High Octane 6











100 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Patrick Handsome

THEMES: Euro-babes

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Alexandria, Viktoria, Zsuzsanna, Zsanett, Monika, Szabina, Boldi, Gyula, Chris Mountain,


Hustler video has really perfected the art of niche marketing. Every one of their lines has a very specific purpose. The High Octane line is a series of European features. Every one that I’ve seen has been a high energy action movie with plenty of guns and violence to go along with the hot babes and blistering sex. Like most of the Private features, these are dubbed in English. That bugs a lot of people, but I kind of get a good chuckle from some of the dialog. Besides, if you’re watching for intense dialog instead of well filled Euro-babe, then you really should be watching something else.

This story revolves around a beautiful woman being held in the witness protection program. There is some Miami Vice music playing in background and every one of the cops seems to be a hot chick. OK, not all of them. There is a dude in the back of the house exchanging barbs with a hot blonde in a black leather jacket. She doesn’t take her job too seriously though because as soon as they are alone, the chick starts sucking his cock. Nice eye contact as she works him to full length. They stay dressed during the blowjob for some stealth sex, but that ends when he puts her onto the table to fuck her pussy. For two people who are supposed to be working, they sure take their time fucking. They spread her jacket out on the ground and finish with a shot on her butt.

I guess these two don’t have much to worry about since their boss is just as derelict in her duty. The pretty blonde finds another totally hot babe at the side of the house. This young brunette is the new girl on the force and isn’t opposed to some one on one time with the boss. They start out with a long kiss and soon shed just enough clothes for full pussy access. The blonde does a good job of taking control of the situation, bending her young colleague over and using a big dildo on her exposed slit. Proving her worth to the squad, the young girl bends the blonde over and works the full length of the fake cock into her waiting twat.

On another side of the house, two more cops can’t keep their hands off of each other. They have just recently broken up, but still have a close enough relationship to engage in a little on duty booty call. This babe is pretty with long, curly blonde hair and those sexy hose that everyone else is wearing. She pops her tits out of he bra and sinks to her knees for a breathless and passionate blowjob. When he’s wet enough to slide into her, they go into a spoon to get things rolling. The best footage comes when she is riding his dick facing the camera. Her body looks great, especially those natural tits as they bounce about. He fires his penile pistol onto her face, giving her something to remember him by.

With all this fucking going on, you know that someone will come looking for the witness eventually. My money is on the scruffy looking guy who gets a phone call in bed. He tells his blonde plaything that he has to go away for a couple of days. Since she’s in lingerie and high heels, we know that she’s not going to let him go without a quick roll in the sheets. (At last something cops and mobsters can agree on.) She’s not as good looking as the lady cops, but makes up for it with some vigorous hand motion as she sucks him off. When he’s good and hard, the chick pulls her panties to the side, slips her top down far enough to show off her tits. To make sure his farewell fuck is special, she pulls her legs back and lets him fuck her tight ass. She gets slammed, goes for a ride and then drops to the floor to take his goo on her waiting face.

The careless sex finally catches up to the cops. You would think that one of them might put up a fight when the hitman starts tearing through them like a chainsaw through balsa wood. Instead he makes it all the way to the witness and is just about to pop a cap in her when he thinks of something better. (Anyone who didn’t see this coming please return to your basic porn handbook and re-read chapter 1.) Since she has her back to him, the guy just bends her over, lifts her dress and licks on her pussy for a while. For a chick who is about to get killed, this pretty brunette sure sucks his dick like she has a thing for him. Maybe she is thinking that she can change his mind about he whole killing thing. Stripped to just her hose, the girl straddles his body and lets him piston fuck her from below. She is hotter than his blonde girlfriend, but doesn’t let him bone her in the butt. Instead he has to settle for a long romp in her pussy followed by a shot across her pretty face.

There is a lot of fast paced action in this movie and I don’t mean the plot. Yes, there is one, but it’s pretty thin. What you basically have is a bunch of horny cops who give up their donuts for just long enough to fuck each other silly. Throw in a frightened witness and a hit man for some flavor and you have the makings of a very simple porn movie. What really makes this one work is the sex. Most of the girls are quite pretty with a few stunning young bodies in the mix. Sexually, the action is hot, hard and every one of these babes attacks cock like she’s starved. It’s the hot women who make this work, but throw in the thin but fast paced story and you have a hot little flick.

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