East Meets West 2



105 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Michael Danze
THEMES: Asian Women, Prostitutes
STARS: Miko Lee, Kyle Stone, Bamboo, Cebu, Nick East, Chris Cannon, Paige Sinclair, Pat Myne

I missed the first one of these movies so I don’t know if this an East Vs. West kind of thing where the women square off in a battle of the sex stars sort of thing. It could be a coming together of East Vs. West I suppose, in ways that Bird and Magic never did. Either way, with Paige Sinclair and Miko Lee leading the charge, things are bound to get hot. I really like VCA DVDs, but to date, I haven’t made it onto their screener list. (I get VHS, no DVD, go figure.) When I saw two of my favorite babes on the cover and Paige in a red white a blue number to boot, I just had to grab it and see what we’ve got.
Our story begins with Kyle Stone trying to explain a big party to his new maid Cebu. He talks about his election and before you can say politically incorrect, she is down on her knees, taking care of that ‘election’ for him. Cebu isn’t all that pretty, but she has a decent body and certainly doesn’t shy away from sucking cock. He puts her on the couch and gives her the taste test. I suppose checking her green card might be better for him politically, but this sort of employment screening does have better perks. She gives an enthusiastic little ride, but the best footage comes in the modified doggy with one leg forward for a nice view of the action. By the time he’s done with her bare little beaver, Kyle has a pretty good load that ends up all over her tiny tits. Bamboo sucks out the final few drops and flashes him a very appealing smile.
As it turns out, Kyle’s wife is working for the same cleaning service that Bamboo does. He calls his buddy and tells him to give it a try. Bamboo shows up, hears the word election and shows how they count dimpled chads in her home country. She’s a little better looking with a mouth that is small, but skilled. Her long legs and pointy nipples are her best feature, but Chris is quite enamored with her flat little butt. After licking her slit to a nice juicy froth, Cannon slips on a condom and lets her just go to town in his lap. He plays with her tits a lot while she’s on top, then moves her into that same modified doggy. (Great leg shot and it lets the camera move in for the penetration.) After he pumps her in mish, Chris shoots a little big of jizz on her hard nipples.
Things at the cleaning service are just blowing up. The blonde at the desk, Sammie, can’t keep up. In walks Miko Lee, who apparently runs the place. Seeing the new girl so frazzled, she unplugs the phone and puts her on the desk for some East meets West clam slapping fun. Both women have very long legs and know how to rub pussy. Much of the action is finger on beaver, so if that gets you off, then you’ll enjoy it.
While the boss is busy, Cebu is still busy. This time Nick East says something about the election and has the eager young girl on her knees in a flash. He moves to the table where they 69 for a bit, but the highlight comes when she squats on his cock. Showing thigh strength that should impress everyone. Her ass looks very good in this position, but I wonder how mad her employer is going to be when her fuck me shoes fuck up the dining room table. They take a break for some standing doggy, then Cebu goes flat on her back on the table so he can shoot sperm all over her belly.
Pat Myne runs a party service and sets up all of Kyle’s parties. When Miko arrives for some reason, she and Pat hit it off and run up to one of the bedrooms. He slides between her thighs and starts pumping her pussy with two fingers. Miko loves it hard and fast and throws her legs up in the air to make it easier for him to eat. In return, she devours his prick, sucking it deep while smothering him with her dripping slit. With no cock in her mouth, she is free to scream as she bounces up and down on his prick. After a very brief spoon, she gets into some anal action, spreading out in RCA and rubbing her pussy while talking like a filthy cock whore. He finally pulls out and hoses down her upturned ass.
Down in the kitchen, Paige Sinclair is too tempting for Nick to resist. Even though he just got laid not long ago, Nick wants to get between Paige’s long legs and feast on her treat for a while. He takes his time, peeling off her panties and giving her a good tongue lashing. I don’t know if she can cook at all, but watching her suck cock in the kitchen makes me think that it just doesn’t matter. Paige gives some of the best on screen head in all of porn and this is a hot scene. By the time they are ready to fuck I’m already wanting to dive in and nail Paige. She bounces on dick well, but looks better bent over the counter with her leg up high as Nick pounds away. Sure he gets to fuck her, but at least we get to watch as this super sexy, long legged hottie gets royally plugged. Too bad he doesn’t shoot on her face, but we’ll have to settle for a shot on the belly.
When the party is over, Kyle confronts Miko with his suspicions about her business. She explains it all away and makes him feel terrible. Whatever can he do to repay her? Why fuck her of course. This is a porno after all. As soon as he starts licking, his wife comes in and naturally, they all fuck happily. Sammy sits her busty frame down on Miko while her hubby digs for hidden treasure. They to a nice looking double blowjob, then use him as a human teeter-totter. Damn, this Sammie chick has huge tits. Of course, when it comes to riding cock, Miko takes the cake. She bounces on him like she wants to feel it in her chest. Kyle saves his hardest fucking for his wife and finally shoots his load all over her boobs.
There is a decent little story to follow here, but it’s mostly the sex and picture quality that I’m going to compliment. Obviously, Miko Lee and Cebu carry most of the action. Miko (On her first implants it looks like) does a fantastic job with Pat Myne, makes the three way work and even does some good things with Sammie in the veggie scene. Cebu isn’t as impressive, but shows a lot of enthusiasm and that goes a long way. Paige looks great and should have been featured more in this movie. From a DVD standpoint, again VCA hits big. The picture and sound are very good and I have always liked the ability to scroll down a cast list and jump right to a scene with your favorite girl. (You know I did this with Paige’s scene before I ever watched the movie.)


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