Silvia Exposed


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130 Mins.
Jill Kelly Productions
DIRECTOR: Compilation
THEMES: Silvia, Body Painting, Maids, Outdoor Sex, Anal Sex
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Silvia Saint, Randy Spears, Brian Surewood, Kevin Long, Jay Ashley, Brick Majors
I think that it’s always a good idea to put together a compilation when you have such a lovely subject. Silvia Saint is easily one of the hottest, most popular porn stars in recent years. It looks like these scenes are pulled from Nic Cramer/Jon Yuma movies, and if you haven’t seen these flicks, be ready for very pretty scenes. The sex is usually pretty good, but these things are beautifully shot and with Silvia as the gorgeous centerpiece, we should be in for a treat.
We start out with Silvia painting some furniture. Randy Spears come in and starts applying a coat to her lovely legs. This is very pretty footage and quite couples friendly. It also seems to get Silvia in the mood, which is sort of the point. Body paint aside, the real fun begins when she gets his cock out of his pants and puts her pretty lips around it. Even though the pace and looks of the scene is pure couples stuff, Silvia is hot enough to get just about any cock stirring. Randy takes a short break to lick her pussy, then starts slamming his cock up in there. Even with paint covering half of her body, there is no mistaking the fact that Ms. Saint is about as close to genetic perfection as porn has ever seen. The reverse cowgirl looks really good, especially when she’s doing the work and getting a nice long stroke going. From there, anal is easy and his prick slides right up her ass. There is a nice mixture of long and tight shots during this, but the fest anal footage comes in the standing doggy segment. Since that leads right to a nice facial, it’s a good time to free your Osama and let loose a bit.
Silvia stands inside her house waiting for Brick Majors. As soon as he walks in, Brick takes her in his arms, kisses her and works his way down that perfect body. He finds the treasure between her legs worth a taste and stays there for a while. In return, she opens up her mouth and makes her cover girl face available for his pleasure. After showing what a great cock sucker she is, Silvia climbs in his lap and sticks her ass way out as she bounces on his dick. Again, it’s impossible not to love her in doggy style, especially when he takes her ass. Some RCA finishes up the sex and another, even stickier facial finishes off scene number two.
In what can only be described as beauty and the beast, Silvia ends up with Brian Surewood. She is in a sexy French maid’s uniform and he is the unwashed gardener. His attraction to her is understandable, but why she is so hot for his cock, only the director knows. He starts off by licking her asshole, which gives us great eye candy of Silvia in her uniform. Equally easy on the eyes is her very well shot, on the countertop blowjob. Brian leaves her on the counter for some hot fucking. Those of you who like this kind of uniform will be happy to know that Silvia leaves most of it on as Brian fucks her mish, then doggy and right in the butt. They move to the fire where she straddles his dick with her ass and they really pump hard. The anal in this scene lasts longer than the others and is really hot, especially when they are on the couch and she is doing the pumping. After all that, anything short of another big facial would be a disappointment. Thankfully, Silvia takes his whole load on her beautiful face.
Randy Spears is back, this time talking dirty with Silvia on the phone. This one leads to a scene where she is dressed in black lingerie. They talk through the fantasy, which includes all of the usual twists. He licks her, she sucks him, he fucks her. The scenes are all shot from mostly the same angles and there are only so many ways I can I describe how hot Silvia looks from any angle. This scene also has a nice counter top fuck with some good POV vag shots as Randy pumps her. They use the stairs quite nicely as well and of course, end with Spears shooting his DNA all over her face.
There are three more scenes that pretty much follow the same pattern. Kevin Long and Silvia hook up for an outdoor fantasy scene. There is some great footage of them fucking on a footbridge in this scene. Standing doggy in high heels is very fucking sexy with this babe. The facial is slow motion, which is the only thing bad about this scene. Jay Ashley also gets to hook with Silvia after some sexy strip tease action. There are some shadows and cool lighting things done here, but none of them really take away from the sex. Jay is up the task and keeps Silvia’s mouth full until she takes a very energetic ride on his rod. Spears is back for a third scene with Silvia making me wonder if he just works for free so he can fuck this perfect blonde sex starlet. I really like the little green dress she has on, but once it’s off, I like it even more. Like she has so many times already in this movie, Silvia delivers a beautiful looking blowjob then pro fucks her way trough a number of eye pleasing positions and then gets her tits glazed in the end.
I’m sure collectors looking for an all-Silvia discs will want to grab this right away. It’s wall to wall Silvia and that comes with some automatic perks. Obviously the eye candy level is high because this woman doesn’t have a bad feature and always looks like a million bucks. The scenes are very couple friendly, but some good heat most of the time. As a DVD, the picture quality is enough to push this one over the top. Silvia fans or anyone who has never seen this amazing woman will want to grab a copy and clear out a couple of hours for full viewing pleasure.

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