Girls Who Like It In The Doo Doo Hole


78 Mins.
Al Borda/Pleasure
THEMES: Anal Sex
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Shelbee Myne, Jade Marxx, Paige Sinclair, Kaylynn, Gauge, Pay Myne, Frankie, Lee Stone, Chene, Mojo
Give Al Borda credit for a title that makes you laugh. Also give him credit for hiring Kaylynn, Paige and Gauge over a year ago for this movie. Those three are almost enough to make me forget that he actually starts a movie with Shelbee Myne instead of burying her near the end. Aside from the catchy title and impressive names in the cast, this movie has what you would expect, anal sex and plenty of it.
We start with Pat and Shelbee Myne kissing on a big chair. Her hair is in these long braid things that just don’t look very good on her. Shelbee spends a lot of time sucking on his balls and looks pretty good from behind. When he goes down on her, Pat uses his fingers quite vigorously. Since she is supposed to like it in the doo doo hole, he also gives her pooper some attention. After fucking her pussy for a minute or so, he slips it into her ass. There are better looking women in this movie who love it in the doo doo holes, so this is a pretty dull way to start. They hook up for a very long piledriver before Shelbee takes her place riding his lap. When she takes it on the face it’s time to move to greener pastures.
Sadly, things don’t get much better with the next girl, Jade Marxx. She’s all right looking, but nothing to write home about. Some guy named Frankie starts out between her legs, licking and fingering both of her lower holes. She strips and sucks his cock, getting it ready to enter her from behind. Her body isn’t bad, especially the legs. They find a rock and use that to fuck on. It can’t be all that comfortable, but Jade doesn’t object at all. No objection when he slips his cock up her ass either. Another very average scene that does heat up when she pulls her knees up to her shoulders for some deep strokes. He finally shoots it onto her face.
We finally get some girls worth watching when Paige Sinclair and Kaylynn hook up to take on Lee Stone’s big cock. Both of these girls have thin bods, great eyes and very sexy faces. Paige hops onto his face, so Lee doesn’t get to see what we do as Kaylynn sucks his long prick. She’s got such a hot look in her eyes, like she knows just how deep that thing is going to go into her tight holes. This is a great blowjob and worth sitting through the first scenes for. Paige gets off Lee’s face and opens her pussy for him. Kaylynn is right there rubbing and licking as if she can’t wait to feel that thing. Paige is very enthusiastic about getting deeply dicked, but she’s got nothing on Kaylynn when it comes to loud fucking. Lee bends her over and enjoys the sweet sounds as he penetrates her. Her ass is first on the line and it sure doesn’t look like it will all fit. With her fingers rubbing and her legs flailing, Kaylynn takes it all and then shares the load with Paige. What I wouldn’t give to be in between these two totally hot doo doo hole girls.
Gauge is an impatient little slut who screams at Chene and Mojo to come in and give it to her in the ass. She looks fucking awesome in her little outfit, which doesn’t stay on long. Right away she starts sucking Mojo’s cock, showing us that her head is every bit as impressive as her lovely body. Both guys get a very sloppy blowjob before one of them finally decides to stuff her little cunnie with meat. With her lips stretched around one dick, this hot little honey gives a great performance. Gauge has good energy and one of the best bodies in all of porn, so any angle looks good. For the best anal view, Mojo does her doggy before moving her onto the other guy for some much needed DP. They reward her willing attitude with two huge loads of cum on her smiling face.
After the first two scenes this movie really picks up. Shelbee and Jade don’t do much until near the end of the second scene when Jade shows off her flexibility. Once we get those out the way, things really do take off. Paige and Kaylynn are a fantasy pair. I only wish Paige had tried Lee’s big cock in her pert little ass like Kaylynn did. Gauge closes out with a very strong scene. Her perfect body takes cock in every hole and makes us all wish we could vacation in the backwoods. Skip the first two scenes and just watch the last have.

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