102 Mins
Jill Kelly Productions
DIRECTOR: Jill Kelly
THEMES: Romance, Models
STARS: Haven, Jill Kelly, Jewel De’Nyle, Shelbee Myne, Vivian Valentine, Allysin Chaynes, Daisy Chain, Tabitha Stevens, Julian, Mark Vega, Jason McCain, Alec Metro, Pat Myne
Most of you have already heard the story of how I first met Haven. She was just a girl of eighteen who wanted to know if I knew way she could get into porn. After picking my jaw up off the floor, I was able to get her in front of the camera. With great looks, a killer body and a smile that I promise you, lights up every room she enters, Haven has become one of Jill Kelly’s brightest stars. Beautiful is, I believe the movie that features the lovely blonde all by herself on the cover. We know she can decorate a cast and shine as a supporting cast member, but can Haven hold down a feature? That’s what we’re going to find out if I ever get around to shutting up.
The story begins with Alec Metro picking Haven up at her private school. He’s the limo driver and is quite shocked to see how much she has grown over the past year. The first thing she does in the back of the limo is get out of her sexy little uniform. As she sits in the back, Haven and/or Alec begins to fantasize. This leads us to some black and white make out footage in the back of the car. Of course, the scene stops short when they arrive home and Haven rushed into the arms of Jewel De’Nyle. When Haven confesses to having sexy dreams about the chauffeur, Jewel brings him into the house for a hot little three way. The idea is for the girls to start out, but Alec jumps in almost immediately. With Jewel making a meal out of Haven’s sweet lips, Alec buries his face between her big, round cheeks. When she takes his cock in her mouth, it’s Haven’s turn to do some labe lapping. She always did like girls and really shows how much when she’s munching Jewel’s muffin. After seeing her do a lot of girls, we get the chance to watch Haven suck dick and she’s damn good at it. (It always helps when a girl looks this fucking pretty.) Jewel helps position her so that we can see every inch as it slides into her tight little hole. While Haven lies on her side, with one long leg in the air, Jewel grabs Alec’s cock and plays with him. Since Haven doesn’t do anal, Jewel takes that chore and does it with great energy. He finishes off shooting at their faces, barely hitting Haven at all.
In the post-coital glow, Haven is sad about her man, Marshall. This sends her into the bath for a very hot solo romp. Haven spreads her legs wide and uses the sprayer to keep her nipples hard and her pretty little pussy dripping. (Literally) After getting all worked up, she remembers the last she saw her first love. He was being very sweet until a truckload of his friends came by. He’s a slacker from the wrong side of the tracks and she’s had all the can take. For some reason we jump to a photo shoot where young Haven is acing out Tabitha Stevens for camera time. There is tension, there are girls in lingerie so naturally, lesbian sex will follow. (You see man shoot each other and fight wars, women just engage in same sex satisfaction to resolve differences.) (Pardon me, Rog, I would rather go to war than settle a dispute with by taking�you get the picture.) Haven proves again that she’s great eye candy who knows how to get into her veggie encounters. They exchange some very intense finger play before finishing up.
Haven plans a big pool party, making sure to ask everyone about Marshall when she invites her friends. Of course when he shows up at the party, things have changed for the one time slacker boy. He confesses that after their fight, he and his friends had a big old pickup truck orgy. We’ve got more people that you can shake a stick at getting it on here. Pat and Shelbee Myne are going at it, Jill and Julian, Jason and Vivian, Mark and Allysin, all banging away without a care in the world. Back in the present, Haven forgives him and they start to go at it. The problem here is that we cut to the outside where all the same couples are getting busy near the pool. This is a common technique and it always sucks. Here we have the star of the movie in her big scene and we keep cutting away to Shelbee Myne? Come on, that’s just a bad idea. Sure, Vivian and Allysin give a nice double blowjob, but it takes away from the star. It’s really too bad because Haven gets really vocal and even talks dirty while Jason plows her pretty pussy. With Haven on her knees working a load out with her hands and mouth, the last thing I want to do is cut away to anyone. After another cut away, we come back to find the pretty blonde bent way over and taking it hard. With all of her friends taking shots on the face, we would hope to see Haven do the same, but Jason shoots it onto her tits instead. The bad editing style really hurts the heat on this scene.
This was Haven’s first leading roll in a feature and she handles everything pretty well. Sexually, she does a very hot three way and a very nice boy/girl. The problem with the latter is that it’s cut with a big orgy scene. That has to be blamed on the director/editor who decided that the big scene of the movie needed to share time with a bland group of gropers. Other than that, the movie is pretty good. The story is simple, but not terrible and the acting doesn’t really distract from the action. If you change that last scene and really let Haven have her moment, then this would have been an even more impressive staring debut.

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