Ghetto Booty 3


MOVIE TYPE: Wall to Wall
75 Mins.
THEMES: Black Girls,
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Cookie, Hazel, Hennessey, Tasty, Trina, Mr. Marcus, Lexington Steele, Snake
Hustler video came onto the scene a couple of years ago and they came hard. Launching thing on the back of their highly successful Barely Legal line, they quickly spread the wealth to other lines, signing some big name film makers and branching out into other genres. Last year they released a collaboration with rap super star Snoop Dogg. Now they have this line featuring black babes getting boned by black studs. I’m not sure if Ghetto Booty is a politically correct title, but it’s not up to Hustler to be PC. Besides, the title kind of fits in with the heavy beats that play during the credits. This is an all black line with high production values and the kind of trunk heavy babes that keep shaking long after the music stops playing.
Cookie is the first girl in the movie and Mr. Marcus gives her a little interview. We find out that she hasn’t tried anal sex, says she gives good head and some a bush so freaky it nearly defies description. She�s a pretty girl with a big smile and gorgeous eyes. (Though the make up is a tad thick.) After giving him head for a bit, Cookie stops to do more interview. Moving to the bed, Marcus lies down and Cookie starts riding him. She moves her hips quite nicely showing off her curvy backside as she goes. The view is not quite as attractive when she turns around because Cookie has got a couple of really dreadful tats on her flapjack breasts. Marcus rolls her over and dribbles his load onto her soft belly. Cookie looks good sucking dick and from behind, but the reverse cowgirl just isn�t very flattering.
Hennessey is a 23 year old Southern sister who struts her stuff for Lexington Steele. She�s got plenty of stuff as well, spilling out of her tight shorts out tiny bikini top. If ghetto booty is big, then Hennessey might be the poster girl because she�s got a whole lot going on back there. (She has also had a kid and has the big, stretched boobs to match.) Lex is packing his stuff in the front and he feeds her his cock for a very short time. She strips and gets on her back, covering her tummy with her hand as Lex slides his cock deep into her. He takes her from behind, pushing it in slowly and really enjoying her ample buns. Lex likes the view from back there and it�s a lot easier to look at than the spoon that follows. A big booty is one thing, but a big, sloppy belly and floppy boobs are a little less pleasing to the eye. Back to doggy we go for the final few strokes and a big jizz explosion all over her butt.
Tasty tries to tell us that she�s ghetto because she and her boyfriend are so poor they have to fuck all day. Sweetie, if you�re ghetto it�s because of the way you talk. I had to rewind four times just to get her name straight. A new guy named Snake gets between her legs and starts licking his slit. Wow I don�t know where to start with this scene. We could start with the collection of bad body ink. Snake is all covered, but I think Tasty has a Shish kabob up her thighs. Or we could move to her belly and wonder if she is too busy fucking all night to see those Aussie Nads info-mercials. I know some girls have happy trails, but Lewis and Clark didn�t blaze this big a trail. Or hell, we could crack on Snake�s Rodman hair, but that would really be stepping over the line. Actually the sex in this scene isn�t that bad, especially the mish shots with her feet up over her head while he pounds away. She doesn�t look thrilled when he pulls and shoots near her face.
Hazel has a pretty nice looking ass that Marcus just can�t help but slap a little bit. Like the others, she has a big ass, but looks pretty damn good all around. Marcus plays with her buns, not daring to play connect the dots with the big moles on her backside. Hazel has some really firm tits and a pretty face that she shows off while sucking him hard. She squats over his cock and pumps up and down, working his dick with her pussy. Of all the girls in this movie, Hazel looks the best from the most different angles. Marcus pulls out of spoon and shoots on her belly.
Trina is the final girl and we join her in the middle of a scene. She is already riding Lex, showing off her sexy ass and rubbing her little boobs in his face. He turns her around to give us a look at her face. This doesn�t last too long though as the camera moves in behind to capture the deep doggy dicking. She turns around finally and jerks his load all over her neck. This final scene is really poorly shot. We mostly get to see Lex and almost never see Trina�s face, even when she�s finishing him off.
This movie is surprisingly bad. I expect a mot more from Hustler than this collection of below average looking women who just seem to sleepwalk through many of the scenes. We expect the booty collection to be big, round and ready, but there�s nothing that says the rest of them have to be so tough to look at. Worse than the way they look is the way they fuck. This is a pretty lifeless group and even Marcus and Lex can�t bring out enough energy to make it worse. A final nail in the coffin is that a couple of the scenes look like they were shot and edited by rank amateurs. I just hope this isn�t the best that this series has to offer.

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