Freshman Fantasies 11


110 Mins.
Digital Playground
DIRECTOR: Professor Mike
THEMES: Natural Tits
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Kelsey, Alana Evans, Cherry Mirage, Amber, Gwen Summers, Elena,
Over the years, All Good Video and Professor Mike have found some up and coming porn stars and let them shine in the Freshman Fantasies movies. With the titles rolling out on DVD we get to go back just a few years to see some women who are now very well known to smut fans. Alana Evans, Cherry Mirage and Gwen Summers highlight this volume. Also along for the ride are Elena (who would later change her name to Anastasia Romanov) and a pre-implant Kelsey Heart. All of the women are introduced as new and get broken in by the lucky studs.
Kelsey starts things off when she strolls into the warehouse. Professor Mike gives her a short interview where we find out that she’s 24 and from San Diego. She also has a fantasy about a guy she sees skating in the park every day. I’m not a big fan of Kelsey, but she looks rather fresh here. Of course she has that tat on her tit and the big triangle on her back. They take her skating the next day and find Kelsey�s dream guy, Alex Sanders. They find a quiet place off the path and he makes her fantasy come true. He takes off just enough clothes to expose her pussy for some tongue action. She returns the favor, taking his dick into her mouth and getting it nice and wet. Nice eye contact, but the real appeal here is the fact that this is a semi public scene. Putting a condom on, he takes her from behind. They share a spirited fuck in the bushes ending in a pop on Kelsey�s waiting face.
Cherry Mirage (Billed as Sarah) is next and she�s got her glasses on and looking hot as ever. Her fantasy is to do the nasty at a go-cart place. (What�s next, some chick looking to bone the dude who hands out the putters at Golf N Stuff?) She�s got on some sexy shorts and her little cherry tank top as she meets the man of her dreams. (Mark Wood as the dream man, on what fucking planet?) After taking a ride without her top, Cherry takes him into the garage and gets down on her knees. As always, she looks great down there and does a good job keeping Mark�s cock hard and ready. Once her pussy has been licked, she gets bent over and drilled from behind. The low angle close ups aren�t bad, showing off that snug slit and her perfect tits. When she rides in reverse cowgirl, we get an even better look at that rack. They go back to rear entry for the standing doggy where Wood pounds the hell out of her petite body. He manages a nice load that gets fired onto her pretty face. Cherry�s a big time star and she shows off her skills big time in this scene.
Gwen Summers is looking young and cute as she describes her massage fantasy. The masturbation scene she gives while telling the story is pretty hot, but the main event it still waiting for Gwen. She shows up in a sexy little outfit to be massaged by Johnny Thrust. Little does she know, there are two more guys waiting to lay their hands on her firm flesh. They skip the massage and go right for the finger action on her hot pussy. Pat Myne steps in and licks her slit while Gwen puts her mouth to good use on the first cock she sees. Her face is at the perfect height for them to take turns using her inviting mouth. That leaves her pussy open for one of the guys to slam home. While Johnny is giving it to her, the other guys shoot on her face. Fun in the sun, four way style.
Alana Evans has a roommate named Jenny and they are more than just friends. They have a neighbor who really makes their motors run, so it�s a match made in Heaven. They hit it off right away and clear out the diner for some private time. The girls tie him up and make him watch as they play with each other. Since he�s been spying on them for a while, this is exactly the sort of thing he has wanted to see. After watching a very energetic veggie scene between the two eager beavers he finally gets what he really wants. They share his cock, sucking it as hard as they can in an effort to get him up. With some work, they manage to make it stiff and Alana hops up and slams her pussy down on his prick. When the girls get down on their knees, he gives them a big load that splashes mostly onto Alana�s waiting face.
Elena is joined by Amber for the final scene of the movie. Blonde Elena has a nice body, but I never found her face even remotely attractive. Amber isn�t much better looking, so this is a rather weak way to end things. They join Alex Sanders in a hot tub and start going through the motions. After some girl on girl play, Alex gives them some dick for a double blowjob. Neither of these women do anything for me and it�s not like Alex really brings anything special to his scenes. Other than some really loud yelling by Elena there isn�t much to enjoy in this scene except for wonder if they all exchanged cream rinse suggestions after the scene.
In spite the weak finish, this is a good volume of FF. Cherry Mirage is the star here, showing why she would become a favorite for strokers everywhere. Gwen Summers also looks fresh and attacks cock well. Alana Evans has to work hard to keep her male co-star up for the duration of the scene, but she does nice work. As always, I wish the interview segments of the scenes didn�t cut forward to the action. Interviews and solo work well, but don�t jump us back and forth into the scene. (To be fair, I�m not sure they do this any more.) This is an especially good DVD if you want to see Alana, Gwen and Cherry started their careers.

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