at least that old.) Gwen makes good noises most of the time, but her half giggle half groan she does when Pat goes down on her is way too much. By the time he really gets going with his fingers in her pussy, I am about ready to throw something through the fucking screen. The best way to shut her up is to put a cock in her mouth, but even that doesn’t silence Ms. Summers. It’s always good to watch her suck dick, but just won’t keep quiet. Once the dick comes out of her mouth, the noise gets unbearable again. It’s a good thing she looks this good bouncing up and down on his dick because by the time he dumps his load onto her face I’ve just about had it with the squeaking.

Alexia and Monica Mayhem are two more horny young things who sit around talking about shopping and boys. Monica has on a cheer uniform while Alexia looks like your average pigtailed school girl. They both really like the guy with the motorcycle and make their move. In the same parking lot where he picked up Violet, Tyce gives the girls a ride. Back at his place, the two cuties decide that they want to do more than just flirt a bit. He is more than happy to provide them with a hard cock to play with. Monica goes down first, showing remarkable skill for an innocent young cheerleader. Alexia provides a second eager mouth for a brief double blowjob. After just a few minutes of fucking Monica, Tyce blows a good load all over her pert tit. While she rubs the cum into her skin, he moves on to Alexia and stuffs her muffin. Monica gets a second shot, this time riding hard on his cock with her cheeks bright pink from the slapping they get. Both girls show great energy as they take turns getting fucked and end up sharing a second load of creamy cock sauce.

Taren Hayes is cleaning up while Mark Davis and Vince Vouyer are trying to watch a hockey game. They can’t help but notice her great cheeks sticking out from underneath her short skirt. When she gets done, Taren goes into the bedroom and starts playing with herself. I really like the tease in this scene as we get to watch this pretty girl move around the house half naked for a long time before the sex begins. Mark and Vince walk in on her and decide to finish what she started. Davis goes down on her while Vince sticks his balls in her waiting mouth. The short double suck is really hot looking as this beautiful babe gives great looking head. Although this footage is way too short, there is nothing wrong with watching her pussy get porked. Her ass is next and this pretty girl takes every in of meat they can dish out, even up her hot butt. They DP both of her holes before shooting jizz all over her cute face.

Next we get Phoenix Ray, a cute blond with spectacular natural tits. She is busy doing her toes when TT Boy shots up to fix her cable. He gets the job done, but the tool this babe is interested in is the one in his pants. He gives her a kiss, and then goes right for her pussy. Phoenix looks good in braids and frees her big tits just before she moves in to suck on his cock. The oral footage is good, but the initial penetration is shot from a very odd camera angle. It work OK as a close up, but we miss all of her body this way. There is no need to worry though because TT isn’t about to make this a single position fuck. He tosses Phoenix onto her back and starts fucking the shit out of her hot little twat. I like the energy in this scene as Phoenix matches TT’s enthusiasm for deep pussy pounding. He bends her over and enjoys every inch of her inviting flesh, stopping only long enough for her to taste herself on his prick, then slipping it back in. From a sitting position, Phoenix pulls a quick dismount and sucks the load right out of him. This babe is hot and everyone needs to know it.

There is one more girl to enjoy. Jessica has a really thick accent so it’s a little hard to understand her as she tires to get a housekeeping job from Tyce. When she finds out that he makes porn, the young blonde immediately volunteers. Tyce works her out of her cheer uniform and starts licking her pussy. Jessica isn’t nearly as cute as the other girls in this movie, but she does show decent energy. After going down on her for a long time, Tyce starts fucking away, filling her pale pussy with his prick. Since she isn’t as good looking as the others, this scene wears thin long before Tyce shoots his load all over her face.

The last scene is a little weak, but the rest are petty damn good. I like Violet in the opener quite a bit. Gwen Summers is usually a sure bet, but her squeaking gets more than a little annoying. Taren and Phoenix are both worth watching, but it’s the Alexia and Monica combination that offers us the best combination of eye candy and sexual energy. This is nicely shot sexual action with some cute young looking clothes and best of all; it doesn’t over do the P4P angle.

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