Haven’s Magic Touch 3


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110 Mins.

Jill Kelly Productions
www.JillKelly.comDIRECTOR: Bud Lee

THEMES: College Girls, Vampires, Costumes




STARS: Haven, Devon, Violet Blue, Keri Windsor, Kimi Lixx, Nikki Fairchild, Phoenix Ray, Cheyne Collins, Erin Sky, Pamela Chase, Dale DeBone, Dillon Day, Chris Cannon, Evan Stone, Tex Ria,


I have enjoyed watching Haven’s career blossom. Having been on hand for her first few scenes, I watched her go from shy, cute girl next door into a full fledged porn star. Since joining with Jill Kelly Productions, Haven has handled her growing fame pretty well, holding her own with the other JKP contract girls and headline her own line. I don’t often get screeners from JKP, so this one wasn’t about to leave my office without a trip to the DVD player first. As luck would have it, Haven is joined in this movie by some other very hot women. Former JKP girl Devon, AVN’s Starlet of the Year Violet Blue, Rog Reviews’ Best Newbie winner Kimi Lixx, the beautiful Nikki Fairchild and busty blonde Phoenix Ray make for one hell of a fine looking cast. How well Bud Lee uses them and how important it is to see the first two movies in this line is up in the air at this point so I guess we should get to it.

Keri Windsor and Evan Stone are a couple of some sort. (He’s actually the Dean of the college) Keri is feeling amorous, but Evan is nervous that the girls might hear him. (I imagine we’ll meet them later.) With a little bit of persuasion, Keri gets what she wants. She starts working on his cock, but things get a little scary. Watching her take his balls into her mouth, you can almost feel everyone cringing at the thought that she might just choke on one of those bad boys. You know, if Evan had surgery to reduce his geriatric sack, they could use the extra skin to fill in the dent on his chin. When she’s done sucking his cock, Keri bends over and lets him pound her from behind. Both of them are sweating and giving a very high energy performance until Evan shoots a big thick load on her face.

Apparently they live in a sorority house and Haven is the new pledge. She makes fast friends with her roommate Devon, but there is more to the beautiful young pledge than meets the eye. She’s a witch of some sort and has a family duty to perform on midnight at Halloween in order to save the world or some such thing.

The girls are preparing for a big Halloween party when Violet Blue slips into the kitchen with Chris Cannon and Dillon Day. They talk about coming to the party as Siamese twins and Violet decides to find out what two cocks might feel like at the same time. (Logic? We don’t need no stinking logic.) Violet struggles to get Chris’ cock into her little mouth, but in a matter of moments she’s letting both of them fuck her at the same time. This action looks good, but it’s a bit rushed as they go from zero to DP in about six minutes flat. They roll her over and shoot cum all over her belly and tiny titties.

Strange things are happening to Haven and she responds by hopping into bed with Devon. You don’t have to love lesbian action to enjoy watching these two pretty blondes get it on. Devon starts off eating Haven’s little pookie, shaking her ass for the camera. Haven returns the favor before the girls finish up with some mutual masturbation.

After some rather confusing interaction at the big party, some of the guest retire upstairs for some same room fun. Dale DeBone, Nikki Fairchild, Phoenix Ray and Erik Everhard find a nice bedroom and get it on. Haven and Devon are watching (And Devon isn’t wearing the same thing she was wearing a second ago downstairs which is odd.) Nikki is a nurse sucking off slave Dale while dominatrix Phoenix works over lucky jock Erik Everhard. There are some nice shots of both couples in frame at once. Nikki is very pretty, but when both women are going reverse cowgirl, it’s hard to take your eyes off of Phoenix’s natural curves. The couples mirror each other moving into doggy and mish before finishing with facials.

Evan has been playing a cat and mouse game looking for Keri. She is supposed to be wearing a vampire costume and he is unaware that a real vampire is in their midst. Since she has a mask on, Evan is unaware that he’s going down on Kimi Lixx instead of Keri. They must taste alike because Evan lets her give him head. (Maybe he just doesn’t care at this point.) As she rides his cock, he’s using his fingers to warm up her asshole. It’s a good thing because when she bends over that ass gets drilled by his long dong. He shots his load all over her freshly fucked butt

Haven works some sort of magic to get rid of the vampire and ends up in her bedroom with Dale DeBone. (Someone seriously hacked up this script in the edit bay. It doesn’t make a lot of sense even though you can tell that there was something here.) She plants a soft kiss on his lips and then fishes that cock out of his jeans. For someone who started out doing mostly veggie scenes. Haven has become quite good at giving nice looking on screen head. Dale doesn’t have to do anything other than lie back and enjoy the feel of this cutie’s lips on his cock. He does get to fuck her though and has a good time taking Haven from behind. Her legs and butt look great, but how can you not stare at her pretty face and those perfect tits. They finish in mish, with Dale holding one of Haven’s legs for deeper penetration. He closes out by shooting onto her belly.

I think there was a different movie before the editors got a hold of it. Haven goes back and forth between a cute co-ed witch and saving the world from a vampire. How do we go from Sabrina the horny co-ed to Buffy the Vampire Slayer so quickly? When a movie gets chopped up so badly in editing, and doesn’t make sense, it becomes rather annoying as a feature. On the other hand, most of the sex is pretty damn not. Violet’s three way is quick by really well done. Haven has two scenes, including a pretty hot boy/girl with Dale at the close of the flick. Her veggie romp with Devon is great eye candy. The rest of the sexual players are hot as well, making this a pretty choppy feature with better than average sex. I’d like to see the original script to see exactly what kind of trouble Haven was getting into and why in the world Devon had on one outfit downstairs and another one upstairs.


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