Natural Tease


95 Mins
Jill Kelly Productions
DIRECTOR: Jill Kelly
THEMES: Natural Tits
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Haven, Tabitha Stern, Lola, Inari Vachs, Phoenix Ray, April, Dale DeBone, Chris Cannon, Jonathan Stern, Marc Davis
As far as clever titles go, this one gains some points. For those of you who may not have the box in front of you, the girls in this movie all have natural tits, which gives us the clever Natural T’s idea. It certainly seems that natural girls are alive and well in porn. Sure some of them will likely go under the knife before all is said and done, but we have to be somewhat happy to see Haven, Inari and Lola all doing well with factory originals. Now, if the people in charge of this movie actually do something with the tease factor, then I am going to really be happy.
No tease in the opening scene with Lola and Dale. They are in the bedroom and horizontal before you can even check for nipple scars on this hot as fire brunette. She does tease him a bit at first, not letting him see all of her until she is good and ready. Once Lola decides he’s ready, she keeps her dress bunched up around her waist and starts sucking on his cock. As always, she puts her best effort into keeping his cock hard as she licks from balls the tip. Dale wants to taste her, but is smart enough not to let her lips leave his happy cock. When the fucking begins, Lola spreads her thin legs wide and keeps her toes pointed as he plows away. When she rides RC, Lola sticks her chest out and shows off her all natural, totally tiny, tits. I’m more impressed with her energy, especially the way she squat fucks and nearly rubs her clit right off when he’s taking her from behind. After working up a good load, he lets it lose on her chin, finishing a nicely shot opener.
Haven hooks up with April and these two are probably my favorite girls in this movie. However, to use them only in a veggie scene is so heartbreaking I don’t know if I will be able to recover. They both look fantastic and barely even introduce themselves before diving into each other. Even though she has graduated to full boy/girl scenes, Haven still really likes girls and takes full advantage of April’s beautiful pussy. Moving up into position, Haven straddles April’s face and lets us all see her long, tan legs as she grinds against her new friend’s mouth. Strapping a big cock around her thin waist, Haven gives April something hard to suck then fuck. There is some very nice toy play, saving the scene for me.
Phoenix Ray has some pretty good sized natural T’s and Chris Cannon is the lucky guy who gets to play with them. She keeps her glasses on as she goes down and digs his cock out of his pants. A lot of the oral footage is shot from half way across the room which is all right sometimes, but he uses her hand to kind of shield the action. Maybe this is supposed to end up in a cable market so they needed the soft core, but it really doesn’t work very well. In fact, as cute as she is, Phoenix just doesn’t generate that much heat in her scene. She is loud at times and her tits do look quite nice when she’s bouncing on dick, but it’s just not the same as watching Lola go at it. The loud background music doesn’t help, but mostly I think this is just a case of a scene not coming off as well as it should. He pops on her face, but it just never gets off the ground.
Inari Vachs is one of those women who has stayed big and stayed natural the whole time. She plays with the teasing a bit, getting Mark Davis interested in her. As always, her blowjob looks fantastic. Even if she drools way too much for my taste, I never tire of the sight of this pretty girl on her knees with a big dick in her mouth. In fact, I kept hoping she was just going to keep sucking until he blasted her pretty face. She is very loud as he fucks her tight body and Inari dutifully takes a big load on her pretty face. The scene seems short, but the energy is wonderful.
Tabitha Stern is really cute and reminds me a little bit of a young Nikki Charm. He man Jonathan needs to re-think that hairdo a bit, but he’s lucky enough to have this little number sucking on his cock so I doubt he cares too much what I think of his cut. She plays with him a bit, teasing just slightly as they work their clothes off. When she is down to just her panties, Tabitha starts sucking his cock and she really puts a lot of love into it. There is nothing quite like watching a cute girl really to go town on a cock. This babe has a lot of potential and a smoking body to go with that girl next door face. After the spirited exchange of oral sex, Jonathan hops on and starts fucking his cute little princess. Her body looks good from any angle so the sex is even hotter than the blowjob. He can’t hold it for too long and douses her with his juice.
Hey, if you like natural tits, then you’re going to be able to relax and not worry about big fake ones getting in the way. I really like Tabitha Stern. In fact, I am going to go out and find her in some other movies ASAP. I also like April and Haven, but they only give a veggie performance. It’s a good one, but next time, they both need a little one on one time with some dick. Inari wins points for the glasses and for being her usual hot self. This just goes to show that you can make a pretty hot sex flick without any fake tits in sight.

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