Real College Girls 2


MOVIE TYPE: Wall to Wall
101 Mins.
THEMES: Young Women
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Aurora Snow, Tammy, Veronica, Lucy, Isabelle,
It didn�t take very long for us to see that Hustler�s �real� college girls are nothing more than porn chicks with doctored up school ID cards. Is that a bad thing? I guess that depends on how you look at it. I�ve seen more than my share of pro-am movies and genuine first time girls often have about as much sexual energy as a bowl of ice chips. I�m pretty big on title integrity and they do at least make the girls show a school ID. It�s more fun to pretend that Aurora Snow might be sitting next to you in your organic chem. class than to see the reality of some scared shitless co-ed stripping down for the camera. Like it or not, this is the line we have and the first one was very well shot with some cute chicks, so I liked it. Each scene is hosted by a cute young chick who wanders around a campus, looking for the new model. After some short interview footage, they head out to a location where male talent is waiting to fuck them silly. It�s a simple formula that seems to work pretty well.
Our first hostess is a cute blonde chick who would look really good doing scenes herself. She visits Glendale Community College and meets Aurora Snow. The bright sun makes her squint a lot, but the long interview is pretty interesting. Back at the apartment, Jay Ashley and Pat Myne are waiting to fuck the pretty little babe. As good as Aurora looks in her hot outfit, she looks even better with it off. The guys get her warmed up with some kissing and gentle touching, but Aurora really lights up when she sits on the couch and delivers a fantastic double blowjob. Her talented mouth and hands get them wet, hard and ready to rock her tight holes. They put her on her back and take turns at each end, fucking her hard enough to make her moan around the stiff meat in her mouth. When that isn�t enough, the slip their dicks into her pussy and ass at the same time. After taking them both with ease, Aurora makes her pretty face available for a fantastic double facial. What a great scene to lead things off.
Heading down to Orange County, we meet Tammy on a rainy Sunday. She�s a cute blonde who actually does look like a casual college girl. With a nice smile and what appears to be a natural bod, she tells us that she will be shooting with her boyfriend. Supposedly the scene is being shot at her parents� house when they are away. That�s probably a total crock, but it�s a hot idea anyway. After the guy strips his girl down, he starts licking her pussy. She really does have a hot little body and our hostess looks like she is about ready to jump in there as well. The blowjob is really short, but that just means we get to see her riding cock a little faster. They work through a nice looking scene with moderate energy. With a helping hand from the hostess, Tammy has a good time during the vag and then has her meaty pussy lips held open while he�s buried in her ass. The fucking is pretty basic, but he does manage to shoot a big load right on her face.
Veronica is a young student from Woodbury University who meets with the hostess on an overcast day. She says that she�s done some still pictures, but no video yet. For fun, Veronica wants to try having a three way with a couple she knows. Oddly enough, this cutie says that she doesn�t give blowjobs. (Can�t say that I blame her, but it doesn�t make a girl real popular in porn.) Back at the house, Kyle Stone is waiting in bed with another hot little number. Since she doesn�t suck dick, the petite chick mounts Kyle�s face. The other girl is doing the sucking, but Veronica does use her tongue on his rod. They move through some spirited fucking with Kyle fucking Veronica from behind while she eats the other girl. Both of these girls are cute with hot little pussies and Kyle has a good time pumping the two of them. Something happens because they end up faking the facial. That�s right, a faked shot onto Veronica�s face. Bad form.
Lucy is a Russian girl who has to spend most of her time at Occidental College studying English. Her language skills make the interview a bit spotty, but she�s pretty good looking so we can look forward to her scene. When they get back to her place, the guy isn�t around. Not wanting to waste a hot piece of ass, our hostess helps her out of her clothes and starts shooting her anyway. They start with a little solo action, but Lucy looks too good with the dildo in her pussy. The girls get into some heavy duty lesbian action where Lucy even manages to lick her own toes. Interesting little veggie pairing for those who like that sort of thing.
Our final girl is Isabelle, a nice looking blonde girl in a short skirt and black boots. The twenty two year old girl likes big campuses because there so many boys around. She towers over the hostess as they head back to her place. Isabelle�s boyfriend is only too happy to give his girl a quick roll for the cameras. Isabelle looks to be a little meaty around the middle, but her mouth opens quickly for cock and she enjoys pleasing her man. There is some nice eye contact during this blowjob and it gets them both ready to move right to the fucking. She has a hot little pussy that the hostess holds open when she rides in reverse cowgirl. He rolls her into piledriver where they stay for a long time until he�s ready to pop in her face. The final shot isn�t captured very well, but Isabelle is a nice girl to have close out this movie.
By now we know that these aren�t real college girls at all, but a collection of porn chicks who happen to have doctored student IDs. That isn�t such a bad things, especially when you�ve got Aurora Snow to lead things off. Her scene is the best of the bunch and a really nice three way. Kyle Stone gets to play with a couple of real cuties as well. The main weakness in this movie is that some of the scenes are a little flat. More sexual energy would be nice from this collection of babes. I do like the interviews before the scenes. These chicks are cute and do a pretty good job with the banter. They also give us some eye candy during the scene as we wish they would join the action.

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