Shusaku 1






28 Mins.

Nu Tech


CONDOMS: Well, no



STARS: The voices of Asia Carrera and Raveness


Well this is going to be a different experience. I’ve never reviewed an adult anime DVD before. In fact, I’ve never actually watched one. Hopefully, I’ll hit on all the crucial points and follow along. What makes this very interesting is that it’s uncensored anime and that Nu Tech managed to get some big porn stars to do voice overs. Asia Carrera and Raveness lend their voices to this adventure. I don’t know how much back story we really need. First, the title apparently means “The Man’s Paradise.” Suffice it to say it takes place in an exclusive all girls school run by a very twisted fucker.

Somehow the creepy old dude has a pretty blonde under his control. She is new and needs to learn obedience. He brings in another of his slaves to teach her a serious lesson. The blonde has to beg for an enema. Be careful not to laugh at lines like “Your farting too, is beautiful, like the efforts of an aspiring musician.” Just as her ass gets full and she’s screaming, another girl walks in. Apparently this girl is the lead because we get the credits at this point.

We move to the blonde girl getting in trouble for wearing a skirt that is too short. Asia plays the school mistresses who is quite pleased to enforce the rules. There are cameras all over the school and it captures the girls in all their most compromising situations. One of the girl seems to be a lot younger than the others and she ends up fighting her way through a sex scene with the old man. We keep going back to her, as he fucks her and makes her watch him abuse her friend. There is a story going on about blackmail and betrayal. There is also some forced shaving and bondage as the young looking girl has her tits all tied up.

The story is just starting to make a little bit of sense when it ends. There is a part two and probably a whole lot more. As I said, I’m not anime expert, but the animation and picture quality look pretty good. Sexually, this is a bit freaky, but I imagine it’s supposed to be. You’ve got bondage, enema play, a little bit of forced and/or coerced sex and who knows about the girls. There are some nice extras on this disc, including interviews and photo sets with Asia and Raveness. Obviously, this isn’t for everyone, but I can honestly say it’s the best X-rated anime I’ve ever seen.

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