Young Sluts Inc. 1



83 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Kat Slater
THEMES: Young Women, Prostitutes
STARS: Tiffany Fox, Luna, Gauge, Samantha Sterlyng, Evan Stone, Aurora Snow, Claudia Adkins, Karima, Kaylee, Pier Evergreen

This is one of the new lines that Hustler is trying out. I�ve seen a couple of the later volumes on video and I imagine it will translate really well to DVD. Kat Slater shoots some very pretty sex scenes. They sometimes border on the kind of couples fodder that I don�t usually enjoy, but when scenes are this well shot, I have to be impressed. The stories are always pretty simple and this one is pretty well set up during the opening voice over. These are young girls are all beautiful and willing to do whatever it takes to get on top. After the opening dialog we get a four girl play session in the pool that is a perfect example of the kind of well shot action I was talking about. The picture quality is outstanding during this scene, but it�s all just a tease for later.
Once the sex scenes start, the story really doesn�t matter. It�s a series of scenes where the girls work their magic on their very rich clientele. Claudia Adkins anchors a three way sex scene that breaks in a handsome young guy. The echo chamber chanting music in the background reminds me of so many other porn features these days. (Quick question for the couples in the audience, do you really prefer this sort of music to the actual sounds of people getting it on?) While Claudia entertains the young man, her blonde friend masturbates nearby. She gives a great looking blowjob, showing off a lot of eye contact. I like the way this is shot, but I also like the way her hair and makeup are done. He lets her ride his cock for a while before taking over the pumping himself. Claudia really earns her money, squatting over his lap and pumping him with her hot little ass. He finishes the scene by shooting a big load all over her face.
In between scenes, we get some very hot looking tease footage again. Two of the girls are washing a car in bikinis and it quickly turns into a fun filled water fest. These diversions really improve the eye candy factor and don�t bore us like poorly written dialog often does. The next guy to use the service is an insatiable young stud who likes to pay for girls and fuck them for hours on end. They only have one girl who can keep up with him, Gauge. Perfectly cast as a cute little nymph, Gauge sits across the room from this stud, humping a fake horse. She�s got on this hot little leather collar thing and nothing else. After staring at her body for a while, the dude finally goes over and starts sucking her wet pussy. Gauge never fails to please with her mouth, giving a fast, deep blowjob that has his cock dripping with spit in no time. Now well juiced up, he slides easily into her pussy. She rides hard in cowgirl, pumping her hips for all she�s worth. The doggy footage is fantastic because this girl has a nearly flawless figure. Right in the middle of a spirited romp, Dale DeBone comes in and quickly has his dick buried between Gauge�s sweet lips. With the first guy now watching, Dale slips his cock up her tight ass. She is one of the few women who can give you great eye candy and still fuck with fantastic energy. Dale pulls out and jerks frantically, managing to dribble his load all over her perfect tits. The second guy adds his cum and it�s time for the next tease montage. This time it�s a hard pounding rock and roll music video of the girls grinding their asses against each other. It serves as a good opener for the veggie scene to follow. After all of the hot tease footage, the actual lesbian action is a bit tame.
Aurora Snow is one of the girls who started the business, but she has a boyfriend. He�s out of town on business a lot and when he finally comes home, you can see she really misses him. She pulls back the covers and invites him to stay the night. They snuggle and kiss while he starts rubbing her shaved pookie. This guy is a pretty well built dude, but as soon as she starts sucking on his cock you can see that he isn�t so well built all over. No matter, Aurora sucks his cock and plays with his balls, using her hands as only she can. They 69 for a long time giving us a long time to enjoy her smooth young body. As the music and story would demand, this is a sweet and loving scene, but it�s not soft. Perhaps other feature directors might take a tip from Slater. Yes it�s gentle, but it�s well shot and Aurora fucks with good energy. He bends her over for a short time before she spins around, holds her mouth wide open and devours his load. This is a very hot scene from the hottest woman in all of porn.
The final scene is a big group effort where all the girls get involved. Of course any scene like this that has Gauge in the group is bound to end up looking like a bunch of women standing around while this cutie steals all of the attention. Evan Stone does his best to dish out the cock and finishes with a big facial across some masked faces.
There is a bit of a story going on here, but it�s overshadowed by the style and the hot chicks. Aurora and Gauge provide two very hot sex scenes. They are filmed in a way that could be called couples friendly, but it�s not a traditional couples movie by any stretch of the imagination. For my taste, there is too much girl on girl action, but the tease stuff is really nicely shot and with the great DVD transfer, this is an excellent looking movie. Give me more Gauge and Aurora and I�d like this one a whole lot more.

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