Hustler’s Real College Girls



88 Mins.



THEMES: College Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Maria (Ice), Catalina, Melissa Milano , Chrissie, Jane, Debbie


I’m confused by this title. Lots of lines in porn star college co-eds don’t they? I mean in all those interviews before the scenes, the girls talk about their academic careers. Should I assume from this title that some of the young women in adult videos are not being completely forthcoming about the actual nature of their higher education. Porn lying to us? Say it ain’t so, say it ain’t so. Perhaps it will take a man like Larry Flynt to finally bring some integrity to the young college girl genre. Thanks to a series of flyers they have passed on college campuses across the country, the Hustler team has brought us this first collect ion of ‘real’ college girls.

Our hostess Reyna Shine (Collective groan) starts on the campus of Cal State Los Angeles. She is waiting for a girl named Maria who is running late. Oddly enough, this co-ed is also known to some of us as Ice, a second generation porn star. (Her mom is Angela D’Angelo) After telling us that she has never done this sort of thing before, I don’t know if we can believe it when she shows us a student ID card. They leave campus together and Maria meets Pat Myne and Brick Majors are waiting to sample some fresh meat. They strip the tall girl each pick and end to play with. Brick feeds her some dick while Pat fools around with her pussy. By now she’s not even trying to act like a first timer, taking both of their dicks easily. Pat fucks her from behind, trying to trash talk her but it’s pretty clear that she can take a lot more than these guys have to offer. The leggy brunette finishes the scene in piledriver and waits for the guys to shoot loads onto her face. This is a nice shot, but the camera cuts the action short, not letting us enjoy her glazed smile.

Yvonne hosts the next scene, taking us to Cal State Northridge. (I wanted to go there so badly when I was a kid, they always had the best punk shows.) She is there to meet a girl named Josie and has to find the library. Oddly enough this ‘real’ college girl also performs under the name Catalina. She’s an English major who wants to get into teaching. If that doesn’t work out, she can always fall back on being an all-access fuck doll. Two guys are waiting to sample her charms and as we have come to expect, Catalina is up for anything. They take turns playing her before she knees between their cocks. The double blowjob footage is hot, but her shaved slit needs some male attention as well. Our hostess is directing action and even loses her top while ‘Josie’ takes it up the ass. She looks great bouncing hard on a fat dick and opens her mouth wide for a couple of loads of hot cream.

Ashlyn is on the campus of LA Valley College looking for Valerie. After walking all over campus, she finally finds the pretty brunette. (AKA Melissa Milano) They do a quick interview at a nearby table and they go back to Valerie’s house and wait for her partner to arrive. Porn star August shows up, but she’s not supposed to be a porn star. Instead, she is Val’s boss at a clothing store and they really like each other. (OK, that fantasy works, hot little lipstick lesbian retail mall sluts- there’s a line for ya.) They move slowly, kissing and sucking each other. If you like watching pretty young girls playing with each other, then this scene will give you plenty to enjoy. They eventually break out a toy to turn the heat up a notch and finish each other off.

Reyna is back, this time at Pierce College looking for Chrissie. I don’t recognize this girl, but no one this at ease in front of the camera is a newcomer. The cute babe has dirty blonde hair, a nice smile and apparently one heck of a body. They head over to Mickey G’s place where the even will take place. She teases him a bit by bending over in her short skirt, but it’s on her knees where Chrissie looks best. After giving him a very professional blowjob, the young co-ed spreads her thighs for the veteran porn dude. He happily slides his condom covered cock into her snug snatch. Chrissie takes a very energetic ride on that rod. Mickey puts her back on her knees and shoots his load. Like a good porn starlet, she cleans of his prick when he’s done.

Jane is supposed to be a student at USC. Reyna wanders around the campus on a sunny Sunday afternoon. When she finds her, Jane doesn’t want to be called by her real name and chooses Debbie as a porn name. There is an accent here, but I can’t figure out where this cutie is from. This poor girl has a couple really mopey looking dudes to work with. One of them is a rocked-up bleach blonde with a bit of a mullet going to hide a fading hairline. The other guy has enough charisma to make me almost long for Mark Wood. Regardless of the guys, this chick is cute and really looks good naked. She has pretty titties and a tight little pussy. The mullet dude has a pretty solid cock and our young star toys with it in her mouth. I guess his partner had better things to do because all of a sudden he’s gone. It doesn’t make any difference to Debbie though. She just takes the cock she’s got and slams down onto it. He gives it to her hard and she seems to really like it. The facial isn’t very well captured and we cut away far too quickly, but it’s still a serviceable scene.

No sports fans, these aren’t real college girls, but they are young and cute babes who just might have attended a class or two along the way. The sex is pretty well shot and the girls are cute, so that’s two major hurdles cleared. Having the hostess chicks interview the girls on campus is a pretty nice idea, though it doesn’t offer much beyond the first few girls. So if you’re looking for a real pro-am movie, you’re barking up the wrong tree. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for cute chicks having better than average sex, then this is your movie.

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